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News: Were seafarers living here 16,000 years ago?
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Eels, Seals, Birds, Shrimps, Mastodons and Toxodons

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Author Topic: Eels, Seals, Birds, Shrimps, Mastodons and Toxodons  (Read 2161 times)
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« Reply #15 on: May 04, 2007, 08:16:30 am »


While Plato emphasized the presence of elephants in Atlantis, he did not
specify the type - he may have been referring to the mastodon of the
earlier Quaternary period, such as those whose remains have been found
in North America, South America and Europe. 

Mastodon bones, along with weapons of prehistoric man, have also been
recovered from the bottom of the North Sea, now increasingly explored in
the course of oil production operations.

Ancient Mexican representations carved on buildings and in picture manu-
scripts seem clearly to show elephant heads and not "macaws", as some
researchers have suggested.

A more concrete example, the deposits of piled-up mastodon bones found
near Bogota', Colombia, indicate that these animals existed in ancient South
America and died simultaneously, as a result of some unusuasl occurrence.

Colonel A. Bragine (THE SHADOW OF ATLANTIS: 1940) suggests that the
great herd was killed during a seismic convulsion that caused an enormous
upthrust of their grazing ground.

In Siberia a number of dead mammoths, preserved for thousands of years in
quick-frozen condition, were evidently drowned at the same time in water and
mud and were so frozen that, when thawed, they have often served as food for
dogs and native tribesmen.

When examined by zoologists, their stomachs were found to contain food from
plants no longer extant in Siberia.  Professor Charles Hapgood has described 
one mammoth that suddenly perished while eating buttercups, which were still
in his mouth.  The age of the frozen Siberian mammoths and the Colombian
mastodon bones have both been calculated as twelve to thirteen thousand
years BP.
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« Reply #16 on: May 04, 2007, 08:50:19 am »


Because of their size, protoelephant cadavers and bones have been found
more frequently than those of other animals, just as the bones of dino-
saurs, which did many millions of years previously, are still being excavated.

In a number of places, however, massive conglomerations of other animals
have been found crammed together into caves or earth pockets in Europe,
covering with their skeletons the bone islands of the Arctic, or under the
permafrost of Alaska and Canada where, as in Siberia, they drowned in mud
and water and were frozen. 

Many of these myriad species are no longer extant in the areas where their
skeletons or frozen bodies have been found: they include saber-toothed
tigers, rhinoceros, lions, ostriches, auroch cattle, giant elk and others, all
evidently fleeing or trying to find refuge from earthquake, flood or fire.

Frank Hoffer, in LOST AMERICANS gives a vivid picture of the effects of this
world of catastrophe, as seen in Alaska:

"The muck pits of Alaska are filled with evidence of universal death.....
a picture of quick extinction....Mammoth and bison were torn and
twisted, as though by a cosmic hand, in godly rage.....In many places
the Alskan mud blanket is packed with animal bones and debris in
trainload lots.....mammoth, mastodon, bison, horses, wolves, bears and
lions.......A faunal the middle of some catastrophe.......
was suddenly frozen in a grim charade."

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« Reply #17 on: May 04, 2007, 09:14:13 am »


So many animals died near the shores of the Arctic Ocean, that the
sea bottom in places is covered with their tusks and bones and some
islands, like the "islands of bones" and Llakov Island, off Siberia, are
actually built of millions of skeletons, still preserved by the freezing

Fish died too, in the sudden tectonic changes.  Near Santa Barbara,
California, the United States Geological Survey has located a bed of
now petrified fish on a former sea bottom, where more than an estima-
ted billion fish died suddenly, within a four-mile area.

The tracing of death pits of large and small animals in different areas
throughout the world indicates that the phenomenon was not a local,
but a general one.

Something very sudden and deadly to the animal and human population
of the Earth happened at the end of the Pleistocene Era, about 12,000
years ago.

It changed the climate and the land and water distribution over large sec-
tions of the world.  While the story of the Great Flood is common to almost
all the world's people, many tribal legends connect the Flood with earth-
quakes, fire from the skies and the sinking of inhabited lands into the sea.
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Your mind understands what you have been taught; your heart what is true.
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« Reply #18 on: May 04, 2007, 09:36:36 am »


Many of the ancient tribes that witnessed the world catastrophe
and the great tides which swept over the Earth saw the overwhelming
doom as a flood.   The waters that rose and suddenly covered large
areas of the continents left, as they subsided, oceanic fauna, shells and
skeletons of small and large sea creatures scattered over mountain
ranges such as the Andes, the Rocky Mountains, the Himalayas (where
parts of the world's most celebrated vessel are reputed still to exist).

Some of the chronicles of a world disaster that have come down to us
from pre-Columbian America re notable especially because they describe
violent seismic activity thaat occurred before a flood.

The Book of Chilam Balaam, transcribed from memory of former records
destroyed during the Conquest, relates:

"Ah Mucencab came forth and obscured the face of
the Heavens....the Earth began to awaken.  Nobody
knew what was to come.  Suddenly subterranean fires
burst forth into the Sky, and fire rained down from
above, and ashes descended, and rocks and trees were
thrown down, and wood and stone smashed together.

Then the Heavens were seized and split asunder.
The face of the Heavens was buffeted to and fro and
thrown on its back......[the people] were all torn to
pieces; their hearts failed them while they yet lived.
Then they were buried in the sands, in the sea.

In one great sudden rush of water the Great Serpent
was ravished from the Heavens.  The Sky fell and the
Earth sank, when the four gods, the Bacabs, arose
who brought about the destruction of the World."

The POPUL VUH, another Mayan reconstituted manuscript, repeatedly
mentions fire, as do many other Amerindian legends concerning a flood:

"Then the waters were agitated by the will of Hu-
rakan, and a great inundation came upon the heads of
these creatures.....They were engulfed, and a resi-
nous thickness descended from heaven;  the face
of the Earth was obscured, and a heavy darkening rain
commenced - rain by day and rain by night......There
was heard a great noise above their heads, as if pro-
duced by fire.  Then were men seen running, pushing
each other, filled with despair;  they wished to climb
upon their houses, and the houses, tumbling down,
fell to the ground; they wished to climb upon the trees,
and the trees shook them off; they wished to enter
into the caves, and the caves closed themselves
before them....Water anf fire contributed to the universal
ruin at the time of the last great cataclysm which
preceded the fourth creation."

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Your mind understands what you have been taught; your heart what is true.
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« Reply #19 on: May 04, 2007, 09:51:28 am »


A curious European commentary emphasizing fire is contained in DERA
LINDA BOEK, a Frisian chronicle from the Middle Ages, referring to the
disappearance of Atland, an ancient land in the ocean:

".......Atland, as the land was called by seafaring people,
was swallowed by the waves together with its moun-
tains and valleys, and everything else was covered by
the sea.  Many people were buried into the ground and
others, who escaped, died in the water.  The mountains
breathed fire.....the forests were burned to a cinder,
and the wind bore the ash which covered the entire
Earth.  New rivers took shape and the sand in their
mouths formed new islands.  For three years the land
groaned, and when it recovered, its wounds could be
seen.  Many countries had disappeared and others had
been rent asunder by the sea."

The theme of fire before the Flood runs through a number of other chronicles.

It is notable that Plato himself makes reference to fire and earthquakes in the

".......a great conflagration of things upon the Earth
recurring at long intervals of time.......[and] there
occurred violent earthquakes and floods, and in a
single day and night..... the island of
Atlantis.......was sunk beneath the sea.............."

Perhaps the combination of fiery shocks from the sky, the resultant shaking of
the Earth, and flooding from the sea was the sequence of events that occurred
in the prehistoric world that perished.  There are great scars still traceable on the
surface of the Earth and the bottoms of its oceans that seem to witness a blow or
a series of blows from the sky. 


ATLANTIS - The Eighth Continent

Charles Berlitz - 1984
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Your mind understands what you have been taught; your heart what is true.
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« Reply #20 on: May 04, 2007, 11:20:30 am »

There are more accounts of this DOOMSDAY scenario.  This is from

T. Lobsang Rampa, in his book THE CAVE OF THE ANCIENTS:

"..........We moved to the panel which the Lama Mingyar Donup had told me
about previously and, at our approach, it opened with a grating creak, so loud
in the silence of the place, that I think we all jumped with alarm.

Inside was the darkness, profound, almost as if we had clouds of blackness
swirling about us.  Our feet were guided by shallow channels in the floor.
We shuffled along and, when the channels ended, we sat.  As we did so, there
came a series of clicks, like metal scraping against metal and, almost impercept-
ibly, light stole across the darkness and pushed it aside.

We looked about us and saw more machines, strange machines.  There were
statues here, and pictures carved in metal.  Before we had time to more than
glance, the light drew in upon itself and formed a glowing globe in the centre of
the Hall.

Colours flickered aimlessly, and bands of light without apparent meaning swirled
round the globe.  Pictures formed, at first blurred and indistinct, then growing
vivid and real and with three-dimensional effect.  We watched intently.......
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« Reply #21 on: May 04, 2007, 11:40:47 am »


"............This was the world of Long Long Ago.  When the world was very
young.  Mountains stood where now there are seas, and the pleasant sea-
side resorts are now mountain tops. 

The weather was warmer and strange creatures roamed afield.

This was a world of scientific progress.  Strange machines rolled along, flew
inches from the surface of the Earth, or flew miles up in the air.

Great temples reared their pinnacles skywards, as if in challenge to the

Animals and Man talked telepathically together.  But all was not bliss;
politicians fought against politicians.  The world was a divided camp in which
each side coveted the lands of the other. 

Suspicion and fear were the clouds under which the ordinary man lived.
Priests of BOTH  sides proclaimed that they alone were the favoured of
the GODS.

In the pictures before us, we saw ranting priests - as now - purveying their
own brand of salvation.  AT A PRICE!  Priests of each sect taught that it was
a HOLY DUTY  to kill the enemy.  Almost in the same breath, they preached that
Mankind throughout the world were brothers. 

The illogicality of brother killing brother did not occur to them.

We saw great wars fought, with most of the casualties being civilians.  The armed
forces, behind their armour, were mostly safe.  The aged, the women and children
and those who did not FIGHT, were the ones to suffer.

We saw glimpses of scientists working in laboratories, working to produce even
deadlier weapons, working to produce bigger and better bugs to drop on the enemy.

................We saw oceans with great floating cities which moved from land to land. 
In the sky floated equally large craft which moved without sound.  Which could hover
and almost instantly flash into stupendous speed.

On the surface, vehicles moved some inches above the ground itself, supported in the
air by some method which we could not determine.

Bridges stretched across the cities, carrying on slender cables what appeared to be
roadways.  As we watched, we saw a vivid flash in the sky and one of the largest
bridges collapsed into a tangle of girders and cables.

Another flash, and most of the city iself vanished into incandescent gas.

Above the ruins towered a strangely evil-looking red cloud, roughly in the shape of a
mushroom, miles high.................

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Your mind understands what you have been taught; your heart what is true.
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« Reply #22 on: May 04, 2007, 12:12:16 pm »


....................We saw a high priest standing on the steps of an immense
Pyramid, exhorting his listeners to war. 

The pictures impressed upon the Scrolls of Time rolled on, changed and we saw
the opposing camp.  Saw the leaders ranting and raving.

Time moved on.  We saw streaks of white vapour in the blue of the skies and then
those skies turned red.  The whole world trembled and shook.  We, watching, ex-
perienced vertigo.  The darkness of the night fell over the world.  Black clouds, shot
with vivid flames, rolled around the whole globe.  Cities flamed briefly and were gone.

Across the land surged the raging seas.  Sweeping all before it, a giant wave, taller
than the tallest building had been, roared across the land, its crest bearing aloft
the flotsam of a dying civilization.

The Earth shook and thundered in agony, great chasms appeared and closed again
like the gaping maws of a giant.

The mountains waved like willow twigs in a storm, waved, and sank beneath the seas.

The whole surface of the world was in a state of change, of continuous motion.

The few scattered survivors, out of millions, fled shrieking to the newly risen
mountains.  Others, afloat in ships that somehow survived the upheaval, reached
the high ground and fled into any hiding place they could find.

The Earth itself stood still, stopped its direction of rotation, and then turned in the
opposite direction.

Forests flashed from trees to scattered ash in the twinkling of an eye.  The surface
of the Earth was desolate, ruined, charred to a black crisp.

Deep in holes, or in the lava-tunnels of extinct volcanoes, a scattered handful of
Earth's population, driven insane by the catastrophe, cowered and gibbered in their



T. Lobsang Rampa - 1963

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« Reply #23 on: May 05, 2007, 08:34:02 am »

I don't think an English plumber who conned people into thinking he was the reincarnation of some Tibetan Lama is necessarily the most reputable source of info Wink 

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« Reply #24 on: May 05, 2007, 08:45:11 am »


Rampa's account is just as valid as some other myth or legend.

Just because he was an "English Plumber"  who believed himself to be the
reincarnation of some Tibetan Lama does not deny him the right to express

After all, I included his tale as a "Doomsday" scenario, not gospel truth, or
is not my "Queen's English" good enough?

Love and Peace,
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Your mind understands what you have been taught; your heart what is true.
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« Reply #25 on: May 05, 2007, 08:54:36 am »

Just me being my usual cynical self Wink   

And I tend to treat most myths with a healthy dose of salt as well Cheesy 
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« Reply #26 on: May 05, 2007, 06:10:14 pm »

Hi Bianca
I see you've finished reading the book Grin  Why is it do you suppose, that the people who try to teach and enlighten us, always have such a hard go of it?  I don't think the "plumber" personality could have made up everything he wrote in that book. It's too detailed.  Let's pretend for a moment that he ISN'T the reincarnation of the Lama.  Just as himself, he could have trained and reached a level of mindal development whereby he could read the Akashic records.  In that case, the book would have simply been about what he read there, like Edgar Cayce.  But this book has so much detail, it does seem the fellow was reincarnated.  Even if he wasn't and say had dreams and visions telling him this story, it's certainly an enlightening story.  Now everyone will want to find this cave just to "prove" the story.  It will be found - when the time is right.
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An open-minded view of the past allows for an unprejudiced glimpse into the future.

Logic rules.

"Intellectual brilliance is no guarantee against being dead wrong."
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« Reply #27 on: May 06, 2007, 06:59:01 pm »


It's a case of "kill the messanger"........

Sadly, critics always ignore the MESSAGE, as they believe themselves to be
intellectually superior and way too highly educated to think of MYTHS with
anything but "a healthy dose of salt".......

Regardless, Edgar Cayce predicted the ATOMIC BOMB years before Enrico
Fermi ever came to the US. 

Rampa's book was written in 1963.

Maybe things are different in the United Kingdom, but the following certainly
'rang a bell" with me:

".........scientists working in laboratories, working to produce even deadlier
weapons, working to produce better bugs........"

".........priests of each sect taught it was a HOLY DUTY to kill the enemy........"

".........leaders ranting and raving..........."

".........we saw a high priest on the steps of an immense pyramid, exhorting his
listeners to war..........."

The last one, especially, is so TRUE of a certain so-called "man of god", who calls
down destruction (essentially hurls a curse) on whole cities in HIS OWN COUNTRY
because they pass laws or act not in the way he perceives his peculiar brand of
Xianity.......Not content with that, he publicly calls for ASSASSINATION of a
country's democratically elected leader.  Oh, yes, he's the one who STINKS UP
Edgar Cayce's own city, Virginia Beach.

As to the "MUSHROOM CLOUD", well, at almost the age of 70, I am more scared
now of that threat than I ever was during any time of the Cold War years.  We
had leaders, then, who worked tiressly and earnestly to keep us safe.  Most of
all, none of them espoused a "fundalistic Armageddon"......

Well, I could go on and on.........In my own "peculiar way", I do my best to make
sure my great-grandbabies DO have a future, and a happy one.

So, I'll keep on praying for

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Your mind understands what you have been taught; your heart what is true.
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