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News: Did Humans Colonize the World by Boat?
Research suggests our ancestors traveled the oceans 70,000 years ago
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The Russians' Findings

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Author Topic: The Russians' Findings  (Read 8923 times)
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« Reply #60 on: September 15, 2007, 09:40:11 pm »

On the whole the Veles-Sviatogor-Dazhbog seems to indicate a strange comment about that land which is very close to a descriptive of lands probably west of Russia and even Great Britian involving the Celtic Shelf all the way to the Sargasso Sea.

Veles like Valleys, Vales, Winds or Sails like Vela X, Wales like the 'Milky Way', or Ferrys actual boat. Then the Sviatogor 'Land of Sacred Heavenly Reeds or in America we call the 'Ever Glades' and Elysian Fields. Then Dazhbog which is actually more difficult but could be a name like Tchesberg or Datcha-Bog as a Council or a cemetary as Tcheser with the Bog as the place of glacial sunk land as if Corona constellation and its council sunk like the 'Ice Castle'?

If we take the line from Altair to Corona we find one creature or two encompass that region in the north sky one is Vega, the next is Hercules, and last is Draco in the dead center of this mythic plotting. Daz could refer to Draco as well implied as cut by some pole alignment in relation to the Bogs? It may be noted Altair is 15' degrees below the Corona line in the night sky so if once circumpolar by that distance south we are looking at a region not far from the Straits of Gibraltar and most definitely looking at the terminus of the region of  Southern France west Coast i.e. near Spain.

We can imagine as many Hesperidia type myths that the Milky Way ended up having the Atlantis story thrown into the sky as eternal reeds and ferries crossing them to the Slavic or Nordic ancestors via the bogs of the final resting place of the atlantean councils or their lost celtic shelf and ancestors in the 'west' like Osiris and Arthurs Avalon is typified.

This I put forward in light of John Cohane's 'The Key' which is somewhat a valid attempt of the places, gods names and men as well as other studies of linguistics I do. Others can try what I just did but you may note I was exceedingly cautious for sound shifts are a touchy thing not child's play and difficult to master.

If one does not have at least 30 years experience in this then you better have the best sound shift information and ancient texts in your hands and know about 8 languages right off hand and even then you may not have the full history of language in front of you which involves libraries most never go to in order to find out.

Some of the information put forward in the above compillation of Voronin has been noted only in certain parts in Charles Berlitz Book 'The Eight Continent' but very few if at all of the Russian work in general.

Without the information above as a guideline most of us in the world would not be aware of the level of contribution the Russians have on Atlantis, and now that country is of a Euro type status I am sure more declassified information will come out over the years to fill the deep void most of us felt when the 'Block' was up and could not correspond in the specific interest of Atlantology which the year 2,000 A.D. was designated a science not a fringe archaeology due to what has occurred in Cuba temples found which now has taken most scientists out of the laughing group into very serious and concerned posture that history will once again be slightly vindicated by their prior jeers.

Atlantologists, believe me, are now some of the most sought after scientists in light of these new facts but the point is they have been around for years but who would listen? It was the public that listened and explains why the story has never ended. They understand that in civilizations of man spanning thousands upon thousands of years man  rose and fell in periods of light and darkness and so the public even with a high school education can understand at least that very physical and human reality i.e. our frailty to any form of extinction.

Lets pray that this website and many others awakening the world of certain realities will make many appreciate the world wide heritage Atlantis and Mu plausibly somewhat bestowed on man in growing up back to the period of beings of light we once were and may return to that condition if we learn about the harmony of earth not the discord of it.

 Sinc. Dean Clarke BLS

Thanks A. Voronin, again. Good work and this is a replication to what are the parts of the information that are on their Russian website in Russia of the Russian society on studying of the problems of Atlantis (ROIPA)   and open to the Russian public.
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