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Herein lie the "Lost" Boreas Files by Rockessence

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Author Topic: Herein lie the "Lost" Boreas Files by Rockessence  (Read 12442 times)
Janna Britton
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  posted 01-23-2005 08:58             
After centuries with strife and destructive warfare we nay recognize that the historical memory of the Mediterrnean cultures got weakened and confused, and finally destroyed.
The clear memory of our ancient origin got lost - effecting a fundamental change in the review of our past cultures. As a quick way out we find inadequate, simple exaggerations, creating super-real memories of "the good old". Simultaniously the giantic and extraordinary started to gain ground in the socio-political circles - to explain and legimitate major changes of laws, traditions, constitutions and legal rigths. Finally the constitution of Rome became more and more super-natural, affecting all societies in - and around the Roman Empire.

Thus the "religious realm" came to be a political entity - and finally an all-compassing guide-line to the entire Eurasia. As "Men of God" siezed power, the old (royal) rulers - and their entire staff - became "headon gods" or "demi-gods".

Today the phrase "God" is an immediate, automatic "hyper-linking" before the names of the old Sumerian, Egyptian, Greek or Norse panteons. The "religious realm" are explaining the "omnipotent" ideologies we have seen come and go - up until our time. Today we have dictators that even turn on their very origin, - expelling religion, - as such. To favour another, more updated "relegare", today cathegorized as Anarchism, Communism, Nazism, etc.

The massive and wide impact of our religious history sure explains the need and value of a spititual and social philosophy. But, - as we all know to well already - the "religious realm" also include a socio-political side, - that tend to command rather than observe; dictate, rather than govern; use, rather than relate. To get, rather than give.
The history behind our major religions all show that their main object is cultural "dominion" - controlling the major premises of our cultural philosophy, consequently determining political and economical issue. Today we see the religion still used "for higher purposes" - as it still may serve perfectly, as "explanation" to the evil necessary to commit, "to kill the evil".

When the spiritual, cultural and political order merge we have the "religious realm".
Thus we may understand the nature of our "ideological religions" (Defining rather than Explaining, - concluding by Commandments and Punishment, rather than Understanding and Excitement. Shaping the entire philosophy a political tool.)
Rele-gare still means "Mass-movement" as in "Shift" or "Change". In a neo-latin context that implies the One Thing Making (initiating) this Shift, - making the mass movement. Which may translate into both "Device" and "Purpose". Not to say "ways and means". Thus we get the inferior philosophy, - degrading to the story of ONE Book, as an "all-encompassing" devise, - rather than a purpose in itself - of subjective knowledge and objective debate.

As the spiritual and social words are given pathos the device will be working. Especially when backed by political authority and economical resources. But nothing beats the effectiveness of marching soldiers. Followed by a growing number of The Book - and the pathos of its clerics. If we go closer into it we may adress the cultural shift that actually happened - as the writing-culture becomes "existential" - in terms of "keeping knowledge and understanding". And not "only" mere information, data, statistics.
In the old monarchies they had clerics who took care of the books - for all the wisemen and the fools, alike. Thus we know the classic "Sinhue - The Egyptian", - by Mika Waltari - a historic novel describing Egypt from the period of the famous "Writer", - a sculpture from ancient Egypt, today on display at Brittish Museum, London. Today we may recognize a LONG and STABLE period in our Eurasian history. In the artic area we know that the first settlers started to spread some 10.000 years ago.

If we limit the view to the arctic area we see the first decisive traces of "military equipment or actions" occuring 2.500 years ago - in the very south-east of France, in the border-area. But suddenly - some 2.200 years ago - an enormous army appeared - marching straight through France and England. Conquering, distorting and destroying the classical "Celtic and English cultures". Genetically - since all women had to beget the blessings of their Roman Victors.

Thus we got the first latino lovers and blonde babes, exercising "romantic love" -already as kids play. Add the arising affection of unknown and forbidden passion -and we have screenplays of Romance, - from Shakespeare onwards. Here "Romantic Love" appears as a reminiscence from "the good old days", when flirt and sex was part of the conquistadors way to "enjoy their tributes". Instituting cross-cultural families and cross-racial mating - at the end of an etnic war. In Shakespeares play the "civil resistance" of the families involved focus on the issue of romance and etnicity. During the Catholic period all sexual contact "outside marriage" was defined as "Wild". To save the "Romantic problem" from becoming a social problem - as children of 15 started getting children, giving uncontrollable rises in populations.

Thus the Catholic Church implemented the taboo - "Sex is Evil." Solving the problem "once and for all". Old Roman-tic love became a water-hole of emotional experience, education and growth. And it became a chilling protest, signifying opposition towards the rigid earthly regime of the religious Roman Landlords.
During catholic time we could see stupidity at its worst - in the hands of a political regime. All sexual affection and passion became banned. In a short while we had clerics and politicans showing great affections for the ban, passionately dedicated to serve the Divine - by harder investigations, sanctions and prosecutions -of the libidly poisoned and “possessed”.

The revised ideology required that all our physical and emotional pleasures a "gift of God" and thus "belonged to God", ministered by his servants - and their clerical masters. Who may - or may not - further His blessings to "Anyone chosen to The Joys of Good" - and ALLOW someone to "enter the sacred matrimony".

After the reformation Shakespeare was allowed to shed light on "Anglo-Romantic Love"; using a reminiscence from "the good old days" to provoke debate, reflecting on the effects of "Roman time", - when flirt and sex was part of the conquistadors way to "enjoy their tributes". This "landslide" in the Gallic civilisations - sa in the Greek and Egyptian before - the emperial practice of etnic cleansing - created biological scars of a warfare and brute force, as the basis for the cross-racial. (Oposite the life-principle of the Atlanteans - who initiated the "agenda" of cross-cultural trade and genetic exchange.)
Thanks to centuries of "civil resistance" towards the Roman ethni-fication of the entire arctic culture - as genome, language, culture survived. In our own land, - where our true roots still exists. In all senses of the word. Even undercover.
If you are able to see the poetic reality of the rustic Meadowlands you may understand that "God" - never existed as an entity. If we use the term "Our Creator" - we may understand that our human origin dwell in the evolution of this Globe. Channelling through the emergence of life - in forms and ways we start to recognize. At the end of a 450 year cultural and scientific re-constitution.
Today we know enough to see the wonders and the magic of nature as it is. Without the religious terms still connected to the "social sciences" where "religion" is placed in a faculty by itself. And thereby refered to as a "realm" of "reality".

To understand the "Greek, Roman or Norse Gods" you have to see "God" as the old norse word "Gode". A "Gode" is a title given within the old Norse aristocracies - as a constitutional function and position of public service. The King himself as "Head-God"; "Hovgode". Thus all in his closest family - each being part of the constitution, may also be serving as "Gode".

Thus we find Jupiter and his family, - reflecting the same Panteon as the Greek culture, who had the exact same structure. The Hindi and Aino myths shows the same circle of "Head-Gods", - which correlates very well with the Finnish Kalevala and the Norse Edda. Which are rimarily telling that both Japanese, Indians, Finns and Scandinavians have a cultural deeply rooted relation, - in terms of CULTURAL history. If we may change the word "God" - with "Ancestors" - including all their expressed wisdom - we may explain the "incredible creation story" - without the "Hyper-energetic entity of miracelous Super-Nature", who knows all, sees all, knows all, actually had created it all - from eternity to rule forever. (Puha...)


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