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Herein lie the "Lost" Boreas Files by Rockessence

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Author Topic: Herein lie the "Lost" Boreas Files by Rockessence  (Read 12442 times)
Janna Britton
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There are many a good reason to keep tracing, investigating and re-considering the historic era of Mideval Europe, - which pretty much coincides with the regime of the Church of Rome.
Built on the ruins of the old Roman Empire, the new clerics organised the "new" or "eternal" city, a Metero(-polis) del la Mundo. With it came the monopolistic culture of "Christendom", an off-spring from the philosophies of the greek-arabic area, where the Jewish descendants were making a cult out of their own "honorful traditions and holy scriptures". By some reason it all ended in monopolistic ideologies, suited as a tool -to subjugate, neccesary to rule a conquered population. Which is what the Emperors of Rome missed - to sustain their empire; The Higher God and His Divine Plan. As alibi.

Based on "The Will of Constantine" - a paper presumeably signed by the last emperor of Rome, he gave the Throne of Rome to the Bishop of Rome, to take over the mundane power of the empire. Unheard of course, - but what could the poor servants say or do about it? Keep their old codex` - and most humbly, but most certainly abstain?

Could that have saved us from the horrors and malice expressed by the religious wars and the inquisition - where people moved with brutality, homicide and terror, inflicting pain that would stay for generations - bringing exstinction or corruption to the old, legitimate rulers. and soon poisoning entire culture?

Could a Divine rejection of Constantins old offer have saved the basic mass of written material that did exist - in Egypt as well as in Ireland and Inguchetia. Could the grosser number of old Egyptian/Greek/Roman texts been saved from the book-fires of the inquistione - both in the streets as in a countless number of smaller or larger "church-fires". In 1352 the national archives of Norway was moved to a church in the "new capital" of Bergen. Finally all the papers arrived - just to become smoke - overnigth. Since than the cultural, etnical and cultural history of Scandinavia was erradicated. As the last part of the continent - to be culturally uprooted and deprived.

If just the old clerics of the Divine could have rejected the "treasures of this world" we would surely have saved much more of the old, "pagan" writings of Egypt, Greece, Rome and N Eurasia. Just like we would have had a world of Indians running The Americas - if the religious Rome havent been in desparate need of refunding - galloping all throughout the 15th century.

And what writing did exist in other Eurasian languages, the ones named "barbaric" - before the church started their row of "cultural cleansing"?

Today it is some 1500 years since this superstitious, dictatorial culture started to spread their regime by the word - and the sword - to rule all of the Mediterranean. Already 1200 BP we had the crazyness of war again running through Europe, - as Charlemagne started a crusade among the Franks, - subjugating all the Frankish men into military service - of The Holy See. Later the Frankish army completed what old Rome never accomplished, - to tire out the Anglo-Saxon and the Danish, and by that acquiring England and Scandinavia.

From now on the Bishop of Rome could oversee "all the world" as his regime. Thus he entitled himself Big Daddy, or Pope - publicly instituted as a "Gods Own Replacement On Earth". From then on the Cardinality have effectivly been operating as "Gods (one-and-only) Secretaries" - taking care for all "his" priviledges, priorities and properties throughout the world.

1000 years ago the "second comming" of the Church had completed one old Roman dream. This time helped by The Holy Book, that states the prophecy that "all the world shall again rejoice". Thats also the immediate reason why material from catolic clerics - written shortly before or in the year 1000 (Anno Domini), tell of a widely accepted expectance - namely that Jesus would walk again in the year 1000. One of the main reason given is the premise of the prophecy; "When all the earth is baptized in his name - he will return". With the subjugation of Denmark - and effectivly Scandinavia - as of 987 - the baptism of "all the world" was considered to be achieved.

But Jesus did not rejoin and until 1066 there was still forces of freedom left in Europe. But from then on the Vatican regime becomes gradually all-migthy. In 1152 the Catholic Church opened a new Region-officed in Trondheim, Norway - appointing bishops even on Iceland, Isle of Man and Greenland. The latter bishop is rapported to have appointed priests to the old norse populations, now congregations, in; "Markland", "Helluland", "Landit Goda" and "Vinland". After five years the entire Norwegian Sea Kingdom is organised in the church-system, becomming the "largest Archibispal Seat" in the entire world. Thus the first Archbishop of Trondheim, the english Nicolaus Breakespeare, became the first and last English ever to become Pope himself - tx to the acheivments he made on behalf of the church - understanding that his work provided the church with the influence all over the northern hemisphere -and thereby reaching all the corners of the world. By 1184 the Bishop of Greenland sent envoys far south into the Americas, getting first hand repports on the earthly treasures of the old indian cultures. Although a further exploitation is not possible - before canons and guns - made it possible to generate shere killing-fields.

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