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The Sounds of The Root Alphabeth

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Author Topic: The Sounds of The Root Alphabeth  (Read 1182 times)
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« on: April 21, 2007, 01:20:52 pm »

The Oldest Scandinavian Language

Now you can get to hear the sounds of the complete "Root Alphabeth", according to the saga-tradition of the Boxström Family from the small "Root-speaking" (or "Finno-Swedish") community of Snappertuna, in southern Finland.

The language of this community is seen as a dialect of the Scandinavian or Swedish tongue - having its closest ties to the dialects of the Finnish coastline, Gotland and the Botnic Bay.  A Swedish study have appointed the dialects of Gotland, the mountain-area of nort-west Sweden and the coastline of the Botnic Bay - "to be the oldest of all the Scandinavian dialects". 

The Alphabet

The Bock-saga tells of a "system of sounds" - that were developed into what we call the "Alphabeth" - initiatally made by a northern population that survived ice-time inside the Baltics, before they populated the southern shores of Finland; "...where we still exist..."   

Consequently the Bock-saga claims that all the cultures that settled in the sub-arctic circumference originated from the same, 10.000 year old "proto-population"  called the "Aser". According to these myths the proto-Norse popualtion survived ice-time in a Baltic refugia, explained to be "in the Finnish archipelago". 

When the ice dissapeared they immediatly created off-springs who explored and populated the ice-free continents of Eurasia and North America.  10.000 years ago we see the start of all the various stone-age cultures of the northern hemisphere.

According to the saga this eventually developed into all the indigenious populations of Northern Europe and Russia, as they can still be found, country by country.

10.000 BP also coincides to be the date for the first spread of agriculture, crafts, architecture and city-structures - within the cultures of the southern hemisphere.

Modern genetics and updated language-studies now repports that the oldest European etnicity and language - both - today is found in Fenno-Scandia. Recently genetic results could also definitly conclude that of all the worlds populations the Danes have the longest history of consuing milk and agricultural produce...

North-European culture

The Norse sagas says that both agriculture and metalurgy "was developed by the Aser". The Bock-saga agrees and adds that so was also the linguistical science. Starting with the "root-alphabet" as the key to not only know but also understand the basic affinity and resonance of these specific sounds - to a human ear and vocalubary. The root-sounds were intended to cover the principal range of sounds we could adapt to and use - as good and clear expressions. The understanding of these exact and basic soundes was once necessary to develop advanced and perfected, oral languages.

When this intrinsic and highly complex process was completed these specifically defined sounds were finally exhalted to form the root language - and thus all other.

When these sounds were finally defined the introduction of a written alphabeth and a phonetic writing-system came easy. When the sounds wre identified and defined the process to work out graphic signs were rather simple, even if the "unknown origin" of the phonetic alphabeth may seem to be the largest miracle ever proven to exist.

If the family-tradition of the Boxströms is valid, the "root-alphabet" is defining the very essence of the "root-language" - from which all other languages are supposed to derive. The correct root-alphabeth is supposed to have kept these essences of ancient understanding, as well as the exact pronounciation of the sounds that migth be the brick-stones of all modern languages.

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Hey man, kiitos paljon!  That is excellent!  Smiley
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