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Herein lie the "Lost" Boreas Files by Rockessence

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Author Topic: Herein lie the "Lost" Boreas Files by Rockessence  (Read 12441 times)
Janna Britton
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Every parent on this globe have discovered something more than gratitude - once they become grandparents. Suddenly one have glimpses of a new understanding - shedding a new ligth on ALL the old facts and functions. Thus we may understand why old people used to speak of their "flowering of joy" - as they witnessed the grand-children succeding in "governing and furthering" our civilsation and culture, our home and family-traditions, keeping all the annual highligths and celebrations - following the great cycle of the Solar year...
In the old north the long, dark and frozen period of the artic winter made it neccesary to stay inside, keeping warm, dry, fed and rested. Thus we may understand why/how a Nordic culture would develop certain preferences for indoor, oral activities. Such as playing, acting, story-telling, singing, resiting, etc.

Then it is not without significance that our bodies, voices and minds are all magnificent instruments of expression, as we express and practice our physical and mental talents. Also called "gifts of nature". In an "igloo-society" the volume of expression had to be tempered, developing rytms, sounds, harmonics that still exist in a broad variety of traditional folksongs all over Eurasia.
Thus we may understand how the North deve

Communicating with poetry, education and finesse made it possible to deal with an endless world of possible observations, sensations, impressions, compassions, insigths, comprehensions and opinions.

With A clear language, able to express all of this distinctivly and clear, we started to get ways and means to express and keep knowledge "on a collective record". Thus we neccesarily had a first saga, or a proto-type of what we may call "Our History" - with a mythology and language that later diverced into different language-groups, as the world population came to be separated for en eon of time - in order to grow into specific, clearly defined sub-groups, today called "races" or "etnic goups". But still we find very close and basic similarities between the different cultures - in terms of constitution, social behaviour, language, myth, art, building and craftmanship.

We even find clear paralells between the ancient cultures of Meso-America, Europe, Africa, Asia. Like megalittic structures, road-systems, townships, agriculture, playgames, performance and music. Not to forget the characteristic "Bird-Man" and the exactly angled pyramids - of monumental size. All around the globe...

In our generation it has been posible to piece the most vital historic information together - and threat it objectively, - in terms of BOTH religion AND politics. Thus new, withdrawn and hidden information have also been revealed - thanks to the growth of Free speech and modern Science.

Though, we have also to detect a large number of old deceptions - that has been presented as "undisputed truth", even in "The Book of Truth" itself. Ever since the Council of Nikea...
Even among the well-educated of todays academia we find many that refer to political scams as plain, historical "truths". Even when clear proves of simple facts exists. That`s deceptions.

Criminals and illegitimate opressors who succed to gain power always act very causciously after the take-over, to take controll of the media - and write the history according to their personal interests.

Thus the coup-making warloards of Rome were creating a crack in their own culture. Many a great tyrrant had been stabbing his way to the the prior Seats of Power and the respective Halls of Fame. Suddenly there was tyrrants who could issue a "Verdict of Rome" - resulting that the earth could become flat over nigth.

There are a lot of decptions still existing in both biblical as historical litterature. The most advanced and inert deception is worth mentioning, being a "contra-deception" in terms. The principle is as funny as it is impressive; "Have people see, what they understand do not exist."

1) Claim it does not exist.
2) Claim you owe the truth of it.
3) Conclude it does not exist.

To explain your logic - call it "mere phantasy and fairy-tails". Then reassure you owe the truth of it, anyway. Thats why a "headon figure" like Santa Claus was "explained" - just before 1200 - as the propierty of the Church of Rome. Today Roman Cradinals ban the use of Necklas during Chrisitmas - because of his "headon origin".

That means that the Catolic church of today do not by the explanation from the mideval Church. But here - on the Forum of belearned, modern historians - here I still find the strange old, clerical - and highly biased - view, telling that the ancient, cultural hero - Sant Necklas - ACTUALLY was a good Christian.

"A Bishop actually, from Myrra. Who helped the poor and saved a women from being decaptivated...". Just old politics. Lies, distortions and deceptions - to gain "ownership" to a widely popular hero.
Even todays Roman Cardinals accepts this. Thus they can publish their annual bans on celebrating Santa as a part of Christmas, - explaining the widely accepted opinion - that Santa was a headon figure, connected the pagan "Yule-tide" of Midle-Europe and Scandinavia.

Then it is quite a paradox that academians still may explain Santas historical origin by refereing to "Myrra, Bishop and Turkey".

Old, widespread deceptions may have strong, political roots. The Vatican regime have ruled for centuries - and the impact is still present, even in academic societies of reformed and evangelic countries...

When norm and nature contradicted each other the old Vatican often labeled nature as the "wrong", "the evil" or "the cause of it". Thus the "up" of Rome came down, "down" was redefined to be "up". Shaping mideval Europe was a "continous development - backwards".

Today we have to re-examine many of out major beliefs - as they may rest on false grounds. A lie doesnt became true by its mere conservation. 200 years or 10.000 years means little or no difference. If the culture keep their celebrations, festivals and holidays - the due songs, ryhmes and speeches were performed, evry year - steady going - for generation to generation. 200 or 2000 - without even a word changing, in either verse, song or play.

As a help when analyzing these and paralell text-sources it may be productive to use a line from the old rennesaince - telling that; "nature" is a premeter to "culture".

Which means we have to study the human conditions with the zest of understanding that the "Normal" not always is "natural". The zest of the rennesaince simpy reminds us that we better skip the norms and the normal, - whenever it is in contradiction with the natural.


Finally we need to point that both our oldest cultures - the Atlantean and the Egyptian - were geared and focused into CONSERVATION. Keeping the Gifts of Nature and the Gifts of Culture - inherited from their most respected Forefathers. Thus we may understand that the Egyptian culture did not have our concept of time, as a motive to move, focus and sweat. They were absolutly not cultivating ACTION or EXPENSION ("development") as such. Thus the Egyptians did not develop a war-culture, and they had no compability when the proffesional warriors of the Persian and Roman Armies marched in.

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