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Title: Police respond to report of 'demonic sounds'
Post by: Kendall Conway on March 08, 2020, 11:50:16 pm
 Police respond to report of 'demonic sounds'
Posted on Tuesday, 18 February, 2020 |

A 'screaming woman' was reportedly producing the sounds. Image Credit: CC BY-SA 3.0 Michelle Monique
Officers were called out to investigate a very strange incident in Pueblo, Colorado on February 13th.
The bizarre incident, which took place at around 3:30 am, saw employees at a local branch of McDonald's call the emergency services after being spooked by 'demonic sounds'.

According to the report, the sounds, which were described as being like a "strange language" combined with an unnerving "barking", were coming from an unidentified "screaming woman".

The employees were so shaken by the incident that they refused to leave the building until morning.
A total of three officers attended the scene and conducted a thorough search of the area, however despite their best efforts they were unable to determine who or what had produced the sounds.

Some social media users have linked the incident to 'La Llorona' - an infamous wailing ghost of Latin American folklore who is said to scream in anguish and torment.

With no definitive explanation forthcoming however, the case continues to remain unsolved.

    they said they wouldn’t be going back outside their building until after the sun came up. Three officers searched the area, but didn’t come up with the source of the disturbance.
    Tom Rummel (@PPDWatchIVCapt) February 13, 2020