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Title: A subtle hint to Atlantis in an old educational film
Post by: Oliver on November 12, 2016, 03:02:52 pm

An interesting film from 1955 in the internet archives which hints that the old Minoan empire in Crete is Plato's Atlantis. Very interesting, considering that the film is a serious one aiming at classical historical education. When the film gets to the part of the Minoan civilization at Knossos, the narrator is clearly citing some passages from Plato's dialogues, the Timaeus and Critias, when beginning to narrate the roots and history of the Minoan civilization/kingdom. It seems to be a sort of mixture of historical Minoan facts and names, but passed on to the audience with some of Plato's words that describe the Atlantian civilization. The narrator carefully omits to name the "Atlantic" as the island's location and simply says this "vast power" came forth from the "sea", and goes on to use, verbatim, many words from the Timaeus & Critias. Those here who are well familiar with the two dialogues will quickly spot it. But for those that may not, it's around the 19th minute mark of the movie clip.

This goes to show that even serious scholars and institutions of the 1950s indulged in the Atlantis myth. And the movie also demonstrates and selects, as preference, one of the many theories on Atlantis. In this case, obviously, hinting that the Atlantis empire that sank was the same as the Minoan civilization of 1,500 BC. The only variation was that the narrator is hinting at Knossos being the Atlantis capital, and not Thera, as it is argued today by the proponents of an Atlantis within the Pillars of Heracles, and in the Mediterranean sea, and a time-frame in favor of the 900 years and not 9,000 years before the time of Solon. In other words, time-wise, and location, it seems to favor the Minoan hypothesis;   

The movie clip is located here;