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Title: Sea People were the Philistines - leon elshout
Post by: knakker on October 26, 2020, 12:29:20 pm
The Sea People were the Philistines in the Bible. They came from Kaftor/Crete. Their god was Dagon (1 Samuel 5; Judges 16) who was the Greek God Poseidon. They had colonized Gaza as the modern day Palestines do. They inhabited a pentapolis of five cities that corresponded with the five twin kings of Atlantis. In the days of the Judges they started to invade Kanaan and Gaza, even Egypt. But Abraham had already met with their king, Abimelech. It was Dagon who gave Crete it's Atlantis aura. I believe that Atlantis was mirrored in time and space and exists in the Endtimes. See Daniel 7:19 & 7:23.

The descendants of the Philistines are to my opinion the Suomi in Finland and the Native Americans. For that reason the Gods of Asgard are similar to the Gods of the Olympus. They were all rooted in the Baal & Anath Epic. If the Philistines and later the Phoenicians sailed to Scandinavia and America, then this means that the Strait of Gibraltar was NOT blocked due to the mud of Atlantis.

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