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News: Ice Age blast 'ravaged America'
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Herein lie the "Lost" Boreas Files by Rockessence

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Author Topic: Herein lie the "Lost" Boreas Files by Rockessence  (Read 12441 times)
Janna Britton
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« Reply #135 on: November 16, 2008, 03:32:11 am »

Due to well known material, Vinland was taken over by Sir Walther Raleigh, - on the behalf of the English Crown. The Spanish still called that areas "Northumbega" - as they knew of the land, and their norse inhabitants. To put down the mark of England that far south certainly was a new and strong signal - that the English - as the north Europeans - did not like the idea of the Treaty of Tordeisillias, from 1502, where the Pope split the overseas continents between his comrades commanding the Italian, Spanish and Portugeese Fleets.

Before the sea-hero of Britannia baptized Virginnia, we know that this land actually belonged to the Crown of Norway. But at the time of the Spanish and Portuguese raids and conquests the old Norwegian sea-kingdom was all broken - and the regime of the country entirely ruled by the church. Until the remains of the old (legitimate) nobility of Scandinavia conspired, together with the German, French and English collueges - to brake the dictatorship of the Holy See. Evidently this nobel revolt of 1527 started the reformation, - where old and new sources of knowledge and information were allowed - even outside the walls of churches or monastries. For the first time in centuries there could be debate. On the other hand - as the "trade" with the new worlds paid so well off, the Vatican regained its economical strength throughout the 16th century - allowing a serious and long-term financing of millitary and political force directed to re-conquer the lost kingdoms of the north.

As the "contra-reformation" went on as we find decades upon decades with "religious wars". Even 500 years after the reformation there have still been terror and civil warfare - due to religious/political divisions - in the cities of Northern Ireland. It is also funny to note that both WWI and WWII were fougth between the "Holy German-Roman Empire", as it was called already the year 800, when the Bishop of Rome "chrowned" Gods first warlord in Europe, Karl the Great, to be "The Earthly Emperor" of the "Christianized" part of the world.

As more and more of the society and culture was broken down and completly changed, the old nobility somehow survived - with their original language, culture and wisdom intact. Thus we get stories of heroes and of old worlds, of places, people and cultures that may appear strange, mystical or as mere fairy-tales today. Simultaniously we know - for sure - that the pre-christian area is filled with more legends and tales, - but also straigth slander and political/religious stigmatization.

Due to this 1000 year old period of monopoly the Vatican could become very efficent as rulers. But they had to excercise their dominion strict, ruthless and tyrranic. Due to intelectual fear and fundamentalism we then see an effective, all-reaching organisation that goes on the hunt WITHIN their own subjugates, - to find and errase any litterature that were NOT in latin, or not part of the churche`s cultural and educational regime.

Thus we find the inquisitions, as well as the former war-fares, a millenium of destruction, distortion and deceptions of all ancient, but "non-holy" liberies, "pagan books" etc., - which is to say the knowledge and the teachings of the old pagan societies. Who worshipped the ligth of the sun and counted the stars.

Which have made them "sun-belivers". Requiring the logic that our predecessors have considered the sun - and its effects - an issue of discussion...?! About the times before the "start of time", i.e. our anniversial 0.

The most important cradle of the mediterranean culture - before the religions come up with new explanations - seems to be Crete, starting their monumental buildings, etc., close to 9.000 year BP. Both the Roman, the Greek and the Egyptian have nourished from this sources of culture, where art, artistery, travel, trade and communication seems to be the benchmark.

We may see this as a remnisant of Atlantis. We may even have different exprectations, explanations or considerations about the "original Atlantis". We do, though, understand that the pre-christian culture of the Mediterranean area, must be a contimuation of what was "a atlantic culture" arriving, - that were unknown before they suddenly and most surprisingly arrived - through the pillars of Hercules.

There is no doubt that a great part of the early mono-teistic regime went on distorting the main source of just the old culture - of diverse and scientific knowledge - had to overthrow. To gain monopolistic powers it have been neccesary to shun the true history of the Mediterranee, and the influence of Atlantis over all this area. Thats why the inqusition is worth another reply or two; there are still dogmatic misconceptions validating a lot of peoples opinions about the "eternal matters", such as our history as specie and cultures. How else could the entire history of ice-time, the most dramatic change in the history of human life, become a "mere myth" - and a complete misunderstanding - or deception - of an envious air-head, placed behind the Sun, should be the ONLY authority. Thus we slided from being "historically and culturally counscious" to become "spiritually inspired". Just as the "the spirit of the inqisitions" we lost track of all realities behind the different legends. Finally - by the turn of last century - we ended up with the historians describing a human culture of European ice-time as a "mere heresay, a fairy-tale and a vision - bearing no historical significance". That has always been the establishments view on the myth of Atlantis too. As of yet...

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