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Herein lie the "Lost" Boreas Files by Rockessence

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Author Topic: Herein lie the "Lost" Boreas Files by Rockessence  (Read 10407 times)
Janna Britton
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Member posted 02-08-2004 06:49
Respected DB:
QUOTE>> Didn`t evolution explain the white race? Man living in the colder climates for 20,000 years, made the mellon in the skin turn white and made the noses close up Rajash answer my question, as to why the Asian eyeslids are swollen and narrow. From migating and battling the colder climates. Makes sense to me. <<UNQUOTE
Here I expect that by Asians, you specifically mean the Mongols. Their narrow eyelid slits can be an outcome of their exposure for some/many thousands of years to the DRY and perennially surrounding icy locations. This change could have been evolved to safeguard the internals of their eyes from the glare of ice or “white blindness”. This effect could have been more prominent during the Ice-Ages. Also it could have been more prominent on the Siberian side of the North Pole due to presence of relatively larger land masses (including now sunken Atlantis!) on the eastern side of the Globe.

The distinct yellowness underneath their white skin also points to some additional and unusual vitamin A storage capacity, that is not available to other races. This may indicate that they were getting their Vitamin A from the liver and meat and not from the milk etc. Also the antelope livers were intermittent and short in supply on those icy surroundings and so the body had to develop the mechanism for their storage of Vit-A. Their relatively developed calf muscles can also indicate their living originally at the northern side of Himalayan peaks during the same ice ages. I mean they faced the combination of mountainous peaks, constant icy glare and the dry ice.

Whiteness can be a common feature of cold, reduced intensity of sun rays and thermal radiation and Vitamin-D deficiency in the surroundings. So that the body coverts more and more of sun rays into Vitamin D. This can be more justified for the vegetarians than the non-vegetarians.

Whiteness of Europeans can be a somewhat different story. They were to be exposed to cold but with WET Ice and wet surroundings. They could have originated at the slopes and surroundings of Himalayas during the Ice Ages. Then they could have stayed for long near the wet regions of Caspian Sea. Then they could have migrated to North West Europe and Western side of North Pole. Here due to open proximity of Atlantic Ocean, abundance of wetness can be expected. Also the milk and liver can be available in relatively larger quantities. So no yellowness in skin due to Vit-A availability and no narrow eye slits due to reduced icy glare. Here further increase in skin whiteness due to reduced Vit-D from sun rays can be expected.

The blue colored eyes and golden hairs can be the mutation as a resultant of reduced UV radiation during the Ice Ages. Theoretically this could have affected equally to both the European and Mongol variants. However narrower Mongol eyelid slits could have been less exposed and so less prone to mutations arising out of variations in the UV radiation levels. Also the black Mongol hairs would not have altered much to golden hairs as the dryness in air does not support weak hairs.

So most of the things may be dependent on “Dry White Blindness Vs Wet Ice”, Exposure to UV radiation, Vit A & D deficiencies etc.

With Regards...


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