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Communicating with the Dead (Original)

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Author Topic: Communicating with the Dead (Original)  (Read 3128 times)
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Apports and Psychic Lights

Very few serious investigators of to-day accept 'apports' (i.e. the spontaneous appearance at a séance of solid objects) but there have been some famous apport mediums. The Australian, Charles Bailey, specialized in such things as live animals, scarabs, and exotic antiques. He was often exposed. At Grenoble on February 20, 1910, two live birds 'materialized' at a séance. But the birds were recognized by the local dealer who supplied them to the medium. There was another scandal in Sydney in 1914(54). I have already mentioned in Chapter I the 'apports' of Lajos Pap(55), Anna Rothe, Heinrich MeIzer, and Hilda Lewis(56). All these mediums were exposed.

(54) For accounts of Bailey's work in England, see Journal, SPR, Vol. XII PP. 77-88, 109-18; and Vol. XV, pp. 194-208.
(55) See page 30; see also 'I Expose the Shams of Spiritualism,' by Nandor Fodor, in the Leader, London, October 15, 1938, pp. 28-30.
(56) Ibid., pp. 29-30.

Another woman medium who fared badly was Mrs. Baylis. She was tested by Dennis Bradley, who published a scathing report(57) concerning her. A famous physical medium, Stanislawa P., was exposed in Paris by Dr. Eugene Osty, who, by means of an automatic camera, photographed her in flagrante delicto(58). The picture shows her making a 'telekinetic' movement with her hand.

(57) 'Another Unsatisfactory Séance,' Light, November 26, 1927.
(58) See Revue Metapsychique, Paris, for November-December, 1930.

Another physical medium, Clemens Kraus (pseud.: 'Karl. Weber') was exposed in Vienna by Professor Hans Thirring in November, 1924. In his report(59) Kraus's tricks are described and illustrated. Kraus afterwards wrote his 'confessions,'(60) the MS. and copyright of which were purchased by me. One of Kraus's tricks pictured by Professor Thirring shows the medium, in the dark, lifting a heavy table completely off the floor by means of his head. His hands and feet were fully controlled. Still another materializing medium, Harold Evans (a Britisher) was exposed by a panel formed by the Sunday Chronicle. Professor Julian Huxley, Professor A. M. Low, Dr. Harold Dearden, Miss Estelle Stead and others were the judges. Evans was found to be masquerading in a white nightshirt, which was seized(61).

(59) 'Psychical Research in Vienna,' Journal, Am. SPR, December 1925, pp. 690-707.
(60) Abstract was published in the Berliner Illustrierte Zeitung, December 25, 1932.
(61) See 'Amazing Exposure of a Famous Medium,' Sunday Chronicle, October 31, 1926.

Baron von Schrenck-Notzing exposed a number of physical mediums including Oskar Schlag, Kraus, and Ladislaus Laszlo(62), the latter a Hungarian. At the time of his death the Baron had just completed a MS. Gefalschte Wunder: Kraus-Laszlo-Schlag, a work dealing with the tricks of the above mediums. Lucia Sordi, an Italian medium, claimed to be able to 'dematerialize' herself from the inside of a locked cage. She was tested by Schrenck, who was impressed with the way in which she escaped from her prison until he found that a wooden block, the exact size of her head, could be squeezed between the bars of the cage(63). These 'matter through matter' miracles are part of the stock-in-trade of many physical mediums. When Slade was in Leipzig he convinced Zöllner that he was able to pass a sealed loop of cord through a solid wooden ring(64). This 'proof' of Zöllner's theory of the 'fourth dimension' caused much controversy(65). The trick is now well known and is worked as follows: the knot is a faked one in which is hidden a tiny threaded brass tapered socket. To one end of the cord is glued a tiny tapered brass screw. This end can be screwed into the knot at will, and as it buries itself in the knot, the deception is absolutely indetectable. I have a specimen which I have even loaned to people who have never found the secret. Yet, with hands behind my back, I was able to remove the ring from the cord - or put it on - in a few seconds. In the same way, Cecil Husk claimed, by psychic means, to pass on to his arm a solid forged iron ring apparently much too small to encircle his hand. The SPR demonstrated that by using a local anaesthetic on his hand the feat could be performed without recourse to the spirits(66). Jean Guzik, whom I exposed(67) in Warsaw in 1923, also declared that he could cause solid objects to pass spontaneously into locked boxes, though he never had the temerity to show me this particular wonder. However, he did show me (in the dark) his 'fiery Pithecanthropus' - his own hand in a stocking dabbed with two phosphorus 'eyes.'

(62) See 'Der Betrug des Mediums Ladislaus Laszlo,' Psychische Studien, Leipzig, March, 1924, pp. 129-60.
(63) Luce e Ombra, Rome, November, 1910.
(64) Transcendental Physics.
(65) See Gemeinfassliche, Leicht Controlirbare Losung der Aufgabe: 'In ein ring formig geschlossenes Band einen Knoten zu machen' ... ' by Oscar Simony, Wien, 1881.
(66) See Proc., SPR, Vol. Ill, 1885, pp. 460-3.
(67) 'Some Impressions of Jean Guzik and his Phenomena,' by Harry Price, Light, September 29, 1923.
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