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Worst theories & books on Atlantis

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Author Topic: Worst theories & books on Atlantis  (Read 2168 times)
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The case for the Sea People being the sole basis for the Atlantis story is a weak one at best, built on circumstantial evidence and superficial similarities. It is not a new one, nor hardly original. Simply the fact that the Sea People have no legend of a cicular city does not in itself prove that there was no Atlantis. That is a faulty line of logic that implies that the Sea People were the sole basis for the Atlantis myth, and, as I have said, that case is circumstantial at best.
As I have seen already noted by others in previous threads I shall now paraphrase here:

(1.) Atlantis operated from a base clearly in the Atlantic, the Sea People were clearly from Asia Minor.

(2.) The limits to the Atlantean empire stretched from the Atlantic to the western Mediterranean, to the boundaries of Egypt and Tyrhennia, while the Sea People, if not controlled, at least made war with the eastern Mediterranean.

(3) In addition to the Egyptians, the Sea People also warred with the Hittites. There is no indication in the dialogues that Atlantis ever invaded what we call today as "the Middle East", let alone Turkey, in fact, the Atlantean territorial boundaries are clearly designated in Plato as up to Egypt and Tyrhennia.

Given that the time elapsed in the dialogues could well be incorrect, and that we cannot be certain that Plato actually meant "nine thousand years," 1250 b.c. is still of relatively recent origin for the tale to have taken place. This is around the same time as the Trojan War, and, as we know, we have several accounts of that.

I'll grant you there are some superficial similarities, but, as also has also no doubt been noted in earlier, both Santorini and Minoan Crete, even ancient Troy, for that matter, also share those certain similarities with Atlantis.

As for the story being told "verbatim," well, of course not, the descriptions of both Atlantis and ancient Athens are no doubt exaggerated to some extent. But since Plato makes a point to "underline" so to speak both the antiquity and location of Atlantis, we can be certain that he did not mean a people that existed in the eastern Mediterranean, not the western Mediterranean, nor hardly the Atlantic Ocean.

In addition, even if Greek records were sorely lacking on the history of the Sea People, Egyptian records were certainly not. They would not make such a great mistake as to place them in the Atlantic Ocean whilst they clearly came from the east. Nor would they gain any advantage by deceiving Solon of their origin, should the story of how Atlantis actually became known Solon actually have existed, of course. Of this, I can only refer to you to Helios' seemingly essential point regarding the "truth" of the story.

Any "homographs" built into the tale are, of course, in the eye of the beholder, but I remind you, gentlemen, that the original dialogues are lost and we are merely working from "translations of translations" at best. This leaves the work open to all manner of errors, both numerical and grammatical, and one can't even be certain of what they are seeing. We aren't even reading Plato's original words.

There is a thread on this forum entitled "Sea People" that, for me, at least, has much worthy information on it. I suggest that everyone who intends to champion the Sea People familiarize themselves with it as it might immediately clear up some common misconceptions regarding the origins of the Sea People.

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