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Title: Cairo not a colony but dimension of Tsaphon/Atlantis - leon elshout
Post by: knakker on October 25, 2020, 01:45:34 pm
Egypt was not a colony of Atlantis. In a way it is the other way around. Osiris was the Lord of the Western underworld and therefor the same god as Poseidon. The sphinx is Baal Tsaphon in Exodus 14:1-2. He is the Lord of the North, which is the coming king of Babylon. If Babylon is both the northern and eastern dimension of Tsaphon, then Cairo is the southern dimension. The western underworld was the western dimension. The Tower of Babel was the blueprint for the Great Pyramid which was a temple for the sphinx. It was the starting point for the Exodus. This means that the Israelites had buiult the Migdol Pyramid as we read in the Book of Exodus. The Great Pyramid was built in the year 1470 BC and is pretty young. Cairo was not for nothing called, Forth Babylon and not Forth Atlantis.

read Gary M. Matheny, Exodus

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