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Herein lie the "Lost" Boreas Files by Rockessence

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Author Topic: Herein lie the "Lost" Boreas Files by Rockessence  (Read 10410 times)
Janna Britton
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« Reply #105 on: November 16, 2008, 03:21:07 am »

Member posted 04-04-2004 18:58

Story from BBC NEWS:
Member posted 04-04-2004 21:36

More useful "comments";

Member posted 04-05-2004 13:40

Until some clear-cut evidence are completed it may not be possible to get this discussion beyound the issue of location. So far we have to deal with the scarce material that exists of the Greek legends, explained and re-explained througout the last century.
Because of the exstensive debate that have evolved out of Platos dialogues it seems to be difficult to add a brand NEW source of information, even though we may find it highly compatible to the legends presented by Plato and others.
Due to early 20th century books of the esoteric writers - from Blavatsky/Cayce and onwards - it may be hard to see the discrepancy between all the fictions, speculations and ideas occuring, - and the facts of genuine sources, -that being the authentic stories from Greek writers or the Finnish Saga-keepers. Especially the later, as it still is brand new and "unusual" to most of us.
Though, sinc it is backed by recent research of both archeological and mythological nature - it is becomming more and more difficult not to give the Finnish source-material its due credibility.
via mars
Member posted 04-05-2004 18:53

boreas - with all due respect, screw the plato theory - full steam ahead with yours.
now you can get past the mish-mash. as you so eloquenty and diplomatically put it, there are many avenues, none to be discounted, but the prevailing theories are just that ... prevailing. enough of the other "stories" already. they have their own holes and glaring inconsistencies, not to mention non-encompassing locations (too many people focus on one place, instead of one empire).
keep giving it a whirl ... or i'm going home. (vote of confidence)

(Please Excuse the fact that part of this thread is missing you can see by the dates. Rockessence)

Member posted 09-17-2004 15:31
Just like Allfather once was A real, naturally born (human) being...
As he was the straigth descendant and heir of the first Man to walk this planet - he could be VERY real, and still considered to be the Highest (of heredity) and the First (among brothers). Not to forget that he was the elder of the (large) Aser family, - once widely regarded to be the origin of all royal families known...
Now, since royal families still exists - WE may have a chance to what our ancient evolutional and cro(w)nological history was all about. Before it got altered, forgotten or twisted. And changed into pure superstition. As the Oera Linda says - "by the Magis", i.e. priests.

This superstition is still bearing a great impact on how we consider the essential parts of nature, - such as the "esoterical" dimensions, where matter, speed and space meet at a very fine, elementary level.

Today - thanks God (!) - do we have the natural sciences back on the legal side of society AGAIN, - recovered and redeveloped. But still great many people consider the "mysteries" of life as of "supernatural" nature. Because there is still room for the repetitions of a particualr superstition, mixed with both historical information as well as legends.

Today we still regard this kind of superstition as relevant. There are literally billions that still trust beyond doubt in ONE of the three "holy books", - that ALL claim themselves to be The One. To settle - between these monopolistic belief-systems - who is rigth there is only one metod possible, which is power-games, antagonism and outrigth war...

AS long as we - the citizens of this day and age - keep our fossil deceptions in regard. Though, - it does look as we have been getting somewhat more sober during the later weeks, months and years. At least a good few people NOW seem to understand that these very mechanisms - of sociologal, cultural and historical nature - actually have unfolded during the last millenias. Leaving us all in a cul de sac...

When time allows I hope we may elaborate some more on the basis of the sound that form the word and the meaning of "mystery".
The first syllable "MY" is indeed a biggie within the sounds of our languages. So we may have some goodie in spare for the winter...

Good to back online!

Best regards


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