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Biblical Distortions in The Urantia Book

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Author Topic: Biblical Distortions in The Urantia Book  (Read 24552 times)
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« Reply #60 on: April 27, 2008, 08:10:37 pm »

Praise the Lord Elmer, thank you for your words of encouragement for me in this great almighty journey of truth and discovery of mankind.  I am touched and feel blessed, this is what brotherhood of the body of Jesus is all about and this precise friendship within the body that will be successful in the end times. 

Working for the Father in friendship all together fulfilling roles of soughts with truth, beauty and goodness ever coming closer to the final consummation of truth with all the books opened with there contribution.  From all the prophets of old and to our day having there role. 

Everything else might seem overwhelming but the peace in this journey of truth and discovery is beyond words and to me it is a manifestation of the Father.

I believe all the ancient cities are highways of truth that met there final confirmation in the Great Pyramid built by Imhotep.    We are witness to the linking symbolism with understanding on a journey before the altar of the Lord and of the Father in the Kingdom of Heaven. 

There are many preservation schemes being undertaken at this time but the preservation scheme of the Father is a scheme open to all in faith and Jesus provided the answer to success in this, in the beforehand in the journey to great Seventh Mystery in my view, from my personal experience in this documentation.

I believe we are all being lifted into new and great heights supping of the high pastures.  Like in Switzerland ahahahah!

Anyway I think this is a beautiful journey of the highest degree and I feel that many things have been fulfilled scripturally and through extended information throughout out the books related.  I must say The Urantia Book was invaluable to the journey and it did begin with the Urantia Book but in a sense in the first instance it started with the Bible, through proverbs when I used to read it at the age of 8 or 9 and wanted then to be the wisest man on earth and I remember that, those times reading all the proverbs, Psalms and Ecclesiastes  and attempting to apply then in my daily life at school.  OH but then I lost my way somewhere! ahaha but always kept in touch with God throughout the life journey at various times.

And you know what!!  If all being true and correct in the witness of the uncovering the revealing the former ages and if I'm right with the Seventh mystery attached then I would have to be a wise man in this time and mind you Still learning!  ahahah!.  What a journey! and the Father pulled through 100% that all stemmed from those early childhood years of just me the bible and the Father with the angels, already then.  So you see it came and began from the prophets of old from the Great Bible and glory be Eh!  from the Lord in the Bible and the spirit from within.  Later one I went through Bible college at various times keeping in touch with the Melchizedek and Jesus truth of Old and of New.

Only to find the Urantia Book and that explains, from my life experience why I could understand the urantia Book really well, it resonated deep down within me.  I feel my heart click on straight away, I read it without stopping it took me six weeks.  It was one of the greatest times of my life! and that occurred on the Western Pacific on a fishing boat called the M/V Adriatic Sea in the Western Pacific its interesting there is a Dalmatia province in the Adriatic Sea.  How about that for twist!  That year we caught more fish than any year and broke records.  I remember flying, circling around fish thinking about the UB and what I was reading and hearing within me and saying to myself Jesus' words "today a fisherman of fish and tomorrow and fisherman of men" and that is true!  Glory be and great blessing to all the fishermen I worked with, they were all good people.

Its beautiful.  When I come to the part of the ancient places and read about 1stEden in the UB on the boat, I just wanted to discover 1stEden.  Under a full moon light night on the flight deck I wondered about about the ancient places and desired to find the places, already then.  I remember my dedication to find it on that night of realisation and as it happened I got involved over time, another story I provided a service to the journey to 1stEden.  What a blessing!  Glory be to the Father. Praise the Lord for his grandness.

And look where we are! at the end of the great journey in connecting symbolism that lead us to the shaft in the queens chamber to a seal on the plug with understanding in relation to the previous cities of the past.   A journey in the books that began on 2003 thats very same period the Book discovery of Atlantis was released and the first of this record began on the first expedition when simultaneously I was doing a presentation a UB conference linking Plato and the UB and other Books like Enoch to 1stEden.

It was a fine presentation and you know there was something happening in the room, I could feel it while I was talking, simultaneously Robert Sarmast was on the radio presenting himself about the about his book.  It was a simultaneous event about the one place.  I feel the high level representatives of heaven where there in there own way.  Afterwards some people was speking about how to get more readership I mentioned that all will unfold in a mystery, even then.  I didn't know how though as its a journey of faith and faith building!  Thats the demonstration of faith and the Father on the run!  He will reveal on the run causing it to happen through circumstance as seen in the beforehand!

I believe the Victory is ours, today....right now! We have won in truth and found truth! and it led to all the books in understanding with the guidance of the Messiahs of Jesus and the Melchizedek.

The witness of the journey regarding domains and public began around 2005-09 .  I wonder if we are in the  a thousand two hundred and threescore days of the witness??  or if this related to the witnesses?  All I know there is nothing like this on the planet!

Also one of the witnesses must be unto a witness in the midst of Egypt.  As the Great Pyramid involves a witness and and an altar like a dedication.  Could be one and the same witness??  Interesting connection.

According to my calculation based on 2005-09 1230 days takes us to 3rd month 09 around about, but it could be forward to! 

Ah just a thought!

Have we come to the final conclusion to the mystery early? or are we in the right time frame?  The test is in the time to come and its good that we can test these things and see for ourselves in our own perception of truth.

All blessings
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