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News: Remains of ancient civilisation discovered on the bottom of a lake
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the Emerald Tablet of Thoth (Original Version)

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Author Topic: the Emerald Tablet of Thoth (Original Version)  (Read 20387 times)
Veronica Poe
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Bear Boyd

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Originally posted by Orion von Koch:
One does not need to tell a story, but one does need to think upon his own being (Know Thyself). I have been given the same story in my dreams. I never read this prior to today. I did not realize that I had been given data that exists elsewhere. There are strange things going on in this world at present and I am beginning to think that perhaps if we meditate and dream upon such may present itself as real. As I meditate upon the mounts of Texas I am seeing the ancient past in my mentality. Being an artist and creative writer, I know my mentality is massively full of these visions. Yet, from where do I get these impressions..Huh I do not know yet. But I have been directed to read Lubicz's Temple of Man and I have bought hundreds of books on Egypt trying to make heads or tails of these deep visions. I am no fool, but I do know something is going on in the background of my mind. I have prayed for the Wisdom of Solomon and feel as if I am being given that knowledge perhaps all the masters of our past are attempting to aid us in transcendent knowledge...who knows??? I do know that I have been somewhat afraid of the power that I am currently visualizing...Lubicz's words are frequenting my dreams now...meditation is getting stronger. If these things are happening to you, let me know. I feel something is coming down...I once did not believe it...I was preoccupied with myself. But lately I am becoming more altruistic and feel more in touch with this universe...It is so hard to put into words. I have seen things I know I never saw in my lifetime. There is a power out there and if one seeks, they will indeed find...the door is opening. The Gnostics were right...the body of this wisdom is there for us all...REASON (and the word was REASON)

I have not been able to put into words what you have just described. I have many books on Egypt myself and I've told my friend who is an Astrologer and psychic that I feel like I'm being guided to read these books. There are certain books that I've passed by but others the titles jump out at me. She says that what I am doing is my "remembering". I read the whole book but it's not always the whole book that I need. I get whatever information it holds and it sparks something in me. I have what I call waking mediation and sometimes things will come to me like the theory I posted about '"King Solomon's Temple" in Egypt?' No only do I think of these things before I've ever read them in any book but I also see the visions of this. In the book Tutankhamun Prophecies it talked about how the Egyptians not only believed in an afterlife but they also believed in a reincarnation. Because of this, they would leave a whole lot of information behind so that when the, did reincarnate, they would not have to start all over. The soul already knows but the information left helps bring it forth from the back of the mind. It may be quite possible that you've had a past life or two in ancient Egypt. I know I have just by how I reacted to seeing the famous bust of Nefertiti in the Egyptian Museum in Berlin, Germany. Let me know what you think.


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