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Communicating with the Dead (Original)

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Author Topic: Communicating with the Dead (Original)  (Read 4256 times)
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Sandra - Awesome posts! Thanks! I was particularly interested about the parts from the bible the show how God detests any sort of communication with the dead. Wow, am I in trouble. :-) What I want to know now is if God is so against communication with the dead, why did he give THEM the ability to appear to us?? A bit of a double standard there. I've seen what people describe as 'ghosts' with my own eyes at a house in England I lived in as a teen. I SAW dead people (me and Haley Jo Osmand. Ha!) - if that is indeed what they were!!

So are the 'ghosts' I saw 'cast out' from God, and why would I be given the ability to SEE them if God was so adimately against it?? (Retorical questions unless the almighty wants to join our forum :-)

The Ouija stuff is a bit creepy to me somehow still, and I'll tell you why. When my bro, sis and I had our "Ouija" experience (1984), the cup moved SOOOOOO fast that we couldn't even MAKE it move that quickly ourselves, even when we tried. It was nothing like the suspenseful slow moves in the movies. It shot around the board like it was desperate to be heard. The spelling was very bad and all phonetic, but the 'people' we talked to (two - one named Nicholas and one, Michael) seemed cordial enough - not threatening at all in tone. We went on for hours into the night doing this since we were in disbelief at what we were seeing, and the board never faultered once.

The next morning, in an effort to test what we had seen, my sis an I flipped a cup onto the back of a book, deignated a 'yes' side and a 'no' side, and asked a question. When the cup took off across the book - mid morning with no cerimony, no board, and no alphabet at all, we got really scared at the unseen power we were obviously tapping into and I have never tried it since.

Unknown - ever used Ouija? It sounds as if you might have had an experience with it, or at least heard people say not to mess with it -right?

Roc - Explain more about the astral plain being where nothing positive exists. I agree with you about how we are all God, in a sense, and He is everwhere and in everything. I also believe that all time 'overlaps' and is sort of happening at once. I am a quantum fanatic right now, trying to explain ghostly phenomenon thru physics, and I guess I am not sure I believe a place that is full of bad energy (like hell or something) even exists. I think we are all part of the same cosmic soup... good, evil, all of it! But, I would like to hear your beliefs on this astral plane explanation. It sounds interesting.
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