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A Report by Andrew Collins
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The Otto Muck Hypothesis

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Author Topic: The Otto Muck Hypothesis  (Read 495 times)
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« on: April 10, 2008, 09:46:17 am »

At 8 p.m. on June 5th, 8498 BC, the core parts of Asteroid A punched the first decisive hole in the fracture zone of the Atlantic Ridge. The forces of hell were let loose. Thorough these two newly formed vents the glowing red-hot magma shot up at terrific speed and mixed with the liquid above it - the waters of the Atlantic. This created all the conditions for a submarine volcanic eruption of the greatest possible violence. The fracture seam was torn apart. The bottom of the sea burst open. All existing volcanoes were activated and new vents formed. Terrestrial fire and ocean water became embroiled in ever-increasing volume. Magma mixed with steam. The chain of fire ran all the way between the two continents from the Beerenberg volcano on Jan Mayen in the north to Tristan de Cunha in the south.

This rather dramatic description from the back of Otto Muck's book - The Secret of Atlantis - is based on his ideas about the causal relationship between isotherms and favorable climate in northwestern Europe, and the unobstructed flow of the Gulf Stream across the Atlantic. Muck tries to use this flow to make a case for the prior existence of a large body of land in the Atlantic whose subsidence changed the ocean currents and warmed the British Isles about 10,500 years ago, give or take a day or two. Based on a varied and interesting collection of hard data, Muck suggests that the submarine massif of the Azores was once above water and could have blocked and deflected the Gulf Stream, preventing the circulation of the warmer waters, and thus contributing to the freezing temperatures of the British Isles.

There are other solutions to the problem of the isotherms including current day research showing that this can result from global warming. While we don't deny that it's possible for such severe lithosphere disruption as Muck suggests to occur, and we aren't playing soft with the idea of mass destruction of species, it just seems that an event that would produce the sinking of so vast a body of land so completely would be an event from which absolutely nothing on the earth would survive.

Nevertheless, Otto Muck draws our attention to the meteor craters in the Carolinas. The Carolina bays are mysterious land features often filled with bay trees and other wetland vegetation. Because of their oval shape and consistent orientation, they are considered by some authorities to be the result of a vast meteor shower that occurred approximately 12,000 years ago. What is most astonishing is the number of them. There are over 500,000 of these shallow basins dotting the coastal plain from Georgia to Delaware. That is a frightening figure.

Let me repeat: there are over 500,000 of these shallow basins.

Unlike virtually any other bodies of water or changes in elevation, these topographical features follow a reliable and unmistakable pattern. Carolina Bays are circular, typically stretched, elliptical depressions in the ground, oriented along their long axis from the Northwest to the Southeast. [T]hey are further characterized by an elevated rim of fine sand surrounding the perimeter. []

Robert Kobres, an independent researcher in Athens, Georgia, has studied Carolina Bays for nearly 20 years in conjunction with his larger interest in impact threats from space. His recent, self-published, investigations have profound consequences for Carolina Bay study and demand research by academia as serious, relevant and previously unexamined new information. The essence of Kobres' theory is that the search for "debris," and the comparison of Bays with "traditional" impact craters, falsely and naively assumes that circular craters with extraterrestrial material in them are the only terrestrial evidence of past encounters with objects entering earth's atmosphere.
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il mio va Piano, sono Asino ?

« Reply #1 on: May 07, 2008, 09:37:54 am »


Dear. . . . . . . . ARCTURUS,

I am a great admirere of late Prof. OTTO- MUCK,
who although a rocket tecnician,
had insight in geo-topography as well
The series of 500.000  shallow meteorite impacts
the Carolinabays impacts from Georgea to Delawar,
may be continued on the other side of Earth, because
the same alignment of Impact-craters matches, in a former Sea-basin
occured on the Arabian peninsula likewise when it was filled
 with apparently fresh water.

 Grin These meteorite impacts may have occured simultaneously
but in different subsoils which accounts for the strange difference in timeline
determination difference and thus these meteorite impact-craters
may not be a cyclic repeated affair/occurence afterall. but distributed
 'Whole-Sale' each 50 odd years
In false tradition, the MOON is called the PHENIX or PHOENIX bird that
picks itselves every 500 years !

The overstatement of Plato 's Atlantis by  an obvious ten-fold may be
commonpractice we thus must resize Atantis
to find that it fits ADEN's port.

The Geological & Paleontological determind Time line of 10.000 or
8498  bc may be Bogus as a timeline for both the meteoric impacts

 and their connection with Atlantis demise.

Half of the Atlantologists have already agreed that 900 not 9.000 bc

is the demise of Atlantis, because a King  from historical Athens
reported this Demise of Atlantis.

This was King Cecrops whom' bribed empire-judgement beteen
Athena & Poseidon caused Poseidon  to want to smite MAN &
his own City that had changed loyality from him to Athena by
subterfuge which he coutered by commanding the SEA to cover

 the World( in Egypt this same feat was done by AMUN-Re
 who sent out his:" EYE" to destroy the wicked Humanity.

We knoe that The Eye of Re is a eufemism for the MOON,

 thus ASTARTE/ TIAMAT, and ATHARGATIS who are all accused

of beiing alternative names for the MoonGoddess are the one planet
called APHRODITE or DIONE-Nyssos who bumped Earth at the Hawaii-isles
and re emerged covered with Sea0Foam and was thus renamed Aphrodite
 or DIONe-NYSSOS.( which is the same as the Daughter of HELIOS called
ATON, or TYPHON/ Neus.

MOON collide with Earth TWICE and the Shallow Craters on Earth

were one satelites og the Moon, which was supposed to have been
born from Planet Venus and invisible cecause of the coating OF 

The two single occasions that MOON hit EARTH was during the

Conjuctions of Moon & Mars which still cases Springtide-Tsunamies,
on Earth

TITANO- MACHIA ( also named as the Flood of DEUKALION.)

occurred in 1055 bc and Giganto-Machia ( also the Great- Ogygos-Flood.)in 855 bc,

in 1075 and 955 also occurred minor Tsunamies called the " Floods/-Deluges
 of Phoroneus and the Deluge /cataclysm of Andromeda also during
King David's reign around 1005 bc a Cataclysm causing Pest or rather

asphixiation was caused by a mere Tsunami.

Around 1.000 bc, Earth's central axis,  stood still erect in the

plain of the Orbit around the Sun,.as the Miamar and Thailand
Tsunamies were raised by the Moon-impacts ,
But the Moon collides first in 1075 bc against Antartica

which caused the Earth's Oceans to Crack open
but as of yet the fresh-water mountain lakes stayed intact

but at the second Moon impact on hawaii, the tremor was that
resounding that there occured a global" QUARTERNAYE - LAKE- Burst

 supposedly in 8.000 bc but actually in 855 bc.(=date for  melting of Iceglaciers in America.)

King Salmanasser-3 was bussy at the time laying siege at ras- Aden
in South arabia when he was disturbed by White Elephants driving the
assyrian siege Soldiers from the waterfront, when they resited a huge

Tsunami destroyed the assyrian Army.

History does not tell anything of this only in India it was mentioned that
 LORD  SHIVA, was once bothered by" Flying"( rather Crying.)

 Elephants he clipped their wings and they became the Hymalaian Mountains.

RUDRA was the indian God that rode on White holi-Elephants called the

AIR-a-WATAR indicating that the Elephanty was always an aquatic animal

SHIVA is hailed as an Elephant kiler the Act of restoring Satrivi's guard ganesha,
with an passing by Elephant's HEAD only illustrades his aversion for the innercent
animal.  The holi-White Elephant was an Avata of the MOON, so naturally

Salmanasser-3 was convinced that they caused Earth-Quakes and Tsunamies
and had these " Beast/ Behemoth" of the APCALYSE murdered all 1.000
of them in ras -Aden

Paleontologists agree that the Elephant species called Elephas Maximus Asyrus

was suddenly mysterioully extinct around 855 bc.

Part iof the Tsunamies in 1055 & 855 bc may have come from
Freshwater Lake explosions

when Earth stood still momentarily the water did not and
splashed obver the vast Plain into the City of Atlantis.


Small wonder 99% of Atlantologists continue to locate Atlantis around the Atlantic Ocean.

which is wrong only because PLATO said the Ocean had a Side-Brance(+ Brazillo de Mer.)
or Braz de Mar.)which was named the Atlantic thus definitely not the Ocean itselve

which had another name.

Herodotus alread stated that the Mare- Eryreaeum was the very Sea of Atlas
called the OKEANOS-  OIKUMENES or the World Sea that surrounded,
 HORIZONTALLY around Earth so for once that cannot very well be the present ' Atlantic'

Moreover, Plato wrote Greek and Atlantis is clearly latin translation,
so guess what Plato's original Geo-name for Atantis was?

THETA-Land the same as the Hindu ATALA or PATALA the egyptian Lands of PTHA

PTHA again is PUT ( Butho.)& LUT or in Greek Phoenicia & Lebanon.
( Punt is the name of the original land of the Punicians which is present Yemen
then called ESCHERIA, that Odyseus visited calling it (E-)Scheria of the FAEACEANS or Punicians !)

THETA- Land's waterfront  shores were washed not by the Atlantic, but by the THETHYS- Sea,
 which  ( what every Marine-Oceanographer will corroberate )was the INDIAN- Ocean.

This means that all Atlantologfists were barking up the wrong tree
and that I have the dubious honour of having found the original Atlantis
(= Ad-Land or ras Aden-Crater.) whisdt beiing laughed at even ridiculed at
by the traditionally biased Atlantologists following Plato's Latinized( " original")text" Closely"

As is usual none of these 99% Atlantologists commented ( if they did )
favorably about my discovery

To summarize my " BlueHue" Hypotheses in a nutshell: Atlantis was THETA-Land
today Ras(= Isle-of)-Aden-Crater, and sunk twice in 1055 & 855 bc,
whilest on false-tradition, It was an pellagio-island realm sunken on

the Mid-Oceanic-Ridge in 9600 bc

I am sure like everybody else You will forget to comment on my Sub-Script !


Cry BlueHueCry  dd May-7- 2008
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( Blue's)THEORY, locating"original" Atlantis( in Aden-Yemen.)
1: ATLANTIS =Fake=Latin name, original Greek: ATHE(=a Region in Aden)
2: Atlantic-OCEAN=Greek: RIVER-of-Atlas+also" Known "World-OCEAN(=Red-Sea)
3: Greek-obsolete-Numeral 'X' caused Plato's Atlantisdate:9000=900
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