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the Emerald Tablet of Thoth (Original Version)

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Author Topic: the Emerald Tablet of Thoth (Original Version)  (Read 14245 times)
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  posted 11-02-2004 02:11 PM                       
Peter wrote:
"I used to believe in them. I used to believe in Atlantis. Heck, I used to believe I had a past life in Atlantis and was a devout follower of Cayce, et al. "

Wow Peter you were really wacked out, huh.

"I was honest enough to change my mind and disregard those beliefs when I came across contradictory evidence. That takes a lot of desire to find the truth, when you allow your belief system to be entirely transformed and switched around as the evidence comes in. "

and what makes you believe that your not just as wacked out now, just the flip side of the coin ...-overcompensation. Probably the key is balance and remember Thoth was the God of balance.

"And if new evidence came in, I would switch my belief system again."

You know something Peter, I believe you, Brig wrote something similar awhile ago, and yet, he still has no idea about spiritual reality. He is a fundamentalist X-tian and can't see beyond Paul's religion about Jesus into the higher spiritual reality of Jesus. It's understandable that you keep changing your belief system to conform to breaking news. A lot of people do that. Especially when you have a faulty belief system regarding reality, like Paul's, it is good to switch sides now and again. How long do you think it will be when you no longer have to switch your belief system of reality back and forth like a fart in a thunderstorm? Do you know of anything on this planet or elsewhere that can help you unify your belief system into a coherent reality which could possibly carry you through all the way to eternity? You could probably start with simple faith and move along to more enduring material, like truth. Thoth has that same ring of truth. I don't really know or care much about emeralds or what some person has coined for a phrase. The spiritual insight of the tablets, even if made of lead contains the real cosmic secret, even the Supreme. As far as the 12 year old goes, that is only a reflection of your own spiritual midgetness. If you keep up with this line of thinking, you will become smaller and smaller until you just aren't there anymore.

remember the bad witch from the east ...... I'm melting........ i'm melting.

And then Jesus went over to Philip, who, standing up, heard this message from his Master: "Philip, you have asked me many foolish questions, but I have done my utmost to answer every one, and now would I answer the last of such questionings which have arisen in your most honest but unspiritual mind. All the time I have been coming around toward you, have you been saying to yourself, `What shall I ever do if the Master goes away and leaves us alone in the world?' O, you of little faith! And yet you have almost as much as many of your brethren. You have been a good steward, Philip. You failed us only a few times, and one of those failures we utilized to manifest the Father's glory. Your office of stewardship is about over. You must soon more fully do the work you were called to do--the preaching of this gospel of the kingdom. Philip, you have always wanted to be shown, and very soon shall you see great things. Far better that you should have seen all this by faith, but since you were sincere even in your material sightedness, you will live to see my words fulfilled. And then, when you are blessed with spiritual vision, go forth to your work, dedicating your life to the cause of leading mankind to search for God and to seek eternal realities with the eye of spiritual faith and not with the eyes of the material mind. Remember, Philip, you have a great mission on earth, for the world is filled with those who look at life just as you have tended to. You have a great work to do, and when it is finished in faith, you shall come to me in my kingdom, and I will take great pleasure in showing you that which eye has not seen, ear heard, nor the mortal mind conceived. In the meantime, become as a little child in the kingdom of the spirit and permit me, as the spirit of the new teacher, to lead you forward in the spiritual kingdom. And in this way will I be able to do much for you which I was not able to accomplish when I sojourned with you as a mortal of the realm. And always remember, Philip, he who has seen me has seen the Father."

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