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News: Comet theory collides with Clovis research, may explain disappearance of ancient people
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Herein lie the "Lost" Boreas Files by Rockessence

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Author Topic: Herein lie the "Lost" Boreas Files by Rockessence  (Read 13518 times)
Janna Britton
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  posted 01-06-2005 20:40             
The works of Jonathan Adams is of the few reliable updates on the ice-age, that being in America or Eurasia.

As we see the same main stages of development are paralell in time, using geological time-frames. Understanding that "ice-time" began - endured, and ended, - at the same periods all over the Northern Hemisphere.

The last stages - before our time - have been so well understood, today - that modern geologists like Adams have the with to collect and verify the mass of information neccecary to create A all-over-view that may result in a world-map, describing the globe, 10.000+ years ago.

Over the last years we have seen more and more maps constructed, - both locally, regionally and continentally. Based on the remarkable work by Danish climatologists we can now get "technically confirmed" information about the climate over the Greenland Ice-Sheet over the last 170.000 years. That confirming archeological/biochemical estimates from different sites over large areas have helped a lot to get clear on the periods of the climate at the time, such as "melting periods" and "interglacials".

Together with an exstensive body of geological information it is possible to draw maps of the last 120.000 years. Somehow.

But there is still MUCH ground to cover before we have a clear, scientifically confirmed picture of the entire ice-time.
Some one year ago I asked Johnathan Adams
if there is chance of getting a map describing the glaciers definite MAXIMUM size, understanding that is a key to get closer to a definite age/duration of the anamolay that occured as the globe started to freeze - from both south and north, simultaniously...

The answer was most clearly; "Not possible". Which corresponds to the feed-back I got from other geologists/climatologists at the time, normally adressing the problems of gaining certanity about anything older than 120.000 years - occurring ON the surface of the crust...

Luckily, Mr. Adams is a young and vigourous scientist. When I see the work he already have added to his merrits over the last year I guess he will be among the first to pull that investigation together...!

Meanwhile we may keep focus on what happened over the last 120.000 years, - since both "Modern Civilization" as well as "Atlantis" is much younger than that.
It also means that the population existing within the Baltic Ocean 120.000 years ago - already - have had to be very, very artical.

This means that nature have been able to develop ONE tribe of the original man, outside the tropical world, - to survive and endure in an "high-artic climate", where the ground is covered with ice and snow half of the year...

Adapting to such a complete "climate-shock" is incredibly demanding. The chance that such an isolated culture is minimal. And its less than nothing if these people was unable to undergo many serious adaptions, - such as food, warmth, health, habits, work, etc. - in order to simply survive. To pic up more sun, during the shorth summer, - the skin got lighter, even turning completly white. Pale white. Only a few birthmarks with pigments - keeping the color of their original, tropical skincolor. That also why the articals developed green/blue ices. They`re still low on sunshine & pigment.

Today we have artical people still existing. We call them caucasians.
If they did NOT exist 120.000 years ago, - then WHICH kind of people did then exist inside the Baltics 120.000 years ago? Another artic population??!

I have still to hear a etnologist defending the theory that we have had TWO different types of artical man. If so; How many Etruscans/Chineese/Mayans/Aboriginals/Neanderthals? Do any biologist find it likely that TWO - different - hybrids should occur twice, - from one and the same parental origin?!

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