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Title: The 12 Kingdoms of Benahoare
Post by: Gwen Parker on June 21, 2007, 04:42:08 am

The 12 Kingdoms of Benahoare
La Palma was known to its original inhabitants, the Guanches, by the name of Benahoare. The island was divided into the following 12 kingdoms:
   Aridane. From Tazacorte to the Cuevas de Herrera including the current districts of Tazacorte, Los Llanos and EL Paso. Ruled by Mayantigo-Aganeye.
   Tijuya. South of Aridane, down to the Tamanca mountain. Ruled by Chedey.
   Guehebey . From the Tamanca mountain south towards Fuencaliente. Ruled by Tamanca.
   Ahenguareme. From the southern tip of the island up to the boundary of Mazo. Ruled by the brothers Echentire and Azuquaje.
   Tigalate.The district of Mazo as for north as Las Brenas. Ruled by the brothers Juguiro and Garehagua.
   Tedote. The districts of Las Brenas and Santa Cruz de La Palma, as far north as Puntallana. Ruled by Tinisuaga, Agacencie and Bentacayse.
   Tenagua. The district of Puntallana. Ruled by Atabara.
   Adeyahamen. The district of San Andres y Sauces. Ruled by Bediesta.
   Tagaragre. The district of Barlovento. Ruled by Autinmara.
   Tegalgen. North of the island, round to the barranco de Izcagua. Ruled by Bediesta.
   Tijarafe. The present-day district of Tijarafe, down to El Time. Ruled by Atogmatoma.
   Acero. The Caldera de Taburiente. Ruled by Tanausu.