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News: 'Europe's oldest city' found in Cadiz
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Herein lie the "Lost" Boreas Files by Rockessence

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Author Topic: Herein lie the "Lost" Boreas Files by Rockessence  (Read 14129 times)
Janna Britton
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Member posted 02-07-2004 12:10
Dear Brig,
1. In what scientific context does the word "assinine" belong?
2. The point with the hallway - already excavated - in Finland is simply this:

2.1 After centuries in private secrecy the family-saga revealed the exact location of this hallway in 1987. As You know by know this saga contains loads of historical and mythological information, also a exstensive story of "Atlantis" - explaining - in scientific TERMS - its origin and history.

2.2 To prove the validity of the whole saga-material the orator was pointing out a specific place in the Finish woodlands - in 1987 - where the entrance to this hallway should exist.

2.3 When his english/american friends wanted to see it they started excavating. And as You also know - during a major excavation a large hallway was indeed found. After five summers of work a 70 metres long - 4x5 metres wide hallway have indeed been excavated!

3. There is obviously "something" there. And thats the whole point - so far.
The statement of an entrance was proven rigth. The statement of a hallway was proven rigth. So what does this reality imply concerning the statements made about the inner end of this hallway - being an ancient temple, etc.? Worth consideration? Worth further investigation (excavation)?

The mere existence of this hallway have proven - beyond any doubt - that the orator have proven to be rigth - as far as he has been able to - or ALLOWED to - present his proofs.

4. Not only have this hallway emerged from the woodland, but also other and more recent discoveries have been proven that this family-saga must be substantial. One example beeing the statement (of 1984/85) that Finland had been populating DURING ice-time.

4.1 Througout the 1980-ties that was a completly "ridicolous" statement in the ears of contemporary science. And as late as 1995 Finish arhaeologist where completly refusing such a thougth, stating that "there where absolutely no reason to suggest that there have been people surviving in Finland before the end of ice-time, 10.000 years ago".

4.2 Now that very same year the (by now) famous Wolfcave was found. Three years later it was conclusivly proven (by Finish AND German lab-tests) that the Wolfcave contained cultural remains that ranged between 9.000 and 280.000 years. The tools, etc. here found can be viewed at

4.3 Now how could this presise, most incredible "foretelling" be explained?!?
How could a highly local family-saga, based on the OLD oral method of the Norse Saga-tradition, contain this astounding information?! And what does that IMPLY about the validity of this peculiar source?
Any answers, Brig?

4.4 On a neighbouring thread in this Forum somebody just used the well-known qote: "Those who have ears may hear, those who have eyes may see." Rigthly so. Not to say that all who have their good brain left may understand...

5. The mythologies, the sagas and the ancient remains of the world is there. And a lot more is to be discovered and investigated scientifically for the first time - thanks to the technical instruments that just have been developed - in our day and age.

5.1 During the last years development in this area a unknown Finish Saga have risen to prove its genuine authencity, probably of "immense" significance as its align incredibly well with the recent, but more famous descriptions made by Thomson and Cremo in their works about "Forbidden Archaeology".

6.0 When I refer to JRR Tolkien it is merely to point to the fact that he based all of his litterate works on the remains he could find from the N-European sphere.

As You may know the so-called "folklore-material" are ALL based on oral traditions - at some point collected in books. The remains from continental Europe and England are rather poor, since the monopolistic culture of the Catholic church seiously prohibited ANY information accept its own - that were only kept in latin.

6.2 At the end of the clerical regime over European culture, as the classical academias where allowed some freedom; there were only small fragments ("legends") of the old wisdom kept in Europe. Only in the Nordic countries could the 19th century scholar find pockets of information from a "non-christian" culture, - and they where all hidden in legends found only in the remote islands of the Atlantic, the remote mountains of Norway/Sweden or the deep woodlands of Finland, Carelia and Russia.

6.3 The only exception from mainland Europe and England was the legends kept by some of the old families descending from the pre-christian elite, namely some royal and some noble families. But, since start of the inqvisition (aqvisating goods for their mercy) and the massacre of the nobility known as Templars the surviving noblility of Europe had to keep any knowledge of this kind highly secret. Only in the more remote parts could the peasant familes keep some of this traditions - and than only as fairy-tales. As You may know even the Norse sagas was saved only by a handfew books - that got saved by secrecy.

6.4 Within the old Finish nobility there was TWO families that was able to understand the importance of keeping the old histories intact. So by 1248 they very counsciously kept the old tradition within their families - in complete discretion from ANY others. Not even the neighbours would get to know. If only the suspicion would arise within their own (swedish-catholic) churh - the whole family could risk persecution. Consequently this great secret had to be kept until Finland once again was to become a free and independent kingdom - which did not occur before 1917...

6.5 The legends and myths of the Finish and the Carelian countryside lived on in local gatherings though, along with some old (headon) traditions, such as Father Christmas, The Easter Egg, The May Pole, etc.

6.6. So when Tolkien - as well as other 20th century historians - wanted to recreate a European mythos, they had to turn to the Norse Sagas and the Finish legends to have anything at all..! Luckily, here they could get A understanding of what had been the basis of also the English and the European mythologies.

6.7 Tolkien became incredibly found of the Finish Myths as they had "flavoures and tastes" that did not exist (anymore) in the western part of Northern Europe. To get the best possible "taste" he even took the trouble to learn the Fenno-Ugrian language - to be able to read the original texts - which he compared to "finding a completly new wine, or even 3-4 different, completly unknown wines".

6.8 Consequently we may conclude what most litterate-students know; The basis of Tolkiens mythological world was found in the Norse and Finish myths. And they - in turn - are based on historical realities - as are any authentic mythology, rigth?!

7.0 Today a growing body of collected material from different old cultures are made available - even in english. Simultaniously the natural sciences are giving us much more and better information from archaeological sites around the globe. Meanwhile molecular biology are giving us another reference to add to the picture. And sites like this are now collecting information from different professions adressing one and the same issue.

The question rigth now is if we - the citizens of this day and age - do have the abilities needed to comprehend, understand and apreciate theese newly discovered realms of history. My belief is that readers of Atlantis Rising and participants of this Forum will be among the first to REALY get the zest of it. Wheter You like the smell of goats or not...!

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