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Biblical Distortions in The Urantia Book

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Author Topic: Biblical Distortions in The Urantia Book  (Read 26223 times)
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« Reply #105 on: January 22, 2009, 02:51:15 am »

I believe the birth of Jesus was August 21st 07BC

sevens, how do you figure this date for the birth of Christ?  Even proponents of a date that differs with Christmas put his birthdate in the spring, at best.

Don't you feel that you might be committing a sacrilege by celebrating a different date?

25th Dec.... Jesus' so called birthday comes from the Mithraic religions before Jesus was born.  Mithra was born on this date.

The Catholic church just switched Mithra's Birthdate to the birth of Jesus when it became Christian.  St Peters Basilica was a Mithra temple before it became Christian.

The Urantia Book

The adherents of this cult worshiped in caves and other secret places, chanting hymns, mumbling magic, eating the flesh of the sacrificial animals, and drinking the blood. Three times a day they worshiped, with special weekly ceremonials on the day of the sun-god and with the most elaborate observance of all on the annual festival of Mithras, December twenty-fifth. It was believed that the partaking of the sacrament ensured eternal life, the immediate passing, after death, to the bosom of Mithras, there to tarry in bliss until the judgment day. On the judgment day the Mithraic keys of heaven would unlock the gates of Paradise for the reception of the faithful; whereupon all the unbaptized of the living and the dead would be annihilated upon the return of Mithras to earth. It was taught that, when a man died, he went before Mithras for judgment, and that at the end of the world Mithras would summon all the dead from their graves to face the last judgment. The wicked would be destroyed by fire, and the righteous would reign with Mithras forever

Sounds like the Doctrine and Dogma of Christianity would you say.  Emanating out of Mithra.

Christianity should really review itself and its origins of its Doctrines and Dogmas. I can see where the compromises of Paul lay in his making of his brand of Christianity more acceptable to the Mithra congregation. The same things that Christianity has inherited to day in there presentation today.

This is precisely why much Christian Doctrine and Dogma thoughts can be wrong.  Because it, in truth came from Mithra and the Mithra thought is a degeneration of the truth....ultimately, going back in time. "This sun-god, or Sol Invictus, was a degeneration of the Ahura-Mazda deity concept of Zoroastrianism"  Christianity in theology have big roots in Zoroastrianism going back 600BC.  Now you know where the notion of Hell came from and Good and Evil and the doctrine of Judgment and the Saviour!  The intercessor and so forth!


and this

3. The Zoroastrian conception of the struggle between cosmic good and evil, which had already left its imprint on both Judaism and Mithraism. Through prolonged contact attendant upon the struggles between Mithraism and Christianity, the doctrines of the Iranian prophet became a potent factor in determining the theologic and philosophic cast and structure of the dogmas, tenets, and cosmology of the Hellenized and Latinized versions of the teachings of Jesus.

and this

4. The mystery cults, especially Mithraism but also the worship of the Great Mother in the Phrygian cult. Even the legends of the birth of Jesus on Urantia became tainted with the Roman version of the miraculous birth of the Iranian savior-hero, Mithras, whose advent on earth was supposed to have been witnessed by only a handful of gift-bearing shepherds who had been informed of this impending event by angels.

All food for thought and reflection for Chrsitianity to know the truth of there Origins of Faith and time for correction.

And this

6.The personal viewpoint of Paul of Tarsus. And it should be recorded that Mithraism was the dominant religion of Tarsus during his adolescence. Paul little dreamed that his well-intentioned letters to his converts would someday be regarded by still later Christians as the "word of God."    Such well-meaning teachers must not be held accountable for the use made of their writings by later-day successors .

There is no escape from this post except for denial.  But would that be denying the Holy Spirit in light of the truth???

Like I said there is no escape from truth in this post regarding much of the Doctrine and Dogmas of Christianity!! including all there wild, wayward doctrines upon doctrine upon Dogma institutions including all there evolutionary rituals and so forth.

This is the plummet line of truth!  being layed down!

And the real hard truth about the religion of Christianity today in its portrayal

As the original teachings of Jesus penetrated the Occident, they became Occidentalized, and as they became Occidentalized, they began to lose their potentially universal appeal to all races and kinds of men. Christianity, today, has become a religion well adapted to the social, economic, and political mores of the white races. It has long since ceased to be the religion of Jesus, although it still valiantly portrays a beautiful religion about Jesus to such individuals as sincerely seek to follow in the way of its teaching. It has glorified Jesus as the Christ, the Messianic anointed one from God, but has largely forgotten the Master's personal gospel: the Fatherhood of God and the universal brotherhood of all men

It has long since ceased to be the religion of Jesus,

but has largely forgotten the Master's personal gospel: the Fatherhood of God and the universal brotherhood of all men

Gee Christianity should be in full humbled repentance right now!!

But there to arrogant to look at themselves.  To self blinded and self absorbed with there Mithra Dogma and Christmas Presents.

In this case who is doing the sacrilege

Not me but those of the Christian/Mithra Faith!!!!! in actual truth!!!

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