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News: Site provides evidence for ancient comet explosion
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Herein lie the "Lost" Boreas Files by Rockessence

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Author Topic: Herein lie the "Lost" Boreas Files by Rockessence  (Read 11444 times)
Janna Britton
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« Reply #15 on: November 16, 2008, 02:53:43 am »

Member posted 02-02-2004 13:17
No big arguement from me.

The science of genetics is more complicated. For example 3 out of 4 is a good estimate. But put more concisely, each child has a 25% chance of expressing the blue eyed blond haired trait (assuming both partners carry the recessive gene). As you know, flipping a coin randomly is a 50 - 50 proposition, yet just because you got a heads the first time does not mean that you will get a tails on the next flip. I've seen 8 heads in a row. But over the long haul, the percentage is 50 - 50.

There is the complication that the couple only had three children! The bottom line is that the brown eyed brown haired people can carry the recessive gene. Another example, say one partner carries the brown and the blue eyed gene, but the other partner doesn't (brown,blue + brown,brown). The percentage changes.

What we do know is that (blue,blue + blue, blue) always produces a blue eyed offspring. If a population of recessive traits was isolated, it is a fact that the children would all be blue eyed.

There are many combinations of genes available to humans in general. The mixing of these genes produce great variety.

As far as the first humans, debate continues. Were we the result of millions of years of genetic recombinations and mutations? Or were we "created"? I've heard many stories and myths explaining the Red, Black, Yellow, and White races. The human blood types (O, A, B, AB and their positive and negative sub types) is also a puzzle. Why do two of our chromosomes look "fused" together? Were humans indeed created in the "gods" own image? The Sumerians say their gods, the Anunnaki, created humans. Of note, the Sumerians have accurate written description of the planets (long before modern man sent a space probe).

The Boxström Family site mentioned here is interesting. Verbal details in the stories have been verified. Ring Land is a nice concept. Perhaps there was a time that the earth axis was truly perpendiclar to the sun. We know that it was not always 23 degrees. I'm sure more and more archeaological finds will happen that will further our knowledge of ancient times.

Can you imagine the Roman general's expression when he saw for the first time that the Celts had chariots!

Plato's casual reference to the "counter continent" in the Atlantis story blows me away!

The Incas and Spanish have myths about a white people that came from the south.

I believe that Flem-Ath proposed that the remnants of the Atlantians (in Antarctica) migrated north after the "sinking". Plato says that Atlantis was a vast maritime power before the disaster. A vast maritime power would have "colonies" through out the world. This is a plausible explaination of ancient cultures we are discovering or have already discovered.

Lots of pieces of the puzzle to put together. The big picture is harder still in that a lot of the pieces have yet to be discovered!



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