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News: Ruins of 7,000-year-old city found in Egypt oasis
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Biblical Distortions in The Urantia Book

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Author Topic: Biblical Distortions in The Urantia Book  (Read 26192 times)
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« Reply #105 on: January 23, 2009, 03:18:11 pm »

Well Ive been thinking about this project and where to go.

It could be that judgment is with us soon or maybe Judgment is postponed as Father wants me and a crew to go and do a expedition/s to Dalamatia City to prove the matter in the verification. Perhaps he wants me to verify all I have said on these threads in the demonstration.

Maybe the Father wants me to go through this experience as a learning experience of faith and trust in him and his guidance. To go out in the physical experience and see for myself, to live what I have been saying.   We know we have discovered the location of the first city spiritually and in the research but now the father wants to take us there....himself and with all the Angels.

Well if that is to happen, funds have to be raised for a project like this. This fundraising exercise would have to provide an opportunity for all to become part of the project.

Like the raising funds in the production of the UB, funds received by the project have to encompass all man in the opportunity of faith and not by one entity funding it. Its a Jesus/mankind project.

The fund could run by an association but there will be one person signing the cheques as I have seen to many accountants rip off companies to its death knell and I dont trust very many people with money as they dont have Jesus in their hearts and are susceptible to temptation of theft and all the other ugly things that come with it.

I suppose the fund would have to accumulate funds until its ready to fully finance a 2 week expedition with all the facilities available including the production and with all the permissions.

The fund would have certain investment levels to cater for the larger and smaller investor offering a standard return which would be based on scale dependant on the receipts in the Box office.  Equal return, equal opportunity.

I was thinking the highest return would be 100% return on a scale, why not. Double the investment in the best circumstances.

I was thinking that the project would have 3 main components.

The current project, future expeditions and a social program.

The current project would involve current production and expedition to Dalamatia City and an 3rd expedition to 1stEden to firm up the other anomalies that can be seen and do match to what is written in the Urantia Book. The production and presentation would be a joint presentation of 2 cities running down through the timeline in truth and the presenting the evidence. The Van highland can also be included and much information has already been gifted to the brothers of Shirvan to go and have look in the initial phase to see if the anomalies to actually exist.

Really speaking the presentation will about the Journey of the Tree of life through 3 locations, 2 submerged and one above water. In effect it could be about the adventures of Van and Amadon throughout the ages walking through the location of the ages.

Why Robert Sarmast could go to 1stEden in a 3rd expedition and I myself to Dalamatia City virtualy simultaneously and both to Van highland...maybe perhaps!!  Any combination could work.  The pres would be about the past, present and future destiny.

The presentation in Hindu prophecy would be the Tipura where the 3 cities of truth become one in the presentation and as we walk through these cities.

I would say that would be the main presentation, the presentation of the 3 cities and the journey to them knowing that the on the run document of the journey is available for all to read for free at all times.  Seeing it in the manifestation as it happened!

I believe the receipt from this in the Box office would be massive which would provide funds for the 2 other component funds.

Once all is fulfilled with the investors and associated production companies the rest of the receipts can be channeled into the future expeditions fund where monies are accumulated for future expeditions and presentations such as a 2 week expedition to Dilmun and the Tower of Babel and perhaps an expedition to 1stSusa and highlight the ancient Andite paths even to South America and through to the Great Pyramid  to the ancient man on the plug following the symbols.

Simultaneously, monies can be channeled to fund a social program such as the Free School idea where the poor are taught the basics of civilisation for free and where the older teach the younger throughout the world raising the spirit of Dalamatia City in its original function.  Also I would like open an Sevenfold institute of learning and research where all the books of religion are blended together in research and study and guided by the UB information, a place where individual religionists can study freely in an open environment and seek out the truth of the matter.  Also I would finance all the translations of the UB book.

In all the while investment can also be made to produce free energy devices for poor civilizations in order to create food, have clean water and have shelter with free energy.

As for me I want to pay of debt, secure the bunker, continue the on the run research and go to all these places through expeditions and verify the truth before the advent of judgment, if it comes to pass in our day.

It is a good experience to live by faith without any security relying on the Father.  It is a good thing for any to man at least once on his life to go through an experience like that, to live by faith and with the Angels in faith.  However, in this journey things will have to change in order to fulfill the ultimate goal of this journey in the physical as I am unable to do anything at this stage.

If judgment is to be postponed or put back until this journey is fully fulfilled then things have to move rapidly in this direction of fulfilling in the physical. 

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