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Communicating with the Dead (Original)

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Author Topic: Communicating with the Dead (Original)  (Read 4360 times)
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The Ouija Board
Most people know this but I want to state a point here. The movie "The Exorcist" was, in fact, based on a true story. The victim though, was a Jesuit boy who, back in the late 40's (if memory serves correctly) began playing with the Ouija Board. He was duped into thinking that who or what he was talking to was a "playmate" and when his invisible friend asked of he could come in and join him, the boy agreed... the invitation the spirit needed to manifest. Over time, the boy became possessed by this spirit and went through numerous exorcisms by the Roman Catholics before finally being freed. Supposedly, the possessing spirit was a devil by the name of Beelzebub who, in theology, is one of the most powerful devils under Lucifer. All this, on historical record, because of a "game".

The Pendulum

To be brief here, the pendulum is, for intent and purpose, the same as the Ouija Board. It's sole function is spirit communication but is far less common nowadays than the ouija board. Like the name suggests, the only major difference between the two is the pointing device used. While the ouija board uses a planchette, normally a triangular shaped device with a crystal, glass, or plastic windows to display the letter to be annotated, the pendulum uses a pointed weight at the end of a line, acting as a pendulum would, to point to the letter of interest. The letters and numbers are often configured differently than a ouija board but in functionality, it's all the same. As with the ouija board, the outcome varies according to the actual intent of the user.

Automatic Writing and Channeling

Of all the various forms of spirit communication, I would consider automatic writing and "channeling" the most potentially dangerous forms. What is channeling? Channeling is, in effect, possession. It's possession with a purpose. Channeling in performed by a person who typically, has good natural psychic abilities. The goal behind channeling is to allow a foreign spirit to actually possess, or take over, the receptor for the purpose of direct verbal or written communication and on rare occasions, in demonology aspects, to enable a direct exorcism of the foreign spirit. What is Automatic Writing? "True" automatic writing is, in most aspects, the same as channeling. The receptor allows a foreign spirit to enter him or her to enable it to directly write out its thoughts or comments. Neither channeling or automatic writing should ever take place without experienced supervision, because it is actually a form of possession, someone should always be available to help should anything go wrong. At times however, either of these can happen spontaneously to an inexperienced psychic who has not learned how to "shut down" when their gifts are not needed.


There is one huge difference between the ouija board and a sťance... a sťance is designed around one basic fact... the invitation. A person using a ouija board does not necessarily invite anything initially, they typically ask if "anyone" is present. The sťance's purpose is to invite a spirit. That can prove to be very dangerous. I highly recommend to anyone who insists on conducting sťances, that they have a good psychic in the group, who will be able to determine the TRUE nature of the spirit, if one actually manifests. If the group were to invite, either knowingly or not, a negative, inhuman spirit, they may have started a process they would have never dreamed possible, the infestation, haunting, and torment of one or all of the people involved. What I find most often is, sadly, most people conducting sťances do not take their action seriously enough, expecting to have a good time and go home when their done. Most of the time that IS the case but unfortunately not always.


Crystallomancy is the staring into a glass window, pool of water, mirror, or any other shiny, transparent, or reflective object to induce self-hypnosis (staring into the fire of a fireplace or candle has the same effect). The famous scenes of the gypsy staring into her crystal ball for the answers to all your questions and telling you your future. Many people believe that by inducing self-hypnosis by any means of crystallomancy, they are putting themselves on the same level as the spirits and are able to communicate or receive information directly to or from them. Another form of this is called the psychomanthium, where the person enters a dark room or closet (or the like) lit only by dim red lights and sits directly in from of a mirror. This method often is used to summon or contact darker forms of spirits.

On the opposite side of the coin, instead of a person staring into a window or the like, you will often find pictures on the internet or on television where a ghost or apparition is seen in a window, as if looking out of it. This is the same type of effect, in reverse. "Mirror, mirror on the wall..." remember that?

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