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Dreams of Atlantis

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Author Topic: Dreams of Atlantis  (Read 4743 times)
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« Reply #30 on: September 11, 2018, 06:15:45 pm »

I know its been a few years since this post was made, but I have been trying to find others who have had Atlantis dreams to see if I have any similarities. I am not sure if I dreamed of Atlantis all those years ago or if it was some other place...but I do know that it was the most vivid and realistic dream I had ever experienced. I have never had a dream that felt that way with just detailed sounds and sights or even smells. I have not had the dream since.

I can recall it was when I was about 13. At that time I knew nothing about Atlantis, never even really heard of the place much less what it was. In this dream, I was in a room surrounded by individuals
who were doing some sort of medical experiments. I wanted to look closer and see what it was they were doing when I noticed a commotion out in the hall. I ran out with a few others to look out the window of the building we were in. We were in the central part of a city, it looked like dead center and we were pretty high up, I recall seeing several beams of light coming from a shoreline across a lake...or maybe a strait or something. They were shining toward the top of our building. I didn't really count but at first glance, there did look to be anywhere from 10-12 of them.

We were all staring not at the beams of light, but at what there were doing, they seemed to pulse and flicker occasionally. Every time they did, I could feel the floor of the building vibrate. With each successive flicker, the vibrations got stronger. I knew something was off, so I went up to the top of the building to see what was going on. At the top was the very open room. It looked like a dome overhead and there was this large pyramid shape in the middle but it seemed to have two interlocked, one upright and one upside down inside each other. It looked transparent like a crystal which is what the building walls, floors, and ceiling looked like.
I remember the beams of light I had saw out the window were all striking this object in the center of the room. Surrounding it were twelve men and women who were holding hands to form a circle. Each of them gazing at this object in the middle and emitting these beautiful colors, each one their own color. There was this kind of ethereal music coming from the colors and it looked like they were trying to fix something. As the beams of light began to grow more erratic in their pulses I decided that maybe I should start looking at getting out of here while I can, I just felt like I needed to go now or die. As I made my way down the stairs I would pass others and in a calm but slightly panicked state would urge them to evacuate the building. They all just gave me this reassuring gaze that everything is ok and being taken care of.

When reaching the bottom I could see down a street clear to the docks, there were ships docked there taking on a few passengers as normal. The roadway wasn't was like a highly smooth cobblestone feeling. I started to run to the boats, I was going to just take a trip somewhere until things settled down.
I didn't get more than a few feet before I started to noticed the beams of light above me flickering constantly now and one by one they each went out. Still, people were not as panicked as I seemed to be. I started to hear this really low hum oscillating from the building I had just left. All of a sudden the hum turned into this horrific combination of screeching, high pitched whining, and dissonance. I had to cover my ears it was so bad. I couldn't do anything but cover my ears in pain as the sound rang through the city. After a minute or two I could hear the noise start to rise in it was building up or something, that's when I noticed the top part of the tower that I was in completely exploded raining huge chunks of crystalline structure over the city. It became apparent now that people were in a huge state of panic.

I looked back toward the dock and started to run that way again when I noticed the sea wall that was along the shore of the city seemed to be very close to the surface of the water. The ocean began spilling over it and creeping up the roadway. By this point, there were these types of aircraft that seemed to work on the same principle as a helicopter but there were no blades moving on it. They were evacuating panicked citizens but there weren't enough and the boats at the dock were cut off. People were literally swimming to the boats and being pulled under the water by the flow of water as it was breaching the city. I remember looking over to the left and seeing this little girl, she looked about 6 or 7. She had this beautiful brown hair and was in a kind of beige dress. Her mom grabbed her and they headed to the roof of their house to escape the water.

Of course, I decided to run back to the tower I was in thinking I was safe. By the time I had reached a high enough floor to look out, I could see the water now covering more than 3/4ths of the city and it wasn't like a tsunami, it was like the city was just outright sinking even the opposite side of us, the coast I had seen the beams of light originate from was disappearing beneath the sea.
I looked down at the house where the little girl and her mother were, I couldn't believe it as I watched the water pour over the roof and the current rip them away. I didn't have time to grieve though, I heard this crack which sounded like a huge bolt of lightning and two more, it became apparent to me when the window I was looking out shattered, the crack had run up the crystal wall.

There was a deafening sound like a gunshot as I felt the tower I was in start to move, it was falling over onto the city and into the sea. I remember thinking this was it, it was all over, I woke up before I hit the water and I was so freaked it took me a few minutes to realize who I was and where I was. Being during the night time I wasn't sure what was going on. Years later I started to hear about Atlantis and research it more and I hear all these claims of Atlantean ruins and such...but everything I ever found concerning Atlantis just didn't seem right to me, I don't know how to explain it. Its like I want to go to these people and tell them they are wrong, Atlantis is nothing like what they are talking about, the place I saw would make a modern 2018 city look like a cave-dwelling by comparison. I know there are those who would say it's just an overactive imagination or a really trippy dream, but I can close my eyes sometimes and replay that entire event in my mind perfectly vivid as if it happened today and that was like 18 years ago, its the most vivid memory I have of my childhood. It honestly makes me wonder if I was just experiencing the event through someone's eyes or if it was me in a past life.
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