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News: USA showered by a watery comet ~11,000 years ago, ending the Golden Age of man in America
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Herein lie the "Lost" Boreas Files by Rockessence

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Author Topic: Herein lie the "Lost" Boreas Files by Rockessence  (Read 13518 times)
Janna Britton
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« Reply #120 on: November 16, 2008, 03:31:38 am »

Well, that was precisely what the Church did with the Dragon succession - the Ring Lords of the Albi-gens, the Sacred Bloodline of the Holy Grail. By way of redefining all the original names - Fairies, Elves, Pixies, Gnomes, Goblins, Sprites, or whatever - they diminished the problem by miniaturising the nominal significance. In so doing, the transcendental race of the Sidhé was portrayed as minute little figures and moved into the realm of mythology. The fraudulent Donation of Constantine was then brought into play and, henceforth, only the Church could determine who was and was not a king!
If this strategy did not work sufficiently on its own, as was indeed the case in the Renaissance (a period of a more general awareness and enlightenment), then part two of the plan was brought into operation. This was more specifically targeted at the key members of the Messianic strain: the ultimate Dragon succession of the Albi-gens - the dynastic Kings and Queens of the Sangréal and their senior Oupires. These people were real, and everyone knew that, so they could not be confined to the superficial realm of fantasy. They could, however, be portrayed as if (being of the Dragon blood) they were of a weird, half-human strain, beyond the Christian pale. At best, they were perhaps mermaids and, at worst, they were vampires, but either way they were the evil, shapeshifting emissaries of Satan!
The fact that anyone believed such nonsense is difficult to comprehend in these more level-headed times. However, the myth is still operative and, to some extent, it is still working with a vengeance. It is even working on some whose apparent mission in life is to expose such propagandist dogma, but who - by way if its own cleverly contrived strategy - have actually fallen prey to it. In this regard, at this very moment there are some well-known, supposedly intelligent folk who should know better, claiming that the British Royal Family, along with myself and others, are really hideous reptiles from another planet!

One of the most surprising things about the Scythian Ring Lords is that their preserved remains from thousands of years ago (discovered even as far north as Siberia) show their bodies substantially tattooed with ring-tailed lemurs. Lemurs, we are led to believe, are native to (and pretty much restricted to) Madagascar and the Comoros Islands off Mozambique, but here they are, where we are told they never were, in northern Europe and the Black Sea regions!
It has long been known that there was once a continent, inhabited by a great king-tribe, which was noted for its lemurs. Hence, it has been dubbed "Lemuria", setting a good many enthusiasts searching for its sunken whereabouts beneath the Atlantic, Pacific or Indian oceans as if it were the lost city of Atlantis. Maybe such a concealed territory does exist. However, the fact is that (by whatever name it was once known) the mightiest Lemurian land tract was never lost. It was the great mainland continent which still exists today, stretching across eastern Europe through the one-time USSR.
This was the original realm of the great Ring Lords, tracing back to about 40,000 BC - the homeland of the Oupires of the Pict-sidhé. It was the land of the mighty Warlords of the Dragon before they migrated and battled their way southwards in the ever-cooling climate of the last ice-age. Undoubtedly, the environment was once very warm there, as is proved by the fact that the lemurs travelled about as far south as they could possibly go by land before Madagascar and the Comoros broke away from the southern African mainland.
What did these early god-kings look like? Well, they are now thoroughly identifiable from their preserved remains, which have been excavated at various sites from as far afield as Transylvania and Tibet. With their light-brown to red hair and pale eyes, the leather-clad men stood at least six foot six inches and upwards, while even the women were over six feet tall. Undoubtedly, these forebears of the Gaelic and Celtic High Kings were among the most awesome warriors of all history.
Of particular interest is the fact that the Anunnaki gods were as much a part of the Sidhé culture as they were of the Mesopotamian tradition. It was not for no reason that the settlement of Anu was hundreds of miles north of Sumer on the Caspian Sea. It was not for no reason that the ancient centre of Scythopolis (Sidhé-opolis), which the Syrians called Beth-Shean (the House of Power), was 800 miles away in Galilee. Indeed, it is now suspected that the Ubaid culture of southern Mesopotamia - the culture which introduced municipal structure from about 5000 BC - was actually the Uper-ad culture: that of the Scythian Overlords, the Upers or Oupires.
It is also reckoned that the subsequent culture of the region, phonetically called Sumerian (pronounced "Shumerian"), was actually Sidhé-murian ("Shee-murian"). In fact, the case for this is now considerable, since the early Ring Lords of Scythia (the Tuatha Dé Danann king-tribe) were actually called the Sumaire. And in the language of old Ireland - to where many of the caste migrated - the word sumaire means "dragon".
So, why have we not learned about these people in our histories? The answer is straightforward. They were, in practice, the real Elves and Fairies of our heritage, but their story was quashed from the earliest days of Roman suppression and subjugation - as the diminution of their figures caused a parallel diminution of their history.
The fact is, however, that for all we have been told about our cultural identity being from the classical scholarship of Greece, or from the imperial majesty of Rome, these things are entirely untrue. Such establishments appeared very late in the day.
The true sovereign heritage of Western culture - the culture from which derived all the so-called myth and legend which sits so comfortably within a collective race memory (no matter what the Church and academics might say in their attempts to sway us) - comes from one place alone. It comes from a place and time that might just as well be called Middle Earth as by any other name. It comes from the long-distant Realm of the Ring Lords.

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