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News: Remains of ancient civilisation discovered on the bottom of a lake
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Biblical Distortions in The Urantia Book

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Author Topic: Biblical Distortions in The Urantia Book  (Read 24124 times)
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« Reply #75 on: May 05, 2008, 06:27:38 am »

There seems some that agree with rapture and some that dont

I thought this was an interesting view point about rapture     

There seems to be mention of a secret rapture, I wonder if this is related to the ancient places since only a very few know about the places?

and here is another viewpoint that disagrees with rapture.     

All views and points raised are good points but I tend to feel there is a rapture that is very specific like this journey.

Im really wondering about this secret rapture thought, the activation that is not well known. The journey to the former things is a journey where either you believe or dont? and very few people will look into or have faith in it for that matter.

Its one of these journeys, you either believe it or not, maybe associated with the secret rapture so to speak as some/few people are speaking about.

It could be the activation of the secret rapture and appears to make sense to me. real sense but everything has to be tested.

But you have to make up your own mind and that's the beauty about this journey you are free to do so.

Jesus did say what has been hidden shall be revealed. Nothing will be kept hidden and that means the former things, the ancient places.

Here is some rapture thoughts from an Islamic researcher. He raises interesting points that seem contradictory with Bias to in some respects.     

The people who killed Jesus was not whole of Israel or all the Jews but the system of the ruling  Pharisees and the Sanhedrin at the time. I believe the religious adminstrators at that time where in it for self interest in the monoplolisation of religion and the temple currency!  The attitude was simply was an abomination as far as Jesus was concerned.  However, there where many that believed in Jesus' truth in Israel at the time.  The author of the video is generalizing to much and taking things out of prospective about the death of Jesus and who killed him.  It wasnt the whole nation but the religious power brokers at the the time.  In many senses its no different today where currency is monopolised to the point where this monopolisation enslaves man.   Modern slavery as what we have today in this world of the end times through compounding interest.

Many of the Jewish scholars today are beginning to see that Jesus is the Messiah and the Melchizedek is a Messiah as well.  They are both Messiahs where each helps the other in the quest of truth!

To me it clearly highlights that a correction of truth has to occur to correct all perceptions. I think this journey does it and is a stand alone journey but connected to all books. I believe its the demonstration!

It was good to hear the Islamic prospective and we should mindful of all things because there maybe some clues there to.

Note the triangle circle chevron in the last video!!! ahahaha

What a hint that is! Consider, where the author of the last video doesn't not realize the significance of the triangle/circle chevron symbol in this journey of symbolism connected to the submerged cities where truth meets symbol.

It seems to me that some thing new comes in the middle that does connect and makes all sense and touches the heart of all the truth in each religion.


Now here is an Islamic Video on the Last Mehdi which would be akin to the last messenger before Jesus comes to destroy Dajjal.

You will note that the interpretation of this is seen in a physical war like fashion which you would understand!

However from my prospective, in relation to the ancient former places I see the following interpretation as spiritual of truth uncovering truth. Where the truth from places swallow up in truth, false interpretations through a demonstration for all the countries where the ancient places are and verified.  Actual change comes from these places where people follow the truth in a spiritual sense abandoning war.

In truth the Last Mehdi is not a physical war or army but a truth army from Paradise/Kingdom of heaven and demonstrates itself in truth which does actually conquer in truth!     

I might listen more to these videos as they informs of what other religions see and maybe we can find more clues looking from our prospective of the former places.

Mind you the last battle is around the 1Eden area within the triangle of truth.

I see many commonalities here and its all comes from these countries.

In the following video he speaks of a faction from Christianity that joins the Mehdi army.

To me this may point to this journey where this stand alone truth unites Islamic people and Christianity alike. Ive said this before. But I dont think its a physical battle but a spiritual battle of enlightenment that change the minds of people and circumstance. Where the message of the truth vanquishes false ideas like terrorism and other spiritual and physical illegal acts.

I think the truth is spiritual and physical. Its a battle of truth that comes from an independent source like Paradise in the middle of two religions that forms a unity where Christians and Islamic join the army of truth and do conquer through enlightenment and truth and dont go to war physically.

That's my thought     

Interesting videos though and many clues that I feel verify the journey!

Personaly, I think the Mehdi is a person who embraces the Urantia Book and all the Books of religion in finding the ultimate truth and Seventh Mystery through discovery and truth.

Thats my view whilst on the journey to the places of the Ancients.

And here is the characteristics of the Last Mehdi


and another Video which I thought interesting to!     

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