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Communicating with the Dead (Original)

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Author Topic: Communicating with the Dead (Original)  (Read 3135 times)
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   posted 07-17-2005 10:09 PM                       
The Regurgitation Theory

One of the most amazing exposures of 'materializing' methods was that of Mrs. Helen Duncan. In 1931 she sat at the National Laboratory of Psychical Research. She gave us five sťances, which cost us £50. Among the observers were Mrs. A. Peel Goldney, Professor J. C. Flugel, Professor W. McDougall, Dr. William Brown, Professor D. F. Fraser-Harris, etc. Although this woman was medically examined and enclosed in our own one-piece garment, she was able to secrete yards of cheese cloth with which she impersonated 'Albert,' 'Peggy,' and other 'spirits.' (See Plate 1.) I took a large number of photographs of the cheese-cloth phantoms and all show the warp and weft of the material, selvedge, creases and even dirt marks. Other things which appeared in the photographs were rubber gloves, safety-pins, and cut-out heads from magazine covers. The question arose 'How did she secrete these "properties"?' The only part of her anatomy which the doctors could not explore was her stomach, and we came to the conclusion - which I am certain is the correct one - that she possesses an aesophageal diverticulum or secondary stomach, into which she swallowed the cheese cloth, etc., to be regurgitated at leisure. Such cases are well known(30). We published a long illustrated report(31) on this woman. After it was issued, her former maid, Miss Mary McGinlay, came to us and, before a Commissioner for Oaths, supported our theory concerning regurgitation(32). Mrs. Duncan was later (May 11, 1933) convicted(33) at Edinburgh for fraudulent mediumship (her undervest was the 'spirit') and fined £10 or a month's imprisonment. After the conviction the Spiritualists' National Union gave her a vote of confidence (July 1, 1933) and her 'diploma' was renewed(34). It may seem strange that a stomach should be put to such uses, but 'ectoplasm' (i.e. cotton wool, cheese cloth, etc.) and small 'apports' have been found secreted in rectum, ****, and prepuce of various mediums.

(30) See 'Diagnosis and Surgical Treatment of Esophageal Diverticula. Report Of Eight Cases,' by Charles H. Mayo, in Annals of Surgery, June, 1910.
(31) 'Regurgitation and the Duncan Mediumship,' by Harry Price. Bulletin I, Nat. Lab. Psychical Research, London, 1931.
(32) Her 'Declaration' was published as an Appendix to the Duncan Report.
(33) Daily Telegraph, May 12, 1933, and Scots papers of same date.
(34) Two Worlds, Manchester, July 14, 1933.

Another recent conviction of a materializing medium was the case of Clive Holmes, who was charged at Greenwich Police Court on June 16, 1937, with obtaining four shillings (the charge made for a sťance) by false pretences. A Mrs. V. B. Evens and her son attended one of Holmes's sťances at which the spirit 'White Moose' appeared. Mr. Evens flashed his torch on the 'spirit,' which was alleged to be none other than Holmes himself, dressed in white muslin. After several adjournments the magistrate, Mr. L. R. Dunne (July 21, 1937), sentenced Holmes to four months in the second division. The medium appealed, and lost(36). The latest 'materializing' exposure is that of Mrs. Elizabeth Grover, who, when the light was switched on, was 'discovered in her underclothes draped with wet butter muslin, with a calico bandage round her head'(37). She signed a confession to the effect that she 'fraudulently produced the materialized form of "Albert Stewart" and others'(38). She was making 'something like £20 per week'(39).

(36) See The Times and Daily Mail for June 17 and July 22, 1937.
(37) Two Worlds, August 12, 1938.
(38) Ibid., August 12, 1938.
(39) Ibid., August 26, 1938, p. 536.

America has produced many fakers and amongst the most amusing exposures must be mentioned that of Mr. and Mrs. Thompson, who 'materialized' the 'mother' of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Sir Arthur was present and, according to the article(40), embraced his 'mother.' Leonard J. Hartman, the pastor of a spiritualist church, wrote the report. A few days after the Doyle sťance, the Thompsons were seized at another sitting by two police officers. The usual masks, wigs, chiffon, musical box and scent-spray were found on them. They were convicted and fined.

(40) 'How the Mediums "Brought Back" Sir Conan Doyle's Dead Mother,' New York Sunday American, September 3, 192
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