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April 02, 2023, 01:11:18 am
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News: Giant crater may lie under Antarctic ice
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The Russians' Findings

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Author Topic: The Russians' Findings  (Read 8923 times)
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« Reply #60 on: September 15, 2007, 09:37:54 pm »

Webmasters response to the information presented-

As you can see there is allot of timeline history in Russian research into the Atlantis question which for some of us in the 'states' in some cases makes one feel like we are out of touch with what has happened with the rest of the Old World theories about Atlantis which we only get a portion of from internet, library loan books, or correspondence via the electronic age.

Most of us do not travel the world and in our own little cubby holes we get very little of what the bigger picture on the Atlantis subject of what it actually was or is. The main point is other people of other countries are invited to put forward Bibliography research and the goal of this internet site is to have the largest Bibliography base on Atlantis books or research in the world.

I have been collecting for sometime and think soon the greatest book lists should be put forward for the future researcher to look up. Why? Because the day Atlantis is publicly found or announced and the finders of Atlantis said 'yep that's Atlantis alright'.

I think the list of books of who said what over time will be exceedingly important just as science glorified Sir Arthur Evans or many other great archaeologist, before they do take credit for the Atlantis discovery take a good look at who in the past were the list of believers of Atlantis who never got credit and got ridiculed for just looking at the subject by their own peers!

When did the ridicule start? Aristotle started it on Plato, but later actually had pseudo recanted due to some mysterious evidence that upset him to not speak about it further when asked his opinion on the subject. Much as Jung did to Freud, the knock came from somewhere else when Aristotle looked into the subject and found he could not disprove Plato, what that may have involved was some botany issue maybe like Darwin's of the Canary Islands African violets?

The main aspects of the above letter found intriguing is the Giant terms like Rus, and the giant-bogatyr it may be noted I might add for A. Voronin that 'Rus' is a part of a name involved in Stonehenge's own old name of Kalerous in Egyptian is Kel=Temple (Celtic Prefix)+Lair like a Field+(L=R)Ra+Aus= 'The Temple or Field of Ra and Osiris' and note the Kaleva Story name as a kind of Killarous in the sense of Kelva or Corva is Raven and Crone of Bran. The bird is Rus or Ra-Aus in a rising sun form a replacement of Ra-Benu a large mythical bird of the Nordic a heron or woodpecker variety. Thus is Stonehenge lore is it was built by Giants then here is the 'Rus' Gaints name replicated as his Kel-Temple. Makes one wonder if the name was Rus-Thonen?

Then also this," Russian poets Nikolay Kluev and Alexander Block describe underwater Diamond Ice City- spiritual center of Russian Old Belief and also the symbolic ascent to snowy mountains in the North searching for God. " Well known the story of the Kaleva of the Ice Giants who come from Castle of Ice of a name like Carianthral ('Crown Tower') as if Corona Borealis had gone sunk?

Also Bogatyr of Russia has a place name relative of Bogota of Bolivia or in South America which has many weird iron to copper sculptures of a head dressed figure who looks like a Hindu version of Lugh or the conical hat attributed to a culture that came from Venezula or from the marsh river culture near the Islands of the coast of Columbia or Brazil and has the ethnic look of a 'Pomer' or 'Sea Side People' who were at first noted as Red Ochre seekers of the Middle East Asian mixed who had Baltic God names but not unlike pre-Phoenician associations? Although some confusions later or earlier with Bootes figure the original Bogata seems to have been a woman Giantess!

The line about "Zlatogorka, the daughter of Sviatogor lives somewhere behind the sea in Latyn (Altyn, Alatyr) kingdom, which is understood as Atlantis. Exactly Slavic legends tell us about the perished once great ancient land of Veles- Sviatogor- Dazhbog." Shows some very plausible language as somewhat old i.e. this list:
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