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Title: Farewell to Atlantis-Online Forum!
Post by: nikas on June 30, 2017, 01:32:02 am

I have, finally, decided to part way with this forum as it is no relevant to me or my cause anymore. Although this platform started as a counterpart to Atlantis Rising forum it has become nonetheless a useless board. There is no more activity from its members, and to make the matters worst the only members active are mostly accounts used by a deranged member with a Dissociative identity disorder. Nevertheless, the worst part is that there is not a single Administrator to moderate the posts. After months of asking various moderators to inspect certain posts, I realized that none of the original founders of the site have any interest on the forum anymore.

Anyhow, I hold no grudges with anyone as I had a great time with many of the members of this forum and I had some great debates. I have entered a new chapter of my life, that includes the topic of Atlantis, and I got to move on. I will not frequent this site anymore so, unfortunately, will not read any further comments on the subject.

Finally, I would like to say goodbye, as it was a privilege knowing all of you for the last 10 years.


P.S I have also removed my account from the Atlantis Rising Forum.

Title: Re: Farewell to Atlantis-Online Forum!
Post by: Autolocus on July 01, 2017, 07:39:27 pm
Well, that's fitting. For the last two years, Nikas has claimed to have found Atlantis in Malta, then when it comes time to present the proof, he signs off all Atlantis forums. Apparently, it was a hoax after all. Sorry your ruse didn't get the attention you thought due to it.