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Herein lie the "Lost" Boreas Files by Rockessence

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Author Topic: Herein lie the "Lost" Boreas Files by Rockessence  (Read 10622 times)
Janna Britton
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As one may see the newly discovered Saga explains that the first human beeings where born from a coupulation between to of the highest mammals known; a monkey and a nanny-goat (!)
The incident is said to have taken place on the most energetic playground of the old, pre-icetime earth, i.e. the old north-pole.
This twin couple was of oposite sex, to be known as "Fröy" and "Fröya". "Frö" still means seed, while "y" refers to the key of the male (fallos) and "a" to the (a-daptive) "doorway" of the female.
The place where this was happening was to be called O-den, as in "The O", meaning "The Circle". According to the myth the land of "Oden" was placed at the "top of the pole" with "Hel" ("Whole") as its centre.
From here the first human beeings (the twins) where able to succesfully mate, - to breed the first family of human beings, calling themselves "Aser".

According to the Bocksaga already the first two people (Fröy and Fröya) had a complete vocalubary of human sounds. Thus they created the first language - later called "Rot" ("root"). This is said to still be exisiting in the northern hemisphere.

From the pole within the first circle (pi); "pee-pole" or "people" became fruitful and spread throughout the planet, according to a plan to maintain a natural natural and good life. This period was then called "Paradise-time".

At one point men deviated from the natural and good life, creating the preconditions for a great cataclysm hitting the eart about 50 million years ago. The Saga describe this dramatic shift as a relocation of the earths axis - starting a climatical disaster, as the northern and southern hemisphere got iced down by two enourmous ice-caps. As said before that was to be the start of "Alt-land-is-time", - today known as "ice-time".

As one may know "ice-time" is a pretty new concept, as is modern Geology. Thus the information from the Saga is even more puzzeling, as it describes a lot of specifics about the ice-caps that just have been discovered by current science.

The Saga tells that the old north pole was situated where we today find the far thickest part of the earth surface, today known as the Fenno-Scandic shield. Further it states that the old ringland of Oden - the centre during Paradise-time - now is to be found in Finland, where we (still) find the county of Oden-ma, with its centre Hel-sinki. How could the old oral tradition so explicitly tell where modern Geophysics would discover the thickest part of the earths entire surface?

During ice-time we had enourmous ice-caps executing substatial tectonic pressure resulting in an ongoing continental drift, isolating continents - with all their plants, animals and people. The people inside the Baltics where caugth in isolation, becomming white. Around the equatorial waters people grew into different races in different shades of coulours (as in "rays" from the sun...)

After 50 million years this isolation was broken - starting a process of reunion between the white seafarers from Altlantis and their different tropical brethren. Thus the Meso-Americans tell about their "True White Brother" arriving "from the east" and the Mediterranean myths tell about the Atlanteans. Since arcticals staying in the warm sunshine gets a rather glossy complexion of yellowish (golden) brown they where also called "the shining" - as in Meso-tomanian legends.

May this old Nordic saga actually offer an explanation to our origin? May a 50 million years long ice-time - where geographical areas and large societies got isolated - be the cause of the different "rays" (kinds) of people existing today?
Are not all speaking creatures neccesarily stemming from the same origin?
May a nanny-goat be the missing link in the evolutionary concept?! And, finally; doesnt the incredibly logic and stringent complexity of this Saga - stating a complex variety of unknown information along with well-known history and brand new scientific discoveries - in itself prove that this source of information is something far more than, say; the result of an impressive scientific theory or an ingenious, spot on intuition?!


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