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Herein lie the "Lost" Boreas Files by Rockessence

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Author Topic: Herein lie the "Lost" Boreas Files by Rockessence  (Read 10622 times)
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1.0 It is rather common knowledge that blue/green eyes (and pale complexion) is ressesive to the brown-eyes (and dark complexion). If one of each cuouple to make children, - 3 out of 4 will be brown-eyed, rigth?
1.01 During the last 150 years travel, globetrotting and migrations have exploded. Today we have a multi-cultural world where individuals from all corners of the world meet and couple. With the present speed of cross-etnic breeding the blue-eyed, blond arctical specifics are dropping drastically.
Last year Scandinavian newspapers brougth headlines over repports from British Geneticans who predict that The Last Blonde female is going to be born about 35 years from now...
1.1 That clearly implies that the original mankind was born tropical, with brown eyes and dark complexion. In the tropical hemisphere we may find indigneous populations that still are ALL brown-eyed. Not only are the Meso-American Indians, but also the Africans, Asian indians, the Chinese, the Maori and the Aborigines.
1.12 Now if we where all brown-eyed; How could the blue-eyed mutation occur? How many generations would it take? And what pre-condition are demanded?!

1.2 Since brown-eyes always have been dominant - doesn`t it clearly suggest that the blue-eyed mutation must have developed IN ISOLATION - over a number of generations?
HOW many generations it will take is hopefully a question that the geneticians of today may be able to elaborate. Anyone knowing of some scientifical research on this matter?

1.3 ICE-TIME: The maximum spread of the ice-caps - and the sequences of the melting-preocesses are still not close to "conslusive knowledge". But we are getting closer all the time! The recent issue of the scientific journal "Nature" is bringing the last update. Just click to:

2.0 Great web-site You refer to Atalante! The Italian professor Felice Vinci - a leading authority on Homeric Litterature - is incredibly spot on to something "really big" here. Funny that it conicides so incredibly well with the Finish Sagas...

2.1 In the oldest greek litterature we can also read about "Hyperborea" is the land at the northern rim of the world - inhabitated by the "peacefull, blissfull and longlived".

2.2 Moreover, a decade ago I heard present Greek historians (mythologists) explaining that Apollon where arriving to Olympos from the high North. A similar "legend" is said to be refered in India, where Hanuman where descending from the high north.

3.0 According to different myths - from around the globe - we hear of a "Golden Age" of Humankind, also refered to as the "Paradise-time".

3.1 After Paradise we got "the expeltion" as the paradisial culture broke up - to finally cease and terminate. This is explained in different ways by differnt traditions; but they all agree to the core of the matter - that "Man behaving studiply" was the initial cause of the downfall. The occurence of the enormous ice-caps was a cataclysmic consequence.

3.2 With glimmering glaciers and sparkling snowflakes the southern populations could talk of a "Silver Age", when a isolated group in the north experienced a horrible climate ("Fimbulwinter") - initiated a period of complete isolation, because all the land around them where entirely covered with ice. In Scandinavian tongue that is (still!) called "Alt-Land-is", which may answer the question about what language the Atlantens spoke...

3.3 After the fall of Paradise - and "The Kingdom of the Heavens" - we got a period of several kingdoms, also litterated as "The Kingdoms of The Earth". Now mankind developed into different brancehes within the different geographical parts. Still we find theese different races, cultures and languages. In the very east the Chineese still are Chineese, the Indians still Indians, - and so on until we find the Inkas at the western rim of the world.

3.4 All theese people are obviously more than 10.000 years old. And it is still a puzzle to me how "modern man" could have been developing into 10-12 completly different races/cultures and languages in just about 40.000 years - when ALL "modern man" are said to have been jumping out of Africa.

3.5 By the way: During the press-conference before the Sydney Olympic 2000 it was "released" that Australian scientists just have been finding remains of Aboriginals that more than 110.000 years old. Does that mean that the "Out of Africa-THEORY" (70-40.000 BP) is outdated - OR does it mean that the Aboriginal populations does not belong to "Homo Sapiens sapiens" ?!?

3.6 There are obviously great revisions to be made in our modern science. But - as I have been pointing to in this forum; there is now existing - in public - a source of information from the old traditions of Saga- and Story-telling that actually gives an outrigth, detailed and chronological explanation to the different periods of development that Mankind have gone through.
Now - WE may choose to ignore or even dismay this source - but that would be ignoring and dismaying our very own history...

4.0 The Bockström Family Saga gives a broad resume of our legendary, mythological and cultural history. As the isolated arctic population where able to keep the MEMORY of our common Paradise-time; as they survived the eonic ice-time in a local isolation.

4.1 As they finally survived "Alt-land-is-time" this Arctical "Boat-people" where able to reconnect with the different tropical kingdoms, as in the Mediterrenean about 9.500 years ago.
Here they got known as the "Atlanteans" explaining to come from the "Atlantis" - as they told their story about their hard time of isolation during the "Alt-land-is-period" (All-land-ice-period).

4.2 Included in their Sagas where the Atlanteans memory of Mans common origin and his ancient "high-culture", during Paradise-time.
Besides an extraordinary knowledge of the past the Atlanteans (Good men - Goods) should have brougth different "goods" to their tropical brethren, such as domestic plants and animals,as well as the technological prosessing of different metals for decoration and tool-making.

4.3 About 4.000-3.500 years ago we know that violence and war started to spread in Major Asia, soon reaching Persia, Greece and Egypt. Finanly also the Roman population got infected by "the culture of war".

4.31 From then on the historical treasures, the finer arts and the old tradions of knowledge and culture got distorted and destructed. Finally the entire classical culture, such as the Egyptian, Greek and Roman got destroyed, - as did their liberaries, their olympics and their academies.

4.32 At the end of "The Bronze Age" we may see how Solon and Plato where of the only few who was still able to keep A MEMORY of the very roots of the classical Greek-Roman culture.

4.4 As the famous Caesar organised criminals and bred murderers ("solidiers") into a horrendous army, tyrrany and the culture of war also broke into Europe. Thus the classical Celtic culture was splintered, but it still took a millenium before the most "peaceful corner of the world"; Scandinavia, was conquerred.

4.5 By the 16th century the culture of death and destruction had accelrated to enormous dimensions as even "The New World" - "Terra Fortunate" - was to be raped, masacred and plundered. And, - as we all know - this most unfortunate of all cultures are still ruling major parts of our world.

5.0 Only in the most remote parts of the Northern Hemisphere where the substantial knowledge from Antiquety able to survive the last two milleniums massive destruction of civilisations and culture. But the complete and historical Saga of Humanitys ancient Antiquety was only kept in the Boxström Family - the last remaining descendents from the ancient "Kingdom of Vinland" (Finland). According to the legends refered to in a present article in Atlantis Rising - about the Spanish conquistador De Soto - this Old Vinland was the "sacred place" where "The Hall of Records" are to be found. See also: and look at the menu under: Leminkainen.

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