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March 25, 2023, 05:21:08 am
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News: Giant crater may lie under Antarctic ice
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Herein lie the "Lost" Boreas Files by Rockessence

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Author Topic: Herein lie the "Lost" Boreas Files by Rockessence  (Read 14090 times)
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« Reply #165 on: May 13, 2019, 02:55:44 am »

"The Sacred Marriage" explaining The Origin of Man - at the time of Pompeii, when the old, Hellenic culture still existed on the northern shores of the western Med - before the arrival of the hyper-natural pseudo-philosophy of the tyrants able to overthrow the old, indigenous Kingdoms - once responsible for the evolution of the western Meds, from early stone-age to the fall of the Roman kingdom and the consequent republic.

On the islands of Northern Europe the Schools of Knowledge known from Europes pre-religious Antiquity would survive for another millennia, though - until the Holy Roman Empire were able to conquer all of Europe and erase the last traces of the old culture. (Note: Only scrupless, criminal usurpers - acting as reptilians rather than mammals - would conquer old, legal Kingoms with brute and violent force. To fullfill some wet dream of 'building an Empire' to satisfy the greed of some corrupted and scrupless noblemen from some ancient civilization, later known as "The Black Nobility".

Secretly ruling the Roman Empire, as well as the Holy Roman Empire, their accumulated wealth - still intact - is beyond comparision in todays world. They still owe some minimum of 700.000 metric tons of gold, about 3,5 times more than all the gold that's supposed to exist according to public sources. 

Thus they are used to a history "proving" that humankind is of a violent nature - eventhough he's the most intelligent, empatic and communicative of all mammals and primates - whereof NONE share the self-destructive behaviour of the "reptilian humans" able to commit murder and mass-slaugther of their own specie.  The practice of the new-babylonic tyrrants conquering Asia Minor, Egypt and Magreb, Anatolia and the Greek islands were spoiled humans, turning into scrupless criminals to force their brutal rule on whoever they could overcome. In an endless row of raids and campaigns to plunder, loot and enslave the entire world.

Luckily we're living 500 years after the reign of the Holy Roman feudal-system enslaved all of Europe by merecantile monopolies and philosophical dogma. Since the days of Reformation, Enlightenment, Free Science and Free Speech there's been numerous great discoveries from the old, pre-Roman/pre-Religious cultures of Eurasia.

As some hidden stories were revealed from the Norse traditions known throughout Fenno-Scandia the writings of Plato and other scribes from Roman, Greek, Egyptian, Sumerian and Vedic antiquity. Thus we may speak of a common Indo-European culture, following the Indo-European three of languages. Following the descendants of the Cro-Magnon-man of Ice-Age Europe - thorughout the "Temperate Climate-zone" from Iberia and Ireland across arctic Eurasia to Siberia and Tarim, as well as India and Nepal - we find the "Caucasian peoples" evolving into various branches. During the pioneering millennia following the Younger Dryas (11.900 yrs ago) the small group of surviving Caucasians would produce 'royal representatives' that would travel to and mix with the tropical survivors of the last ice-age, found at the coasts of N Africa as well as India, Indo-China and China.

Producing various, patri-linear Kingdoms of mixed descendants - one part arctrical, the other tropical - as the arctical and tropical survivors of Ice-Age, also called "The All-Land-Ice Period", would meet again after eons in isolation from each other. Among these "Atlanteans" - aka 'arians' and 'caucasians' - the legend of out common, human origin have indeed survived. The "missing link" in Darwins theory of evolution was not due to an disability to recognize the nanny-goat as a POSSIBLE candidate. The reason Darwin stuck to the "Ape" only was the heavy stigmatization that the new masters of imperial Rome cursed on anything old and legal, according to ANY old culture with old and wideheld traditions of law and order. Among everything stigmatized the olde idol of the Nanny-Goat as well as the Goat-Buck have been rigorously and most brutally surpressed.

It seems, though, that Erasmus Darwin - Charles grandpa - already knew the old legend of the A-pa and the Nanny-Goat to be the origin of the first bi-pedal, speaking and laughing kids, ready to grow and to become healthy, strong and intelligent creatures - once called "Aser", from whom "All Men" were 'made' or "perfected". Among the Arian christians of N Europ - the legend of the Nanny-Goat and the Monkey were still seem known and reffered to. Here serving as an illustration to the theme: "A Perfect God - A Perfect Mankind".           

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