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Herein lie the "Lost" Boreas Files by Rockessence

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Author Topic: Herein lie the "Lost" Boreas Files by Rockessence  (Read 10521 times)
Janna Britton
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« Reply #30 on: November 16, 2008, 02:57:59 am »

Member posted 02-07-2004 16:27
The different mythologies that we hold to authentic have all a story about our origin. They need to have - since the "Story about The People" (etc.) have to start with an explanation of "The Beginning".
In the Norse prose - from Iceland - the first people is comming from a cow, licking on two stones of salt. There are different ways of looking at this myth - but there may be a link from the myth to the reality of the first agricultural people that spread throughout the northern hemisphere.
In the much deeper, more complex and broad Saga from Finland there is an explanation
of how "Life" occured on this planet. The information about this - and the further evolution - is quite incredible in its detail. Thus it should be refuted as "speculations" - if it wasn`t for the fact that it all co-relates step by step with modern science`s outline of the evolution in nature. The details of information can is meticiously built in one structure that can even be referenced by the linguistical impact of the names given to the different plants and animals.

As the algea turned into plants and animals we get sexual breeding. The animals takes two directions as they carry their soft-tissue either inside a capsule or outside a (bone-)structure. Thus we get reptiles AND mammals, not neccesarily one only.

Modern biology have got quite far into understanding the general principles of evolution, - but there is still much unknown about the history of its different stages back in time. We have to keep in mind that such research was not possible until the late 19th century - and even Darwin and Wallace did not dare to publish their work before the very end of their lives, due to the obvious stigmatizatiopn they would suffer from the "moral majority" of their time.

The natural sciencce of biology is - in princip - still a young profession. But the questions at hand are as old as the human beeing. And before most philosophy got abstraction and politics - during mid-eval time - there was obviously existing both real knowledge and logical explanations to the magnitude of life present on our planet.

According to this old wisdom - as it is refered in the Bocksaga - there was a evolutionary leap fron the alge to the eel to the frog. Now the frog turned into a full mammal that by time and evolution created higher species, resulting in the monkey. Another line created the hoof-animals where the goat turned out the most adaptive - or the most fitting - fourlegged animal.

The degree of adaption seem to be connected to the degree of brain capacity, what we generally call inteligence. The Bocksaga explicitly recall the most important stages of this evolution - in what we may call "scientific" terms (stringent, logical reason). And it does explicitly say that it one time happened that a monkey (succesfully)copulated with a nanny-goat, breeding a twin-couple that not only lived, but where able to copulate and - most importantly - recreate. Thus nature had - once again - created a new specie...

Since nobody have had any possibility to create such a theory out of present scientific data, it must be more than interesting to investigate this matter through molecular biology. As far as I know that still remains to be done. Until our present geneticians care to do some adequate research of this matter there is litle or nothing to add to the matter.

Except - of course, that geneticans resently concluded that there is a clear link between goats and dolphins. Genetically it seems that dolphins have arrived from goats, which implies that a branch from a higher land-mammal have returned to the shores of the ocean and further into the deep blue...

As others have commented here - there are a number of references in other myths that does point in the same direction. And we should not be surprised to learn that there actually was an earthly creature performing the function needed to jump from monkey to man.

Wouldn`t it be nice if a mythology - i.e. information from our ancient schools of knowledge - actually could answer the question about the "missing link"? I still do not see what might be so ridiculous about the nanny-goat...


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