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August 13, 2020, 01:07:14 am
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Dreams of Atlantis

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Author Topic: Dreams of Atlantis  (Read 5128 times)
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« Reply #30 on: January 20, 2016, 11:47:35 am »

Just more little pieces of "ground" meat, that is about 95% fat (boloney) content. Einstein being the 5% meat.

""""" ATLANTIS and The Kingdom of The Neanderthals

Colin Wilson, the author of two previous books on the mystery of Atlantis, has recently written a new volume on that ancient lost land. His book, ‘Atlantis and the Kingdom of the Neanderthals’ is an enthralling read, offering many original insights and theories. Wilson starts his book with a preface detailing the experience of the anthropologist Michael Harner who, under the influence of a native Andes Indian drink called ‘ayahuasca’ saw what he believed to be the truth of humanities origins.  In a form of induced hallucinogenic trance Harner ‘saw’ the whole land flooded as water gushed from the jaws of a huge crocodile. The water rose until it became a sea, then a galleon floated into view with bird headed creatures that reminded him of the ancient Egyptian tomb paintings. These creatures told him that they were the bringers of all life and lived within the bodies of every living thing on this planet.  These bird-headed humans said that they were the true masters of humanity and that man was their servant. Wilson presents this as a possible vision of The Flood that destroyed the continent of Atlantis. However, the idea that bird-headed beings created humankind is perhaps, for most reasonable people, a difficult concept.
Then there is the question of Atlantis itself, as many believe the story of this lost continent to be nothing more than pure mythology.  One argument discussed by Wilson in his book is that Atlantis may have been Antarctica. In support of this theory Wilson introduces the work of professor Charles Hapgood who declared that the earth’s crust is subjected to periodic shifts that can cause continents to change their positions. Hapgood suggested that the continent of Antarctica  shifted approximately twelve thousand years ago. This is no pie in the sky total nonsense as the foreward to Hapgood’s book on the subject ‘Earth’s Shifting Crust’ was written by none other than Albert Einstein.  It was the scientist Rand Flem-Ath that took the hypothesis of Hapgood and applied it to the Atlantis question arriving at the potential conclusion that it may once have been the land that is now known as Antarctica....""""  and on, and on.

Everyone is butchering Atlantis, chopping her down into hundreds of pieces of every shape and proportion imaginable. This can only happen when the cleaver being used by these butchers and boloney sausage sellers is imagination. There is no truth there, there is not any solid meat; it's mostly "grounded fat," groundless lies, and not the heavenly solid meat of truth. Dreams, dreams, and more dreams about people dreaming about Atlantis. Nightmares they are, and not true dreams from above. Like all nightmares, it's not the truth; wake up to reality, you fools, don't you know that we can never win with false dreams? It's a "riddle!" And that is why Cayce hinted about finding Atlantis' hall of records under the paw of the Egyptian Sphinx. The hall of records, symbolizing the place where one finds the recorded evidence of truth. What Cayce really wanted us to know is that Atlantis is a riddle for us to answer; a prophecy to unfold for our own times. Think of the Greek Sphinx. We have better find the answer to the riddle or we will eaten alive.

The only way we will be able to solve the riddle of Atlantis is not by "dreams" and visions, nor by vivid merchandisable imagination. Only by reason, logic, and understanding will we be able to save ourselves. We have to soar through all the dreams to get to oblivion, from whence the prophecy came from.

And this is the kind of music that Socrates and the Guardians would approve of very much.

AL DI LA, WHERE THE ABSOLUTE BEAUTIFUL AND GOOD, AND WISE, LOVING FATHER AND CREATOR IS!  I had a dream too. I dreamed that God lives in Italy and must be Italian.

If you like all the music I have been pointing to, go and buy it, like I did. However, enough of music, and dreams, let's get down to business; Atlantis is not any old myth, it's prophetic inspiration given to us by Plato, through that beautiful and heavenly creature, Socrates. And although he was not very beautiful outside, there was never one as beautiful and wise, inside. Only God is more beautiful, inside and out, and wiser throughout.   

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