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News: Ruins of 7,000-year-old city found in Egypt oasis
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Herein lie the "Lost" Boreas Files by Rockessence

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Author Topic: Herein lie the "Lost" Boreas Files by Rockessence  (Read 10411 times)
Janna Britton
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I am afraid I can`t really relate exstensivly to the stories covered by the Urantia papers.

The populisation of Northern Eurasia is obviously ARTICALS. But, - the time and place of the origin - of the first artical population is still far from sufficently explained. By proof.

But, - we do already know that there have actually been existing A Artical Population
already 280.000 years ago. In Finland. We also know that "modern man" visited the White Sea and The Kara Ocean, - already 40.000 years ago.

We also know that this population disapeared - due to the "deluge" appearing when the glacier covering 95 % of Fenno-Scandia started moving, aprox. 10.700 years ago. As this glacier broke up, the part covering Finland started moving south. As the glacier slided towards the ocean the ancient population of the Finnish archepelago would either escape - or being pushed into the ocean.

Seemingly some of them did escape and survive, - since we still see a relative large group of artical populations still today. And we can even follow a line of development of this culture, from the time when the first groups of ALL the artical populations (Europeans, Russians) arrived about 10.000 years ago. And we can still see that this populations still express a large number of etnical, lingual and cultural expressions - closely related to the Artical Nature.

This simple time-line is based on the growingly famous discoveries made over the last decade by Scandinavian and Russian scientists. (, etc.)

So far the oldest of ALL known artical populations is found in the Finnish Archepelago. Consequently we have to direct our attention to this specific area to establish a historical background for the fully and completly "climatized" kind of human, that populated the Finnish archipelago already DURING ice-time.

9-10.000 years ago this people started populating the vast and empty area of the artical climate-zone. Given the speed they have expanded by it must be this ONE, pre-boreal population that have developed the skills and abilities to sustain the artic winter, under scarce circumstances. Thus we may explain the origin and the fast expension of the artical population, that already 8000 years ago covered the entire Eurasian continent, from Biscaya to The Chinese Wall. 6-7.000 years ago they sailed across the Atlantic Ocean, populating the Orkneys, The Feroe Islands, etc. As to when they reached the American continent is still not clearified, - but the mentioned Clovis culture may still be an early appearance of articals, populating coastal areas of the Artical America, as we have seen from the excavations on New Foundland.

A funny piece in the puzzle is actually a picture of a highly organized society and a gouvermental order depicted in the cultural antiquities today found from the Eurasian mesolittic (early stone-age). Already 8.000 years ago we find a organised culture covering the east of Eurasia, while western Europe had a similar but still distinctly separate expresions. Cross-referencing a gross amount of archeoloigcal items one seems noe to agree that we have had eastern AND western charactheristics separate already 8.000 years ago...!

Still today we can divide the linguistical and etnical border of Euraisa by the same old line, starting at the top of the border between Finland and Sweden - following the old border-river straigth south, crossing Aland before following the old border-river Weichsel/Wizla in todays Poland, before reaching Balkan, Moldovia and the shores of the Black Sea.

Just recently we had another astonishing discovery revealed in this matter;


"Prehistoric skeleton unearthed in Bulgaria"

The skeleton of a prehistoric woman believed to
represent the first agricultural civilization
existing on Bulgarian land was unearthed near the
village of Ohoden, Vratsa district, northwest
Bulgaria. Archeologists found the skeleton on the
river bank of the local Skut river. The finding
was approximately dated back 9,000 years, which
makes the 'Bulgarian farmer' five centuries older
than the already known humans to have lived on
the Balkan Peninsula.
The skeleton was revealed during excavation
works in a pre-historic village unearthed from a
depth of 2 m. "This woman skeleton is five
centuries older than those which were found in
the Balkans and belong to the first generation of
farmers that inhabited this region," said
archaeologist Georgy Ganetsovski, who made the
The village seemed to be very well
preserved after being devasted by a big fire.
Archeologists said that the people living on
these lands in prehistoric times were the first
to invent ceramics and to build thermally
isolated solid houses. They were convinced that
the Ohoden finding would redraft the history of
human civilization.

Sources: Novinite, (31 October 2004), The Hindu (7 November 2004)
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