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Herein lie the "Lost" Boreas Files by Rockessence

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Author Topic: Herein lie the "Lost" Boreas Files by Rockessence  (Read 10546 times)
Janna Britton
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« Reply #105 on: November 16, 2008, 03:19:41 am »

Member posted 04-01-2004 21:34
Today we have many and astounding discoveries from "pre-historic times" - repported from all around the globe. There are obvious traces of civil and cultural activity, some remains showing clear and strong indications of "higher" culture.
Mapped together this information - some being more than 40.000 years old - are pointing towards a much higher degree of cultural communication and interchange than previously recognized.
But there was a new impact and speed to this interchange that happened about 9.-10.000 years ago, as ice-time was rapidly disapearing. It is this change that spured off the development leading to the classcical cultures that we have been discussing on the different threads in this forum. The different results, discoveries and reflections presented here are showing many an impressive process of research and investigation, - not only of Platos work itself, but of an array of related works - from ancient records to present science.
By now we may see a new ignition of a world-wide communication appearing after ice-time, sparked off by the "sea-people" reffered to by Plato and others. Thus I have introduced the Fenno-Swedish saga and its history of an ancient pre-boral population in tha Baltics, surviving as people, society AND as a ancient culture. Since this saga was known first time in 1984 there have been a number of archaeological discoveries manifesting the outline of this oral tradition.

The saga references the origin of the arctic man, to go on telling exactly and chronologically how this culture developed furter as it spread rapidly around the open areas of the northern hemisphere.

Simultaniously this Baltic culture obviously started to communicate with the age-old civilisations of the sub-tropical hemisphere, such as the Mediterranean area. The connections grew so strong and steady that we can talk about a Eurpean community of trade and culture being excercised already around 7000 BP. As the English professor of European Archaeology, Barry Cunliffe, have shown in his last works; there was a balance of peaceful trade and stable communion between the peoples of the Atlantic Coast and the Medeiterranean shores for about 5000 years, - not to be broken before the Caesarian army introduced war in Northern Europe.

Nowing that there was a time - even an eon of time - where war was still unknown -it should be obvious, not strange, that we have a lot of cultural sites, monuments and items showing centras of higher culture around the globe, existing already before as well as after the end of ice-time.

It should be likewise obvious that we have a new impact created by the arctic people and their culture, regaining access and contact with theese culture as ice-time ended. The significance of this arcticals are still to be further investigated and understood, but it is simply beyound doubt that their appearance in the subtropical and tropical waters occured some 9-10000 years ago, coincide with the time and the nature of the legends refered to BOTH in Plato and the Bocksaga.

The impact of this co-existance is a main reference also in Homers litterature, such as in OdeZevs (Zevs in Oden). In the Norse sagas we have a parallel royal figure by the name of Ull, also called Ullu-se-us. That is one reason to look further into the recent research done by our contemporary professor, Dr. Felice Vinci.

Another evidence of this ancient connection is discovered in the Vedas, where astronomic references today are investigated scientifically. The amazing results shows a clear-cut connection between information given in the Indian Vedas and a pre-boreal civilisation dwelling in the highest north, during ice-time. (See Solon12`s neighbouring thread: "More than one Atlantis" for more profound facts). Similar equations have been made on information given in Norse sagas, establishing a "pre-viking" sailing-route between Northern Norway, Greenland and todays America.

The number of stories and and archaeological proofs are about to become far to many to uphold the view of the early co-existence, between the Baltics and the Mediterranean, as a result of ancient or contemporay "fringe elements".


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