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Herein lie the "Lost" Boreas Files by Rockessence

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Author Topic: Herein lie the "Lost" Boreas Files by Rockessence  (Read 14065 times)
Janna Britton
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« Reply #60 on: November 16, 2008, 03:08:44 am »

Member posted 03-15-2004 10:02
Thanks for inspiring tips and informative comments!
Via Mars;
I am sorry to admit I do not know the works of Lloyd Pye. Any web-adress?!
The geological and geophysical history of our planet is still far from complete. One major reason for the difficulty of modern geology is the eradications and "cataclysmical" changes created just before, under and at the very end of Ice-time, when enormous glaciers started moving - to reach the oceans...

Consequently it is difficult to state exact lines of age, tectonical history and movements of/under or beside the different
areas that we may wish to investigate. One such example is the essential question about ice-time; When did it start? How? And how far did the ice-caps reach - on it maximum size?
Another question still not solved is this;
How could the warm gulf-stream reach the Baltic area already 500.000 years ago - if the global ice-cap covered all of Norway-N orth Sea and Scotland? Via the English Channel? Yes, - but also this area was different at this time - since Holland and England where connected. But - inside of Holland there where yet another lowland - that used to be UNDER water. So it may very well be that the way of the Gulf-stream, pressing northwards from Biscaya, had a different route than today - and that the "English chanel" use to further east.
But - since the hot mexican water indeed have reachede Denmark, Sweden and the Baltics - DURING the entire period of the ice-time (acording to coral-reeves found in Denmark and Gotland).

Thus a reference to some old Geologists opinion - that the English Channel once where completly closed - and the Baltic Ocean a closed sweetwater Sea - has changed ultimatly with the dsicoveries of the 1990`s - as refered earlier (see above).

So it is obvious that the surface of our planet - with the thickness like the skin over one apple - have the ability to adjust, much like the baloon. When it gets pressured at one point it adjusts by swelling somewhere else. So when two enormous ice-caps appeared on the both northern and the southern polar areas, the impact on the earths surface have been quite dramatic. And there is still much to investigate and research to clarify these matters.

Consequently we have to keep a very balanced view on statements of older research and science. Especially if we refere to "public knowledge" - and not to specific repports; we should keep in mind that conventional books and sources regulary have to change and correct their basic opinions and "facts" evry 20th years...

Focused on Nordic history and Norse Mythology I have not more than briefly heard about the works of Ignatius Donally; on Atlantis, the origin of the phonetic alphabet, etc.

It was indeed impressing how deep an understanding this man have to the core-elements of these questions. A comparision to the mentioned Bocksaga is simply a great inspiration and eye-opener. Thanks for the tip! The following site contains it all;

You may need to have a critical look on Your etymythological sources of understanding. To be able to deal with the questions of linguistical origins and root-associations You may need a more exstensive curriculum than the avarage academian. On what basis are Your statements resting; such as the one telling that the saga-material contains HUGE mistakes in interpretating the fenno-swedish language, as well as its history?
May it be that the conventional understanding are leading You to believe that IT is rigth and this "alternative stuff" MUST be wrong?!

For instance: Take a very simple and well known fenno-swedish word, say: "JUL". What`s its general meaning? What may be its root/stem? How did it occur to bear those meaning(s)?

I think the Pi-King-people had a solid branch rigth up there in the Himalayas during some millenias of the ice-time. Thus they adjusted quite much to the cold and windy climate of the higher and more northern side of the mountains. Today we know them as monguls/mongolian and tibetan.

We also know that the monguls found a paveway heading straigth north through the enormous ice-cap that used to cover all of northern Russia. This paveway was created by the Ural mountains - and the Himalayans could find their way to the arctic ocean. This may have happened some 8-10.000 years ago. About 6000 years ago this new branch of monguls was established by the arctic ocean - from where they spread east and west, creating TWELVE different tribes around the North pole, as we still recognize as inuits, eskimos, samis, etc.
But it may be - that the very first emigrants to the Kara Ocean and The White Sea area was denied permanent setling by the Altlantis-popolation - that occupied this area already 40.000 years (or more) ago.

But it sure is correct that the Piking-Monguls found and connected with the Caucasians trapped in the Arctic/Baltic
area before any other tropical where able to visit the high north...


I`ll get back to Kaukamoinen and some other highly interesting apsects - a.s.a.p. Have a nice day or evening!

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