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Title: The Death of Ior Bock
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Bock, tour guide, actor, colourful folklorist, stabbed to death on Saturday
Two personal assistants held over killing

Ior Bock, tour guide, actor, colourful folklorist, stabbed to death on Saturday
Ior Bock, an eccentric media personality who gained notoriety through his belief that his family blood-line was linked to events of ancient Finnish mythology, died at the age of 68 on Saturday.
      Bock was stabbed to death at his home in Helsinki. Two foreign men, aged 19 and 28, are being held on suspicion of the killing.
      The two men, who lived in the same apartment with Bock, were his personal assistants. Bock required assistance because he had been paralysed in a previous knife attack in 1999.
Police, who are piecing together the events leading up to the killing, say that some kind of argument had taken place before the stabbing, but they could not say on Sunday evening what the roles of the two men were, or the reason for the disagreements.
      The suspects had lived in Finland for about two years, and police say that one of them called the emergency services after the stabbing.
      Police have not yet given the names or nationalities of the two. Neither of them has a criminal record.

This devastating news from Finland has shocked me horribly...   this is probably not the right place for this message.. but.. Saturday 23rd October 2010 marks a tragic milestone for humanity...  more later..

Love from Margaret

Title: Re: The Death of Ior Bock
Post by: Chronos on October 26, 2010, 02:03:57 am
Well, I am sorry to hear that.  He was a great man and we all learned a lot from him. And to die so senselessly at that.  I can only assume this had something to do with the Bock Saga.  My especial condolences to you, Margaret, I know he left a great impression on yourself an Boreasi.

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Post by: Kalbanos on October 26, 2010, 02:08:39 am

On 23 October 2010, Bock was stabbed to death in his apartment in Helsinki. Police arrested two foreign male suspects (aged 19 and 28), who had shared his apartment and worked as his personal assistants.


Title: Re: The Death of Ior Bock
Post by: Kalbanos on October 26, 2010, 02:13:40 am
One of Finland’s most colourful characters, the mythologist, author and historical guide Ior Bock, has died at the age of 68. ¨

Police say he was stabbed to death in his apartment in Helsinki’s Munkkiniemi district on Saturday. Two foreign men who shared his home and served as his assistants have been detained. The motive for the crime remains unclear.

The daily Helsingin Sanomat reports that murder followed some sort of dispute with the men, aged 18 and 28, who had lived with him for about two years.

Bock was partly paralysed following a previous attack in 1999, when he was stabbed by a male companion.

Bock, originally named Bror Svedlin, began his career as an actor. He became near-legendary as a story-telling tour guide on the fortress island of Suomenlinna for nearly a quarter century, beginning in 1968. He later gained a minor worldwide cult following for his eccentric philosophical and historical theories.

In 1987 he convinced several companies to fund excavations in Sipoo at a site which he claimed to be the location of the temple of Lemminkäinen, a character from the national epic, The Kalevala.

The Temple of Lemminkäinen


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Post by: Kalbanos on October 26, 2010, 02:15:19 am
Death Of The Week: Ior BockBy Andrew Tijs on October 25th, 2010 at 7:47 pm
Only naked cult leaders are taken seriously. Image: Sweded.

Only naked cult leaders are taken seriously. Image: Sweded.

Dearly Departed: Finnish actor, minor cult leader and Wikipedia-approved “eccentric”, Ior Bock, 1942-2010.

Cause Of Death: Stabbing.

Greatest Achievement: Claiming lineage to an ancient Finnish saga, with a life that was a bizarre saga of its own.

Most of us think of loopy ideas about taxation or a laissez-faire attitude to dentistry as ‘eccentric’. So when someone who has sadly passed is described on their Wikipedia entry as an eccentric, we don’t necessarily think of someone who was the product of an incestuous coupling, who was framed for the manslaughter of his brother as a child, claimed he was part of a Finland’s pagan heritage, and was stabbed on two separate occasions before he died.

Meet Ior Bock.

Since I’m not fluent in Finnish, what I’m cobbling together about Bock’s bizarre time on this earth is as accurate as the internet allows, but if it’s a shaggy dog story, it’s the shaggiest of them all.

In the mid-’80s, Bock claimed that his family line, the Boxströms, were “keepers of an ancient folklore tradition” of the icy nation’s pagan history. While this ancient story of animism and sexual fertility rites (including a particular focus on autofellatio, as far as I found) was probably humdrum for its time, and was sniffed at by Finnish academia, his more immediate family history was hardly, shall we say, ‘incident-free’.

For starters, in his autobiographical book The Bock Saga he claimed that his father was sea-captain Knut Victor Boxström; the last man to hold the secrets. Knut was also apparently his grandfather, having knocked up his daughter, and Bock’s mother, Rhea.

This was contested, that he was actually adopted by Rhea and her husband Bror Svedlin, but Ior claimed that the adoption story was merely a cover-up for the terrible tale of incest.

This wasn’t the first sordid family tale he contested. His brother, Erik Svedlin, was shot dead at 23. Ior signed a statement that he threw the gun at Erik  and it went off. He was party to manslaughter and served four months probation for his involvement, but later he claimed that no such incident happened. He said Erik committed suicide due to a “tragic family drama”. And this was only the beginning.

Well, after Ior became a lighting technician and theatre actor, he became a tour guide at the 18th-century sea fortress of Sveaborg, but he began telling more and more elaborate stories to tourists about the heritage and about history, and was sacked.

Following this, Bock rounded up some Finnish history buffs who were willing to chance it, and excavated historical sites to prove his odd conjecture about his nation’s history. Nothing was found, and he lost funding after a drug arrest tarnished his not-so-unimpeachable name.

Then, in 1999, he was stabbed and was left a paraplegic. That much can be verified.

Eleven years later, he was stabbed again, this time fatally, in his Helsinki apartment. Two men who served as his personal assistants were arrested. This can also be verified.

If you want to explore the details of the Bock Saga, head to this barely-post-Geocities site which aims “to afford, over time, a comprehensive understanding that Bock Saga is logical, honest and true” with eerie music that autoplays. Or explore it here in regular text, written by an Australian. Or just Babelfish his Twitter. Or listen to Finnish prog rock band Kingston Wall, who incorporated the Bock Saga into their album III – Tri-Logy.

Sometimes there’s a conspiracy. Sometimes you have to make one. Sometimes, the truth could be stranger than any fiction… especially is its embellished. The verified bits of Ior Bock’s story are mystifying, and the rest is just good mythologising.

He will be missed.

Title: Re: The Death of Ior Bock
Post by: rockessence on October 26, 2010, 03:30:28 am
this page was referenced in the above page... which appears to be written with no understanding of Ior Bock... this article however has due respect for Ior's unique task.. from last August..


Ior Bock, Pagan keeper of the old ways
Posted by Bill on August 26, 2010

Ior Bock

Ior Bock was born Bror Holger Svedlin on the 17th of January, 1942. His Mother was the daughter of the last Man to hold the secrets the Pagan culture had handed down, Knut Victor Boxström. Knut died at the age of 81 one Month after his Son/Grandsons birth.  It seems that Knut took this drastic action due to his being the last man alive tasked with keeping the verbal histories of the Scandinavian and Finnish cultures dating back to before the last Ice Age. In the days before Digital Recorders, Audio Tapes, Typewriters, Movable Type, Papyrus Scrolls, Clay Tablets or even written languages it was common for there to be a family entrusted with keeping a verbal history of the culture. In the Middle East these verbal histories eventually became the books of the Old Testament.

Ior had a Sister, Rachel and their Mother would sit with them every day to tell them the family tradition of the Bock Sa-Ga. They were not allowed to ask questions because “by listening one learns more than by talking”. Ior Bock started transcribing his verbal history in 1984, it tells of mankind before the “Ice Time” and continental drift separated our languages and cultures. He details Pagan beliefs and rituals. The saga, or Bock Sa-Ga, is said to have been handed down from over 10,000 years ago. It is not just a collection of words but a language of sounds that serves as an acoustic programming. Supposedly in this saga, like many others, there is the obligatory secret chamber hidden away, this one called the Temple of Lemminkäinen. Thus far Bock has recorded audio covering mankind’s time in Paradise, Atlantis and afterwards up to modern times. Much of what Ior Bock has to say sounds far fetched and could easily be dismissed as the rantings of a deranged mind or someone out to perpetrate a grand fraud. It would be easy except for one thing.

In 1987 Ior collected enough backing to start looking for a secret chamber told about in his verbal history. The story told of 3 large stone slabs that covered an entrance to a hallway carved down into solid bedrock. At the end of the hallway is a chamber holding items passed down from prehistory, a time capsule from the distant past. Were it not for Ior’s story all knowledge of this site would have been lost due to the destruction of all Pre Christian documents by the Catholics.

Excavations located the stones. Then they located the shaft descending through the bed rock, though it was now filled in with sand. Then the digging stopped when they encountered water. Currently they are awaiting someone with the money to do a proper excavation.


UsH says:
September 3, 2010 at 3:52 AM

Hello, Bill,

nice compilation, though the opening of Lemminkäinen Temple is not a question of money and investors and neither the lack of a proper excavator.

It is the mere courage to look at the pagan source of mankind without moral prejudices but with the courage of people who admit that they do not know too much about their own early history.

And seeing the NWO we are going to face these days it will not be easier as BockSaga is holding some secrets that seem not to be very politically correct if you take the measure of the mainstream. The question of body liquids will be a taboo-topic and might not be for children. Am I right here or not? Anyway the Finnish people go their own way and it is first of all their job to accept their prehistory and embrace it.

Then and not before we will be looking forward.
Thank you for your contribution


Bill says:
September 6, 2010 at 4:56 AM

Thank you UsH, the story fascinates me and I’ll be doing deeper studies as time allows.

If the excavation has funding and equipment why is it not proceeding? It seems to me that if the Saga is correct the Temple might hold not just treasure in the form of items of antiquity but knowledge and understanding that might well transform the “modern” World.

I agree that the old Pagan ways are taboo in the current social order and will remain that way for quite some time. From my limited knowledge of the subject I think it should explored further.


Title: Re: The Death of Ior Bock
Post by: Goddess of Love, Hate & Fury on October 26, 2010, 07:11:22 am
What a tragedy.  Any motive revealed yet for the killing?