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News: Ice Age blast 'ravaged America'
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The Russians' Findings

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Author Topic: The Russians' Findings  (Read 11116 times)
Mark of Australia
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« Reply #15 on: March 25, 2007, 01:07:22 am »

I suppose he did not agree with the findings on Ampere seamount.. I guess not all Russians agree with it ,just like not every Spaniard believes the Georgeos theory ,but then....Georgeos is Brazilian isn't he ??
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« Reply #16 on: March 25, 2007, 08:09:39 pm »

Actually, I believe that Georgeos is Cuban, Mark.

Thank you, Helios.

That would be wonderful, as I don't really recall the pictures, at all;
that goes to show how long I have had the book......

Being on this Forum, I have found myself, as never before, to be pull-
ing out just about everything I have regarding whatever is being dis-
cussed.  And, believe me, I have so much, in spite of getting rid of
about 200 books before I moved here, almost seven years ago......

Love and Peace,

Well, I'm afraid this is going to diappoint Qoais.  At first this weekend, I seem to have misplaced the book. Two shelves of books devoted entirely to the subject of Atlantis, and it wasn't among them.  I used to use the book all the time - not for Berlitz's text, which is, at times a bit speculative, but for the pictures and accounts he cited.

Well, the good news is that I found the book, but when I went to turn on the computer that I have the scanner hooked up to, I found out that the hard drive had failed on it. I'm afraid I will have to get a new computer before I am able to do any scanning on the internet. I have a Mac, unfortunately, it doesn't work with the scanner.

Anyway, I am looking at the pictures, and there really isn't that much to see. They are so dark and vague it's no wonder that there hasn't been much follow up on it, I hope that there are better pictures than this someplace.
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"This power came forth out of the Atlantic Ocean, for in those days the Atlantic was navigable; and there was an island situated in front of the straits called the Pillars of Heracles; the island was larger than Libya and Asia put together..."
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« Reply #17 on: March 25, 2007, 09:10:11 pm »

That's a shame, Helios.  I'm going to try Google to see what comes up.

Wish me luck!

Love and Peace,
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Your mind understands what you have been taught; your heart what is true.
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« Reply #18 on: March 26, 2007, 10:59:03 am »

Thanks for going to so much trouble guys.  Sorry about your computer Helios.  That's a bummer.  My screen just died too, and had to get a new one.  I think Riven is still the closest in theory to where the Atlanteans had their land  - all across the northern parts and down to Spain.  It would make sense as the tribes split up and there were only so many warm places to go as the ice melted.
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An open-minded view of the past allows for an unprejudiced glimpse into the future.

Logic rules.

"Intellectual brilliance is no guarantee against being dead wrong."
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« Reply #19 on: March 26, 2007, 08:15:02 pm »

Bianca, I just ran across this from my old thread. The original link has vanished, but luckily I managed to copy the text before it did.  There were no pictures from the site anyway.

My post:

This is more information on the Russian discoveries of Atlantis, though still no pictures:

Soviet Case for Atlantis

On the 27th of March 1979, the Soviet vessel, of oceanographic research, "Vityaz" was found at the delta of the Portugeuese river Tago. During the same night journalists from all over the country and abroad, would listen to Dr. Ascenov's scientific announcements regarding the results of their research in the Atlantic.
After the necessary introduction to the journalists, the Soviet oceanologist announced some peculiar results regarding their research within the Atlantic ocean.

" In an Area that is located 900 kilometers off the Portuguese shores, an underwater plateau was identified, with strange formations. The plateau is on top of an underwater mountain. After extensive research and based to the measurements of our scientific equipment, we have identified possible ruins of a submerged city. We clearly identified destroyed walls and gigantic stairs. And although all these items are covered with loads of marine plants, we managed to take clear photos of the area. The photos are showing symmetrical stone constructions, staircases and other remains. All this material will be sent to Moscow for further analysis".
this short announcement, the soviet scientists revealed to the journalists, that they could have probably found Atlantis.
The Soviet vessel continued its mission searching the oceanic floor west of Madeira.

Close to this area there is an underwater mountain called "Amber". Five years later, in 1984 when the Soviet scientists concluded their research, they announced that "Amber" mountain, once was an island that was eventually submerged without giving any more information.

In September of the following year (1985) "Pravda" reported that the Soviets had pulled out of the ocean, from a depth of 4,500 meters a strange piece of marble. This discovery was made by another Soviet vessel: "Academic Boris Petrov". This new finding, puzzled the scientists.
The marble artifact's sides were smoothened. Its color was yellowish. Its schema betrayed artificial origin. The Soviet scientists mentioned that it was definitely man-made. By chemical analysis they produced palaeochronology results, showing that this piece of marble was lying at the bottom of the ocean for thousands of years (the experimental procedure unfortunately was not published).

The leading scientist of the Soviet Academy of Science, Leo Chitrov declared that he would personally head the research for the chemical analysis of the find. Since then, the Soviet Academy never announced anything regarding the results.


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« Reply #20 on: March 26, 2007, 08:20:50 pm »

Here is an interview with one of the Russian scientists who visited the Ampere Seamounts in the 1980's. Apparently, they have been there in 1974, 1978, 1984 and 1986. That's a lot of visits, and the information in the article seems to correspond with the recent interest in the area of the ocean just to the east. I read a quote from Dr. Maxine Asher's website where she also says that there are "four sunken cities in the area just to the west of Gibraltar."

Searching for the Lost Continent
07/09/2003 16:45

Russian scientist believes, Atlantis lies between Gibraltar and the Azores.
Doctor of Geology and Mineralogy, professor Alexander Gorodnitsky has recently celebrated his 70th birthday.  This is a world-known scientist from the Russian Institute of Oceanology. Alexander Gorodnitsky is also known in Russia as a poet and a song writer.
Alexander Gorodnitsky chaired the laboratory of the marine geophysics at the Arctic Geology Research Institute in Leningrad. He took part in a lot of expeditions in various areas of the World Ocean, he explored the ocean at the depth of five kilometers in underwater vehicles. He was the first scientist in the world to calculate the lithosphere power. The professor published more than 260 scientific works, including eight studies about the geology and geophysics of the ocean floor.

You wrote a song about Atlases, you read books about Atlantis. What is it: a return to the old romantic hobby, or something more serious?

It is probably both. Vyacheslav Kudryavtsev, Director of the Metahistory Institute, believes, there is a mouth of an ancient river on the continental slope to the south-west of the British Isles. Kudryavtsev thinks, an ancient town might have existed on the banks of the river too. He is determined to go there to explore that place. There is no actual evidence to prove that supposition, but a theory says that the Greenland ice melted in the beginning of the historic time, and the Gulf Stream made it to the north. The continent with such a beautiful name - Atlantis - was flooded as a result of the ocean level change. It seemed to be very interesting to me, especially after we came across a strange construction under the water - it looked like the ruins of an ancient city.

We have all necessary equipment at our disposal at the Oceanology Institute: we have underwater probes and vehicles, which allow to submerge to the depth of the ocean. We have already developed the project of the mission, freighted a ship, we have even obtained a permission from the UK. We just need $200,000 for the expedition, but Russian sponsors have refused to help us.
Why breaking a lance - a lot of people believe that there is no Atlantis at all, because there has not been any evidence found to prove the existence of the ancient continent.

The absence of findings is not supposed to be the base to say no to further attempts and works. It simply testifies to the low level of the research. About 15 years ago scientists found a proof that a large ancient civilization used to exist - the huge Hittite Kingdom.

I think that the lost continent is situated somewhere between Gibraltar and the Azores. In 1984 and 1986 our expedition was working on the slopes of Mount Ampere, when we found very strange constructions at the depth of only 100 meters - they looked like rooms and walls. I submerged to see that myself, made some sketches. Other geologists drew alters or walls - that was what they had seen, we could not take any photographs at that time. At first it seemed to me that those rooms and walls had been created by the nature, but the rooms were equal in size. The human psychology is organized very specifically: if someone had said that professor Gorodnitsky found the lost continent, no one would have believed such a message.

Yes, it is true, but there were a lot of other scientists, who were trying to find Atlantis, Jacques Yves Cousteau, for example.

It was Cousteau, who explored the sea floor around Santorin volcano and found the ruins of an ancient state there. A lot of people believed that it was Atlantis. However, such a point of view contradicted to Plato's words, who said that Atlantis was situated on the other side of Pillar of Hercules. From the point of view of the modern geology, I dare to prove that the underwater mountain chain between Gibraltar and the Azores is the lost continent. Canaries and Green Cape islands are the last peaks of Atlantis.
Atlas stands next to Pillar of Hercules, which means that ancient people had reasons for that. Of course, it would be ridiculous to think that we will find a golden statue or ruins of ancient towns. Any expedition has a chance to be a success, because there is always an opportunity to discover something new. If we manage to prove that Europe used to spread far behind the Pyrenees, it will change the perception of the human history. In addition to it, it is a great chance for Russian scientists to discover Atlantis!

Scientists say, the angle of inclination of the axis of the equator is changing, which will eventually make continents collide with each other. The collision will cause a monstrous earthquake, the land will sink under the water, tsunamis will flood practically everything. What is your attitude to such forecasts?

They are nonsense. The stability of continent plates tectonics is determined with endogenous (internal) factors. As far as the Earth's axis is concerned, one may not worry about it for the coming 100,000 years. It will remain as it is now and will not cause an earthquake that would be capable of destroying continents.

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Mark of Australia
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« Reply #21 on: March 26, 2007, 08:35:11 pm »

I had read about this and what baffles me is why we haven't heard about any expeditions in that region for 20 years now .

And what about America ?  In one article I read that an American expedition found something around Ampere in the late 70's -early 80's.Then silence.. I am suspicious of that .
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« Reply #22 on: March 26, 2007, 09:31:39 pm »


Check our WELCOME thread.  In #109 Rocky alludes to an article.  I checked on it
but it was from a tabloid claiming the Navy found it in 1972.

I have heard many rumours to that effect over the years, and in tabloids.  But
nothing ever comes out.  Just like UFOs.  Who knows and, worse, who is going
to tell the truth.  I also heard that Custeau himself found Atlantis and was shut
up by the US Govt.  I heard that from Sylvia Brown, a very popular TV psychic,

But I will go out on a limb and make a "prophecy" that I was going to put as an
answer to you in the thread by the same name.  This is as good a place as any.

For the past couple of weeks I have had a persistent, strong feeling that Atlantis
is on the verge of being found.  But, unfortunately, it may not be for me to see it.
(I am going to be 70 years old in July).

No, contrary to common belief, I am not "religious", although I have a large amount
of spirituality, instead - at least I like to think so.  Also, some very good prophets
(those that can foretell future events) are in reality not only not "religious" or even
"spiritual", but are downright nasty human beings!  But that's another story, we'll
have to discuss it in Reincarnation and Karma.........

Love and Peace,
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Your mind understands what you have been taught; your heart what is true.
Mark of Australia
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« Reply #23 on: March 26, 2007, 10:45:24 pm »

Oh WOW  ,that info from 'rocky' is awesome ,I have to get that book !! 

when I was looking for that post ,I didn't use the number of it ,,so I was looking for 'rocky' ..hmm I don't know any rocky

Ohhh  rock !  ,of course   Roll Eyes 

I have been thinking that the Americans and possibly the Russians have probably found Atlantis ,it's a worry that they would keep it secret.But if a military vessel finds it I guess they have to go through the usual procedure and wait til it can be declassified in the appropriate amount of time...Still ,you would think they could make an exception for something like Atlantis.
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« Reply #24 on: March 26, 2007, 11:14:46 pm »

I asked Greg Little once if he knew anything about the 1973 Jeremy Horwick Atlantis/U.S. sub incident.  I didn't expect much to it as it came from the Weekly World News (which also publicizes "Bat Boy").  To my surprise, he said he heard they actually found something, but wouldn't elaborate.

There was another incident, near the Azores that happened in 2001.  It was overlooked at the time because of September 11th and also the Cuba finding, but it sounds, if anything, even more sensational:

As for the subject of a possible discovery off the Azores Islands
in the Atlantic, here was the first item that I saw in my issue. You can read
the exact version at as to
"U.S. Navy Atlantis Cover-up?" on p.36.

It seems a dispatch was put out from the mid-Atlantic and passed
on via William Donato who is President of The Atlantis Organization. This was
September 7th, 2001. A team was about 250 miles SW of the Azores. They had
some very high tech instruments which included underwater devices. They
were researching a 90 kilometer ledge. Why? Because these items were
"spotted" (I am unsure of the exact terminology depending on what devices were used).
They found a temple supported by 9 pillars(3 feet in diameter). The
pillars supported a flat roof of 20 feet x 30 feet wide. Remains of 5 circular
canals, along with bridges. And 4 rings of structures like the centrally
located temple. Location is approximately in 2800 feet in the Mid-Atlantic
ridge. At the moment it seems to be stable. They tried sending photos but
were jammed either inadvertantly or on purpose by several military ships
which carried a US flag. The dispatch notes their research ship was there
on a special research project for Spain. Finally they were chased off by the
military ship/ships. Mountains are said to rise within 300 feet of the
surface also in this vicinity. Using sonar, they tried following the ridge
west, but slowly towards the south. It is believed they may connect with a
shelf near Hispaniola and heads to Cuba.

Another ship tried tracking the ridge towards England or to its
East. However, the military ships seem to be doing maneuvers, but as if
they are trying to prevent the research.

NOW, awhile back, some updated information came to me, and they
wanted to remain anonymous due to governmental interference. So I guess
the best thing to do is make up a name to refer to them for future reference.
As much as I hate to, I guess some steps are necessary to protect others. And
I would not want to be the one to cause problems for them or endanger them.
So we will refer to him as AnonyMous, which will make it easy for me to

AnonyMous has shared some items on the Azores "find", but in brief
& very quickly. So my notes may not be complete. But the story I was given
goes like this. AnonyMous explained he was not on any of the ships when
the discovery was made, but calls them colleagues. And his information is
direct from them. Just like in the article, a Bathoscope was one item used. The
complex(my term here) consists of about 30 to 40 structures, and they seem
to be uncannily preserved. The "settlement"(his term) is about 2200 feet
deep which is about the same as Cuba's find. There are "rounds" or
circles, and on one end there seems to be a harbor, sort of like Plato's

Elsewhere recently, about 5 islands have surfaced 250 miles SW of
the Azores. However, this does occur frequently in the Atlantic. Here
today, gone tomorrow. Perhaps.... Time will tell.

At night they noticed something most unusual. It appears as if the
bottom is moving. It seems to rise 35 to 40 feet. I am not sure, but I
think it stabilized, bit I might be wrong.

They have retrieved a few pieces. Even though underwater for a
very long time, the Carbon-14 testing reveals a time which places it back in
the 10,000 BC era or 12,500 years back era. One plate (possible plaque) had
very strange pictographs on it. But it seems different from anything we know of
in today's time.

Further on the circles, there are 9 circles joined & separated. 3
Circles open to a Causeway.

In the middle of the complex, what appears to be a giant crystal
either 40 or 400 feet across(my notes have a contradiction as to if the
second zero was there). There is a huge 30 meter high statue that is
intact. Who knows, it may even be of Poseidon. Time will tell.

I have a note about the odd weight of one piece, but unsure of
what the oddity was. One pioece was tested with a laser, but it did nothing to
it. The material is not like anything we have today.

And AnonyMous wonders just why the government is trying to
suppress this find. Is it due to power, money, superiority, or just what. I was
informed that not only were there US Navy ships, but British ones as well,
and I think another countries if not mistaken. There is no question the
research ships were prevented from doing any more, as it was deliberate,
not just due to practice maneuvers. But the crew(s), as well as others, have
been threatened to turn over their find. However, nobody has given up the
data or the location of the find.

He named a few agencies of the US involved, such as CIA(Central
Intelligence Agency) & DIA(Defense Intelligence Agency), and of course the
Navy. These were the main 3 agencies that have kept this find suppressed.

He was afraid that if the government got the data, this find will
never be brought forth into the public's eye(into the community was his
thoughts) and into the scientific world. In other words, they want it out
in the open & want everything to be handled scientifically to document
everything. Their query is what we all want, to know of our past so that
we can face the future & not make the same mistakes.

I guess I'll end it here, except AnonyMous noted that Paulina and
those involved in the Cuba find have also been threatened if not being
suppressed. I have known of the CIA threatening researchers in the
Carribean concerning finds for a couple of years now. An archaeologist told me some
of the goings on behind the scenes. You would be amazed as to how far the CIA
has infiltrated the Atlantis researchers It is sad that such a thing

Now before anybody thinks I am into promoting a bunch of
conspiracies, I assure you, I am not. My hopes are that the researchers
will some day be free of interference & suppression so that we might find the
truth of our existence, or I should say our distant past reaching out to
our far future.
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This power came forth out of the Atlantic Ocean. But afterwards there occurred violent earthquakes and floods; and in a single day and night of misfortune all your warlike men in a body sank into the earth, and the island of Atlantis in like manner disappeared in the depths of the sea.
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« Reply #25 on: March 26, 2007, 11:22:31 pm »

If any story was covered up, it was that one, which just disappeared after it's intitial appearance. 

So we have three stories of undersea ruins in the Mid-Atantic:

the Jeremy Horwick/1973 U.S. Navy incident
the various Russian visits to the Ampere Seamounts'
the 2001 report near the Azores

All unconfirmed, and yet none totally ruled out!  Could be that we are a lot closer to finding Atlantis than we think, or that we have already found it, just that powers that be are being quiet about it.
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This power came forth out of the Atlantic Ocean. But afterwards there occurred violent earthquakes and floods; and in a single day and night of misfortune all your warlike men in a body sank into the earth, and the island of Atlantis in like manner disappeared in the depths of the sea.
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« Reply #26 on: March 26, 2007, 11:54:05 pm »

Hi, Desiree:

One more:  check out  in the "theory etc. category".  Toward the bottom you'll
find CHARLES BERLITZ- Ruins in the Bermuda Triangle.  When the new 'Atlantic
in the Atlantic" was put in last week, Veronica must have thought that it was
about the boats and planes disappearing, and left it there.

It's about actual finds in that area and someone actually discovered a pyramid,
even.  Well the book was written in 1984 and to my knowledge, there have been
no more discoveries of that kind.  Or have they?

In these times, wearing a tinfoil hat has often proved to be the truth.......

Mark, a "tinfoil hat" is what a conspiracy theorist figuratively wears. ('net talk).

Look, this most of all, would shake up a lot of religious people all over the world.
The Bible and the Koran wrong?  Think about it, from that angle alone, with the
current fanaticism of the fundies in this country?  There probably are other reasons,
but that's the most obvious one.  The Vatican would really declare bankruptcy!

Love and Peace,
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Your mind understands what you have been taught; your heart what is true.
Mark of Australia
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« Reply #27 on: March 27, 2007, 12:10:31 am »

That is fascinating Desiree,

I wonder if it is really true about the military trying to hinder researchers in the Atlantic ,it seems far fetched ,America is supposed to be about freedom of information and such other high ideals ,is all that just propaganda?  I understand that military concerns must be kept secret and that even knowledge of Atlantis being real maybe does concern military issues indirectly, like the morale of the public ,they don't want too much of an upheaval in our world view etc.

But It is a worry if the American government ,the guys behind the scenes in the military, are not as benign as we like to think.

I just hope that if someone goes to find Atlantis, that they will be allowed to with out threats and violence. But as that report says ,,it has already happened ...It is a worry.

Oh and if it is true then I would expect that this forum would surely be monitored by them ,I can just imagine someone employed to watch this forum couped up behind a desk in the Pentagon ,we should atleast say Hi there spy types... they gotta make a living too  Tongue  ,so please put in a good word for us ,,if we have to be assasinated ,I'd appreciate it being painless ,thanks  Tongue

I may be joking but kinda not too ,, Lips sealed

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« Reply #28 on: March 28, 2007, 01:07:26 am »

Hi all,

Riven and I have been looking for the pictures the Russians took of the Ampere Seamounts for years, with little success. Riven even tried to contact the Russians (Metahistory) at one point, but their website isn't active and hasn't been active for years. 

Obviously, the Russians found something or else they wouldn't have repeated the journey so often, and yet, I put Atlantis a little further to the west, at the Mid-Atlantic Ridge.  All that remains is to find the volacanic mechanism required to sink a city, and I think I have found it:


This comes from the book, the Shining Ones, which, along with Otto Muck's book, are, in my opinion two of the best books on Atlantis.

Obviously, some sort of eruption from the MAR played a part in the submergence of Atlantis in the Atlantic Ocean.
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Mark of Australia
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« Reply #29 on: March 28, 2007, 03:00:32 am »

Hi Dhill ,
           I have been thinking along these lines for awhile ,when I came across the O'briens evidence for the Azores having submerged valleys at great depth ,I started to think this really is a new and important geological phenomenon,for obvious reasons.

 The diagram you show is basically what I think occurred.

if anyone has any evidence at all for such a large land subsidence I implore them to post it .
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