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Title: Has anyone seen a Wendigo?
Post by: Janelle MacDonald on May 15, 2020, 09:02:22 pm
 Has anyone seen a Wendigo? MY STORY:

By AmberNetworking, May 1 in Cryptozoology, Myths and Legends

 I live in Ohio. In 2018 of February or March, I was driving home from Honda in East Liberty, Ohio.

I turned on the road to take me home, it was 3:30am - 4 am, really cold & dark out, hardly  any other cars, and I turned on OH - 508 driving past South Union Menoite Church, and right down the road at night I saw what I believe is a Wendigo crossing the road!! I just found out what matched the description of what I saw  online in photo illustrations yesterday & I can't believe more people saw it, thank God I'm not the only one.


It was shaking, going slow, I thought it was a deer that got hit by a car and injured, but what made this extremely different was that even before I stopped my car at a distance, I noticed the rest of the body except the top of back, looked like bare white human skin! I stopped and saw it go in a hurry but injured? maybe into the field! Here's what's even more creepy: i thought from a distance before I stopped it was a deer standing up, wobbling, but this thing had legs it was on all four dragging it's legs across the road but was as tall as a deer on all fours.

ITS BACK had black mangled fur!! It's back was much wider and bigger than a deer!! It had antler things, but they were much longer and thicker looking, not a lot of points like a deer would have (my dad is a hunter this is how I know that) & it's antlers points were going in weird directions not just straight up like a deer.

This thing is REAL, and it looks like what people call a Wendigo. I was going to back the car up & take a picture, but I was TERRIFIED and actually I went 70 mph across the railroad tracks and freaked out the whole drive home, in disbelief. I've told my husband, but never talked about ton anyone. 

Title: Re: Has anyone seen a Wendigo?
Post by: Janelle MacDonald on May 15, 2020, 09:04:08 pm