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Nordic Aliens (Original)

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Author Topic: Nordic Aliens (Original)  (Read 7925 times)
Jennie McGrath
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Jennie McGrath

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   posted 11-18-2005 08:48 PM                       
Hi Unknown!

Nope! You mean that old actress who believes in reincarnation? Does she believe in ETs, too?
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Jennie McGrath
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   posted 11-18-2005 08:51 PM                       
Yah she wrote a couple of books about her experiences, which include her meeting extraterrestrials in her travels somewhere in south or central america, not sure. They were the Nordic type though.

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several species of small furry animals gathered together and grooving with a pict in a cave

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Jennie McGrath
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Jennie McGrath

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   posted 11-18-2005 09:05 PM                       
Wow, I'll have to check her out on the web with that stuff. You know the Nordics are working with the government of Puerto Rico and trying to keep it safe from the grays. That's a fact!

That poor chupcabra guy is probably just a lost gray who got hungry, and desperate. 
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Jennie McGrath
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   posted 11-18-2005 09:06 PM                       
I think you would enjoy her books.

several species of small furry animals gathered together and grooving with a pict in a cave

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Jennie McGrath
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Jennie McGrath

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   posted 11-18-2005 09:19 PM                       
1992 Abduction: UFO Experience Support Association, P.O. BOX 191. Regents Pk. NSW. 2143
Alien females from 1992 experience.
The world's first DNA PCR investigation of biological evidence from an alien abduction
by Bill Chalker/ Anomaly Physical Evidence Group ( APEG ). Copyright 2001-Bill Chalker/APEG Trust

A Sydney, Australia abduction experience from 1992, with biological evidence, became the subject of the world's first DNA PCR investigation, yielding intriguing results that have suggested fascinating new lines of investigation and speculation. Dr Kary Mullis received the Noble Prize in chemistry for his discovery of the PCR technique. Mullis is unigue amongst Noble laureates in claiming that he may have had an alien abduction experience. He confirmed this to me and indicated others had similar experiences at his northern Californian cabin.

Born in 1964, in Lebanon, Peter Khoury migrated to Australia in 1973. He met his future wife while at school, Vivian in 1981, marrying in 1990. They have 2 children. what might be Peter's first encounter with a UFO occurred in Lebanon in the summer of 1971 at age 7. He and seven other children had gone up onto the rooftop of his neighbor's house to play. Peter was the last one to walk through a heavy that leads onto the roof. He then saw all his friends "frozen" like statues in front of him, while a silent egg-shaped craft hovered above. All eight children later found themselves on the ground floor after some time had elapsed, with no memory of the intervening period.

In Sydney during February 1988, Peter & Vivian saw a strange light doing extraordinary movements in conjunction with a beam of light effect. The light source would appear at two places simultaneously, the original light source would create a light beam that in turn produced an image of the object in two distinct places at one time.

Peter & Vivian Khoury
A frightening and life changing alien abduction experience occurred on July 12, 1988. Khoury had lay on a bed and was overwhelmed by paralysis. A number of beings became apparent around him. One of them, a tall thin golden yellow coloured being, with large black eyes, inserted a long needle like object onto the side of his head. Khoury blackout. He regained consciousness with a start and rushed into the adjoining room where he found other family members in a "switched-off" state. Rousing them, Khoury found that while they thought only 10 minutes had passed, in reality it seemed between 1 to 2 hours had passed. An injury to his head was verified.

Beings from 1988 experience
At that time Peter Khoury had no real context to anchor his disturbing experience. Eventually he became aware of abduction experiences and entered the UFO field to initially understand what happened to him. Eventually frustrated with the problems and politics that plagued his association with ufology he formed a support group- the UFO Experience Support Association (UFOESA ) during April, 1993.

UFO Experience Support Association ( Inc )
Despite trying to focus on supporting other's, Peter Khoury found that strange experiences had continued for him. In retrospect, the most striking one occurred on July 23, 1992, according to diary entries.

1992 diary entry
He had been recovering from head injuries received in a job site assault (he worked in the building industry in his own cement rendering business). At about 7 am, having returned to his Sydney suburban home from the train station, after dropping off his wife, Khoury felt unwell and lay down on the bed to sleep.
He woke with a start sometime later, becoming aware of something alighting on the bed. He was shocked to see two strange women kneeling on the end of his bed. Both were naked. One appeared Nordic and the other Asian. Aspects of their appearance were quite odd. The Nordic female had a very elongated face and a sharply pointed chin. Her eyes appeared to be blue and 2 to 3 times larger than normal. She had very fine wispy blonde hair that seemed to be oddly blown up. Her skin colour was quite light. The dark brown skinned Asian looking woman seemed to have almost completely black eyes. Her hair was black and set in a firm page-boy style.

an artists impression of the two alien females
Although no normal communication occurred, the Nordic woman seemed to be in charge and Khoury got the impression she was giving the Asian looking woman some sort of instruction. What followed was quite disorientating for Khoury. The Nordic woman, who seemed to be over 6 feet tall and apparently very strong, reached forward and pulled Khoury's head to her breast. He resisted, trying to pull away. She did this 3 times. Finally Khoury, trying to cope with the shock and disorientating nature of this experience, bit on her nipple apparently swallowing a piece from it. The Nordic woman, although seemingly confused, did not react with any pain and nor was there any sign of blood. She seemed to convey to the other woman that this was not the way things were supposed to happen. Khoury was overcome with a coughing fit. Moments later, looking up again, he found that both woman had vanished.

The coughing caused Khoury to get a drink of water, moments later he went to the bathroom to urinate, he found it very painful to do so, due to, it turned out, some very fine blonde hair wrapped tightly under his foreskin. Khoury removed the hair and had the foresight to place it in a plastic sachet bag with a seal. He did that because he felt there was no way it should be there. It was unlike his wife's hair. Khoury concluded that something extraordinary bizarre had just occurred and linked the 2 pieces of thin hair (about 10-12 cm & 6-8 cm long) to the strange tall, blonde haired Nordic looking woman.

Even though Vivian had been very supportive of him about his 1988 abduction experience, Peter refrained from telling her what occurred for about 2 weeks. She accepted it far better than Peter did, telling him it was something he has no control over and they would deal with it as best as they could.

Like many other abductees Peter Khoury has had a number of experiences. During November, 1996, while in bed with Vivian beside him asleep, he felt an energy presence intruding into the room. He opened his eyes. He saw what seemed to be several small hooded figures (similar to his 1988 experience) appearing to come through the mirror. As they came closer Peter experienced paralysis and felt he was being floated horizontally feet first towards the mirror. Touching the surface of the mirror with his feet felt like he was going into water, like a change of density, not something solid. Khoury felt a sense of electrical static buzzing right through his body. He watched as the reflection of his head approached his face. As soon as they touched, he blacked out. He did not remember anything else other than waking up in the bed again. There were other episodes in about 1994 or early 1995 involving a light burst or sound of an explosion, this being witnessed in part by Vivian. On another occasion he felt a "pins and needles" paralysis developing. He tried to wake Vivian. He was eventually after great difficulty able to touch her. she woke up nd simultaneously it was "like somebody ripped the sheets of him". Peter likened it to as if something was sucked out of him. The feeling had been engulfing him and as soon as he touched Vivian the feeling was gone. Between 1996 and 1999 Khoury is unaware of any experiences.

In 1996, Peter was hypnotically regressed by Pulitzer prize-winning, Harvard psychiatrist John Mack to try to clarify the 1988 experience. Under Mack's regression Peter described being taken into an illuminated room. He was on a table with one entity above him, speaking to him but with a sound like 50 of them. Peter thought at the time, how was he going to remember what the entity told him. The recollection faded and everything went dark again. That was all that came out in the session. Peter has had a couple of regression sessions. He is not satisfied with any of the hypnotic recollections and feels more comfortable with the consciously recollected details, such as those of 1988 and 1992.

(left to right) Prof, John Mack, Peter Khoury, Bill Chalker & Dominique Callimanopulos (photo P. Khoury)
Because of the bizarre and controversial nature of the 1992 episode, Peter was more comfortable describing his 1988 experience. The strange encounter with the 2 unusual woman was discussed and examined in a limited and fragmentary way. It was not until 1996 that I heard from Peter Khoury about the hair sample that had been recovered from what may have been an alien abduction sexual assault case. By 1998, I began an investigation into the hair sample, when biochemical colleagues agreed to undertake what was the world's first PCR (polymerase Chain Reaction) DNA profiling of biological material implicated in an alien abduction experience. The analysis confirmed the hair came from someone who was biologically close to normal human genetics, but of an unusual racial type - a rare Chinese Mongoloid type - one of the rarest human lineages known, that lies further from the human mainstream than any other except for African pygmies and aboriginals. There was the strange anomaly of it being blonde to clear instead of black, as would be expected from the Asian type mitochondrial DNA. The study concluded, "The most probable donor of the hair must therefore be as (Khoury) claims: a tall blonde female who does not need much colour in her hair or skin, as a form of protection against the sun, Perhaps because she does not require it."

An artist's impression of the blonde haired "nordic" being encountered by Peter Khoury in Sydney during 1992.

The DNA sequence overlayed was extracted from the hair sample recovered by Khoury (from the cover of the International UFO Reporter (IUR), Spring, 1999)
Magnafied hair sample showing optical transparency and pronounced mosaic structure. The circles of light are reflections. Photo taken from video (b. Chalker/APEG). The DNA sequence on the left is from the hair shaft.
The original DNA work was done on the shaft of the hair. Fascinating further anomalies on where the mitochondrial DNA testing occurs, namely confirming the rare Chinese type DNA in the shaft and indicating a rare possible Basque/Gaelic type DNA in the root section.

The hair root DNA sequence
This was very puzzling and controversial, until a 'Nature Biotechnology" paper appeared in 2000. It revealed recent findings on hair transplanting with previously incompatible hair, using advanced cloning techniques, developed in a possible cure for baldness. We seem to be seeing similar combined or "grafted" DNA in the sample recovered under controversial circumstances by Peter Khoury back in 1992. Perhaps indicating possible viral resistance. The hair sample seems to show it contains 2 deleted genes for CCR5 protein and no intact gene for normal undeleted CCR5- this CCR5 deletion factor has been implicated in aids resistance. To keep a very complex story somewhat uncomplicated , what seems to be suggested by the range of findings is possible evidence for advanced DNA techniques and DNA anomalies & findings, for which we are only now discovering or starting to make sense of in mainstream biotechnology.

The nature of these genetic findings has lead to some interesting possible connections with ancient cultures, myths and archaeological finds such as the strange Taklamakan mummies in China (tall European like peoples (Celtic ?), some of whom had blonde hair) and the stories of the female Basque God Mari and the Gaelic Irish tales of the Tuatha da Danann. The Tuatha tales describe powerful gods with orange or blonde hair and other unusual attributes. While such cultural and mythic connections are fascinating speculations, they provide for an interesting perspective on the many stories of Nordic type beings implicated in UFO abduction and contact cases.

(left to right) "statuette in the hood"- in ivory from the Aurignacian period, at the Grotte du pape, Bassempouy ("Stone Age Satuette" by J. Ben, FSR Case Histories (19710 from the Musee des Antiquites Nationales at Saint-Germain-en Laye); artist's impression of the female being in the 1957 Antonio Villas Boas event (with blonde hair, sharp angular chin and blue eyes) (Artist Tony Roberts in "UFOs - the definitive casebook" by J. Spencer (1991); reconstructed impression of the face of the" Beauty of Kroran" mummy from Tarim/Tuklamakan, China, with hair described as "blondish-brown" in colour ("The Tarim Mummies" by J. Mallory & V. Mair (2000); artist's impression of the blonde haired, blue eyed and fair skinned female being encountered by Peter Khoury in 1992
Mari - the neolithic Goddes of Old Europe and the primary deity in Basque mythology - has many manifestations, including "as a tree that looks like a woman or a tree emitting flames", "a white cloud or rainbow, or a ball of fire in the air", a "sickle of fire, as which she appears crossing the sky" and "seen enveloped in fire, lying down horizontally, moving through the air".

The records from ancient Ireland describe a whole series of invasions. The "Lebor Gabala Erren" ('The book of the Taking of Ireland" or the " book of invasions"), compiled during the 12th century A.D. describes the coming of the mysterious Tuatha de' Danann or Tribe of Danu. They were apparently tall, blond or red-haired strangers, 'expert in the arts of pagan cunning", who supposedly interbred with the locals, while teaching them many kinds of useful skills. The Lebor Gabala records their dramatic entrance to Ireland as follows:

" In this wise they came, in dark clouds from northern islands of the world. They landed on the mountains of Conmaicne Rein in Connachta, and they brought a darkness over the sun for three days and three nights. Gods were their men of arts, and non-gods their husbandmen."

A golden ship model from 1st century BC Broighter, Ireland. There are many stories of aerial ships or "demon ships" ('loinger demnacda") in the Irish annuals.

Extracts from the Lebor Gabala (top & centre) and an artist's impression of a likeness of the Tuatha people.
According to the mythic tales the Tuatha de' Danann were advanced enough to arrive in western Ireland (near modern Connacht) by air. They divided into two social classes: "gods as teachers of medicine, smithing, communication or druidry, and "non-gods" as farmers or shpherds. Although no one knows for certain what the Tuatha looked loke, descriptions, such as of their female war-leader Eriu, indicate tall attractive people with pale skin, high foreheads, long red hair and large blue eyes. Other descriptions indicate blonde, golden hair and blue eyes. The blonde haired woman in the 1957 abduction of Antonio Villas Boas also had red body hair (pubic hair). She seems remarkably like Peter's female visitor and the description of Eriu. If the Tuatha cross-bred with local humans, they would have left hybrid descendants who look somewhat like themselves.

Further focused DNA analyses of biological samples implicated in alleged alien abduction experiences will help determine the reality behind the claims of abductions and the validity of speculation driven by DNA, historical, cultural and mythic connections.

Some limited funding has permitted the purchase of specialized equipment to further this fascinating and groundbreaking work. Funding has permitted a DNA research presence, co-ordinated by APEG, in a friendly laboratory facility.


The heart of the procedure- the PCR express system (1) The imaging & data transfer equipment (2) Specialised freezer (3) & centrifuge (4) PCR & DNA concumables9 chemicals etc (5)

'New Directions in Alleged Alien Investigation and Research':
A proven focused DNA technique for assessing claims of alien abduction
By Bill Chalker

Many abduction cases exist where alleged biological evidence has been reported. Few of these cases have been the subject of investigations that try to adequately address the question of whether such evidence supports or refutes the possible alien reality behind such experiences. Such events lend themselves to an established forensic DNA profiling technique, which could help establish the credibility of such claims. Since most abduction cases imply a measure of unwanted assault on the victims of such experiences, a forensic approach towards verification of the alleged perpetrators is desirable. Since DNA is the only building block of life that we know, biological specimens recovered in alleged abduction cases would provide researchers with a clear point of comparison.

A key claim by many abduction researchers is that abductions involve some form of genetic agenda. This scenario would require compatibility between aliens and humans. The claims of sexual encounters are alleged to add further support to this scenario. This very element amongst the extraordinary range of fantastic claims made about abductions is one of the major stumbling blocks to the credibility of abduction claims. Mainstream science argues that if alien life exists it is unlikely to be compatible with human life. Hence any claims to the contrary, such as alien abductions, are regarded as absurd.

Therefore this limited and focused DNA profiling technique goes to the very heart of one key claims behind the alleged alien abduction agenda. It provides an opportunity for testing the credibility of such claims. If such claims are true then there should be some compatibility in the DNA of alleged alien specimens, but some possible anomalies may be evident that would perhaps not be readily reconciled with measures of human DNA variability. One established way of undertaking this is to undertake such analysis with the goal to establish a precise DNA base sequence of mitochondrial hypervariable region I, spanning nucleotides 16,000 to 16400 of mitrochondrial DNA. Such is present in hundreds of copies within each human cell, and therefore acts as an easily amplified genetic marker for the polymerase chain reaction (PCR), even in moderately degraded samples, i.e. measuring the DNA variability beyond the documented "human consensus ' of the region of DNA hypervariablity.

This technique has been tested in one abduction case to date, in an investigation undertaken by this writer of a biological sample- a blonde hair- implicated in the abduction of a Sydney man, Peter Khoury, during 1992:

"Strange evidence", International UFO Reporter (IUR), Spring, 1999 issue, Volume 24, No 1, pgs-3-16, 31.
"UFO Abductions & Science - A case study of strange evidence", Australasian Ufologist, Vol,3, No,3, 3rd, 1999, pgs, 43-56.
See a brief summary of the case:
"DNA Sample from Abduction case raises big questions- Mystery blonde leaves hair behind-- but who was she?"
Which can be found on the internet at several sites, including: (UFO Folklore web site) (Alien Astronomer web site)
The original analysis confirmed the hair came from someone who was biologically close to normal human genetics, but of an unusual racial type - a rare Chinese Mongoloid type- one of the rarest human lineages known, that lies further from the human mainstream than any other except for African pygmies and aboriginals. There was the strange anomaly of it being blonde to clear instead of black, as would be expected from the Asian type mitrochondrial DNA.

The The original DNA work was done on the shaft of the hair. Fascinating further anomalies were found in the root of the hair. Two types of DNA were found depending on where the mitrochondrial DNA testing occurs, namely confirming the rare Chinese type DNA in the shaft and indicating a rare possible Basque/Gaelic type DNA in the root section.

This case confirms the utility of the DNA forensic approach, however the real challenge ahead for researchers is to determine if these anomalies are both valid and significant. To do this researchers in the controversial area of abductions should cooperate with a testing program focused on this specific area of DNA profiling. Testing of a significant number of legitimate samples would provide an opportunity for validation of the unusual anomalies found to date. The further results would add to the database of biological evidence of alleged alien specimens. Such a strategy could help to detriment if aliens are a biological reality and if indeed any are visiting our planet and abducting humans. Perhaps such information could also provide for an interesting perspective on the many stories of Nordic type beings implicated in UFO abduction and contact cases.

The Anomaly Physical Evidence Group (APEG) has been formed to focus attention on biological strategies in abduction investigations. Preliminary funding has facilitated a small laboratory presence addressing this exciting area. The APEG can be contacted through this writer at P.O Box W$@, West Pennant Hills, NSW, 2125, Australia or via bill

Anyone who believes they have biological evidence implicated in UFO and Abduction experiences are encouraged to contact the APEG through Bill Chalker. Any such evidence will need to be assessed for its potential as credible evidence warranting the cost, resources and time involved in the DNA focused study:

The UFO Experience Support Association can be contacted via Peter Khoury P.O Box 191 Regents Pk, NSW, 2143, Sydney, Australia or via e-mail:


Anomal Evidence Investigation Group
& DNA Investigations.

IUR SPRING 1999: Re; Peter Khoury

This is a complex and difficult story to tell. We have taken a hair sample that was allegedly from an alien abduction episode and subjected it to DNA polymerase chain reaction (PCR) analysis a technique that has not been used before in UFO investigation. Without this evidence, the case would be like any other alien abduction account: a bizarre story without any evidence to support its reality.
The evidence we have uncovered suggests connections that may require us to consider new hypotheses on the biological nature of at least some of the beings implicated in alien abduction experiences. Unlike many investigators and researchers in this area, I will not rush to judgment on what all this means. This is the first study of its kind. If we had 100 more like it, we would certainly be a more confident in getting an answer. Some of the professional scientists involved in this work would like to do much more, but they are hampered by a lack of funding and time.

To date, all funding has been from the pockets of the team involved. We would all be happier if increased funding allowed us to undertake such work in a more open and supported way. This study provides a glimpse of what can be done to bring science to bear on physical evidence in abduction cases. If you are able to assist with funding please contact me, c/o P.O. Box W42, West Pennant Hills, NSW 2125, Australia.


As a scientist, I am aware of the fundamental position that extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. How-ever, such evidence also often requires extraordinary inves-tigation and research to obtain it. J. Allen Hynek put his finger on the real problem in a 1981 issue of Frontiers of Science. Sadly, not much has changed. He wrote, ďwe come face to face with the charge that after 30 years of dealing with UFO reports we still have no really convincing Ďhard dataí. . . .

I grow livid when such charges of Ďno dataí are made. After years of frustration without the funds to pay for adequate laboratory and other professional work, I bristle at the lack of understanding on the part of the scientific skeptics, who wouldnít get to first base without well funded research projects with staff, travel and laboratory facilities. . . . All we have are abortive, often amateurish attempts at data gathering, data analysis, and feeble attempts at laboratory studies (on a charity basis, of course), all of which dwindle into inconclusion and frustration. . . .

It is my contention that Ďhardí data may well have been present in many UFO cases but their discovery and definitive establishment has repeatedly gone by default for lack of professional (funded) treatment. It has always been a case of Ďtoo little and too late,í necessitated by the use of volunteers bolstered only by their unselfish devotion to the pursuit of an overwhelming mystery.Ē

To date, some compelling evidence has been discovered for the physical reality of mainstream UFO events:
ē Physical traces from UFO landing cases; Rosedale, Australia (1980), Transen Provence, France (1981), and Tully, Australia (1966);

ē Electromagnetic effects in close encounter incidents, particularly car stalling cases; Levelland, Texas (1957), and Norah Head, Australia (1973);

ē Radar-visual encounters; the Sea Fury Australian Navy pilot encounter (1954);

ē Physical effects on witnesses the alleged fatalities in Cooktown, Australia (1959), the Texas Cash-Landrum encounter (1980), and the ďchupaĒ encounters in Brazil, where fatalities have been reported; and to a lesser extent, photographic evidenceóthe Australian Benboyd UFO movie (1976).

Similar evidence to support the reality of abduction events has been lacking or not compelling. And yet such events have come to dominate the entire UFO scene. Indeed, we have the extraordinary problem that the abduction phenomenon is now seen as the core of ufology. The UFO phenomenon itself has been abducted by the alien abduc-tion phenomenon. Until we have gained a much greater certainty about abduction data, it should not be central to our understanding of the UFO mystery.

We are much more certain about the physical dimensions of the mainstream UFO phenomenon. We shouldnít abandon the firm foundations developed over decades for the extraordinary uncer ainties and fantastic claims that dominate the field today.


STRANGE EVIDENCE: Peter Khoury interview
[Copyright Notice]


IUR SPRING 1999 Peter Khoury pt1

Most of the Australian abduction cases I have researched since the 1970s have perhaps told me more about the human condition than they have about UFOs. Some may wish to argue the point, but the majority of these cases have been conspicuously devoid of compelling physical evidence. The 1993 Narre Warren incident is one of the few compelling exceptions. Here we are dealing with an event that appears to involve physical evidence and three groups of apparently independent witnesses who may confirm a disquieting reality.

A woman, Kelly Cahill, contacted me on October 4, 1993, seeking assistance in understanding a bizarre experience she had near the Melbourne suburban housing estate of Narre Warren North, in the foothills of the Dandenongs, Victoria, between Belgrave and Fountain Gate, during the early hours of August 8, 1993.

This incident has been now extensively documented. My own account of the complex episode has appeared in ďAn Extraordinary Encounter in the Dandenong FoothillsĒ (IUR, Sept./Oct. 1994), and also in my book The Oz Files (1996), pp. 9Ė16. Keith Basterfield described the case in his UFOs: A Report on Australian Encounters (1997), pp. 123Ė 128, and Kelly Cahill has written about the incident herself in her book Encounter (1996).

The incident appears to involve independent confirma-tion of a CE3 and missing time in that at least two and possibly three groups of people unknown to each other witnessed the same UFO and entities, and experienced missing time. Perhaps for the first time, independent wit-nesses have offered strikingly similar information, thus making a convincing case for the reality of the strange events described.

This reality is further strengthened by a range of apparently related physical traces, including ground traces, a low-level magnetic anomaly apparently consistent with the location of the UFO encounter, and effects on some of the witnesses. I referred Kelly Cahill to John Auchettl and his group Phenomena Research Australia (PRA).

They had two different laboratories confirm several unusual anomalies and magnetic problems at the apparent site of the UFO landing. Some interesting changes in soil chemistry were detectedó an above-average sulphur content, the presence of pyrene (which occurs in coal tar and is also obtained by the destructive hydrogenation of hard coal), and tannic acidó in a crescent-shaped indentation. There was a triangular formation of dead grass on the ground, spaced out in the site.

These physical dimensions represent compelling evi-dence for a reality underlying abduction events. The case is a striking example of the importance of focusing on the physical evidence for extraordinary UFO events. Such a strategy will provide for insight into the nature and purpose of UFO activity. However, cases like Narre Warren are rare. Most abduction events have little or no direct, unambiguous evidence. Implants, missing fetuses, scars, and other abduction- related anomalies still have not been sufficiently sub-stantiated.

Over the years, I have been fortunate to have been able to work with an informal network of scientists who all view the UFO phenomenon as worthy of serious attention. (Many of my ďinvisible collegeĒ colleagues prefer to contribute anonymously because the UFO problem is seen as a forbid-den science.

The frustrating thing is not that many scientists are skeptical about UFOs, but that they ignore what is often powerful evidence. However, the impact of the ďcourt of scienceĒ and the ďpolitics of scienceĒ is powerful, so ufology has not yet won the support of mainstream science.) One approach we have been investigating is biological, involving the use of powerful DNA techniques to examine physical evidence from abduction episodes.

Indeed, if these bizarre events occur at some physical level (at least as we understand it), then potential physical DNA evidence should be available. We have been studying some specimens, in particular a controversial hair sample. As the following report will show, we have undertaken a mitochondrial DNA Sequence analysis of a hair follicle from an apparent alien abduction case. This method has allowed us to provide a measure of reality to an experience that would otherwise be deemed just too bizarre.

Without this level of scientific validation, the incident would be no less unbelievable than most other abduction episodes. But now the case has the benefit of scientific evidence that lends it credibility and hints at unusual and hitherto unsuspected connections. ALIENS AND HAIR? Most aliens in abduction episodes, particularly the so-called ďgrays,Ē are described as hairless, but in a significant number of cases hair is mentioned. Tall, Nordic-like beings have been reported, as in the Travis Walton case of 1975. Separate from his initial encounter with small, fetuslike aliens, Walton reported seeing three tall humanoids, two men and a woman, each similar in appearance and with the same coarse, brownish-blonde hair.

The womanís hair was longer, past her shoulders. There are many other cases like this. The apparently bald grays have only dominated abduc-tion reports in the last two decades, especially since Whitley Strieberís Communion (1987). Budd Hopkins in Intruders (1987) described ďhybrid childrenĒ with thin, wispy hair. David Jacobs in The Threat (1998) records extensive abductee interactions with human-looking hybrids. The concept of hybrids in abduction accounts is diffi-cult to reconcile with our current understanding of the limitations of interspecies breeding.

Indeed, given the pos-sibility that we may be dealing with a vastly technologi-cally superior species that is very likely biologically differ-ent from us, alien-human hybrids seem both scientifically improbable and logically implausible. We might reason that if aliens have visited us through advanced space travel or some space-time wormhole, the barriers to combining different biochemical building blocks might have also been solved. But, even then, why create such hybrids? Maybe David Jacobsís scenario should be turned on its head: Perhaps alien-human hybrids are a cover for a much simpler agendaóthe preservation of our stock, not theirs.

But this is wild, unsubstantiated speculation. Michael Swords has presented some excellent reviews of this problem in ďExtra-terrestrial Hybridization Unlikely,Ē MUFON UFO Jour-nal, November 1988, and ďModern Biology and the Extra-terrestrial HypothesisĒ in the MUFON 1991 International UFO Symposium Proceedings. An entertaining discussion of the problems can also be found in Jeanne Cavelosís book The Science of the X-Files (see the chapter on ďGrays, Hybrids, and UFOsĒ).

Peter Khoury: I now turn to Peter Khoury, the individual whose abduction experience was the focus of the DNA-sequence PCR study. In order to give an accurate and complete account of the affair, I need to paint a picture of the abduction milieu that has focused on him. Many people are searching for answers for a profound mysteryóan abduction experienceó that has intruded into their lives. Some will be well-served by ethical and profes-sional UFO researchers.

Others may encounter extreme elements within the UFO community or the skeptical con-tingent. Fortunately, if difficulties occur there are alterna-tives. Support groups, for example, have sprung up in many Australian states; if properly run, they serve an important function. One of the most notable examples of the support group concept in Australia has been the UFO Experience Support Association (UFOESA) based in Sydney.

It emerged out of frustrations with the formal UFO-group structure. It de-scribes itself as ďa nonprofit, voluntary organization dedi-cated to helping witnesses and experiencers of UFO events cope with and understand their encounters.Ē UFOESAís coordinator, Peter Khoury, was born in Lebanon in 1964 and migrated to Australia in 1973 where he met his future wife Vivian at school in 1981.

They married in 1990 and have two children, Stephen (born in 1995) and Georgia (1998). Peter works in the building industry, and has had his own business in cement rendering. Peterís introduction to UFOs was modest to begin with. In February 1988 he and Vivian had seen a strange light making extraordinary movements in conjunction with a beam of light. Vivian had also gotten him to read Shirley MacLaineís Out on a Limb (1986).

These were hardly momentous entrťes, but all that changed with a shattering and life-changing experience in July 1988. This is how Peter described it: On the 12th July 1988, I had an experience which changed my life. While . . . lying on my bed, I felt something grab my ankles. As I felt this, a strange numbness, tingling and churning sensation crawled up through my body and right up to my head. I was paralyzed, I could not move any part of my body but for the exception of my eyes which I could move, open, or close.

My brain was functioning but I could not do anything physically. I tried to call out to family mem-bers but I could not force the words out. At this stage I started to panic, thinking I would not walk again. I thought I was truly paralyzed. All of a sudden I looked to my right side and I could see three or four figures wearing dark robes with hoods on their heads. Their faces were very wrinkled and shiny dark black in color. They were only about three to four feet in height. It was then that communication was made telepathically.

There was no sound made, yet I could hear the message in my mind. I was told not to worry and I would not be harmed and to relax. As I moved my eyes and looked to the left side I noticed two beings who looked so different from the others. These two were thin, tall with big black eyes and a narrow chin. They were gold-yellow in color. The one closest to my head communicated with me telepathi-cally, telling me not to worry, it would be like the last time. He looked at me with those big black eyes and I could feel the emotion through them.

It was the eyes that expressed these feelings. You could see the smile in the eyes. It was at this stage that I noticed a long needle-like, flexible crystal tube. The being then pointed the needle to the top left side of my head and inserted it. It was then that I blanked out. The next thing I remember I was conscious. I jumped out of bed like a flash, I walked into the TV room where my dad and brother were. I noticed they were asleep. I woke my brother upóhe looked dazed and lost. As he put it, he felt switched off. I asked him how long it had been since I went to my room.

He replied about 10 minutes, which was how long I thought it had been. When I left the TV room a film was just starting, yet The two female aliens. as I spoke to my brother we realized that the TV station was closed and at least one to two hours had passed by. The next day I spoke to my [fiancťe] Vivian. I explained to her what had happened through the night. As I touched the spot where the needle was inserted, I discovered some dried blood under my finger nail. Vivian took a closer look and noticed a puncture hole and blood. I went to my family doctor and asked for a check up.

The doctor spotted the puncture mark in-stantly and commented that I must have hit my head on a nail at work. When I tried to explain what had happened I was laughed at. I had nowhere to go for help, no one to discuss the incident with. It was frustrating to experience something so bizarre, so strange, yet so real. I ask you all to think about the situation abductees are in. What if you became a victim of the same circum-stances? Wouldnít you want someone to listen to you and feel confident in the fact that the people you are reporting your experience to understand and support you?

I ask you once again to be open-minded to the fact that there are many individuals experiencing this phe-nomenon throughout the word. It takes a lot of courage simply to ďcome outĒ and tell a story like this. It takes strength of character to go the extra step by trying to help others in similar circumstances. Peter and other people like him are to be encouraged to follow their convictions. Researchers have no exclusive mandate on the right approach, but can offer advice, perspective, and (perhaps where appropriate) a critical comment to keep experiencers from getting caught beyond their depth in the less desirable aspects of fringe UFO culture.

Immediately after this July 1988 experience Peter had nothing to focus his anxiety and confusion about the epi-sode. He also had physical scars on his body that were apparently connected to the experience, including a biopsy- like puncture mark on his shin. He was not aware of abduc-tion cases and struggled for understanding. His own Leba-nese background and Vivianís Greek ancestry provided no comfort. Family members even suggested he had encoun-tered St. Charbel, a 19th-century Lebanese Catholic monk, apparently because of the presence of robes.

This explana-tion offered no comfort for Peter. Months later, while driving, Vivian and Peter were shocked to see a petrol station billboard with the now familiar Strieber gray-alien face. Peter saw that it was very similar to the creatures he had seen. The poster was promot-ing the paperback version of Communion, so they acquired the book. Vivian read it first, remarking to Peter that he was not going to believe what he would read. Peter found it was like a checklist for his own bizarre encounter. He went through it and at each significant detail was saying ďyes, yes, yes, no, no, yesĒ to the various aspects.

There was much in common and just as much not in common. However, as far as Peter was concerned he had some sort of context to anchor his own strange experience. It was a start. Getting further assistance proved difficult. Profes-sional help was not forthcoming. While the cost of hypno-therapy was daunting, as soon as he mentioned why he wanted it Peter found that no one would help him. Eventu-ally he heard about a UFO group that was about to have its first meeting. He went along and entered the uncertain world of ufology, complete with investigation, research, speculation and (alas) politicking. Soon he found himself being the groupís ďabduction coordinator.Ē

He stayed with them for about a year, until petty politics took its toll. He found that the time spent there did not help him understand his own experience. For people who professed to be re-searching the subject, he felt he knew a lot more about it and was more sensitive to the complex needs of people who had gone through such episodes. As a result, on April 14, 1993, he formed the UFO Experience Support Association. W hile this allowed him to assist others with simi-lar experiences, Peter found that things had not ended for himself. In July 1992 he had the bizarre expe-rience that would become the focus of this study.

Because of the discovery of the hair and the sexual nature of the experience, Peter was not at all confident talking about it. He found the courage to talk to the UFO group he had originally joined but they didnít seem all that interested. Even within his own support group, while it was per-haps more thoughtfully considered, ulti-mately nothing was done about it. Although I started to talk to Peter about his original 1988 encounter in 1993, it was three years later that he told me about his 1992 episode and showed me the Biopsy-like mark on Peter Khouryís shin. hair sample for the first time.

My focus at that time was on more conventional investigations, but I kept in mind the fact that a hair sample had been recovered from what may have been an alien-abduction sexual assault case. What to do about it? Initially there was little I could do. However, by early 1998 my circle of ďinvisible collegeĒ colleagues had ex-panded to include some biochemists. Our discussions then led to the fact that such techniques as polymerase chain reaction (PCR) amplification and sequencing of mitochon-drial DNA on the hair sample might be an opportunity to do some real science in an area that has been dominated by wild claims and theories.

Though the prospects for a break-through would be very small, a biochemical approach to abductions could prove enlightening. I think this study has demonstrated that, but it also has the added bonus of identifying some intriguing anomalies. After becoming aware of the 1992 episode, I discussed it informally with Peter on a number of occasions. When it became clear that the biochemical analysis was producing some interesting results, I sat down with him and conducted an extended interview on February 8, 1999. Nothing that emerged from that interview contradicted or exaggerated the recollections he had described to me intermittently since 1996.

I have found Peter to be a friendly and reliable person. He has at times become passionate and volatile about his cause and does not suffer anyone who doubts the integrity of those who genuinely feel they have experienced an abduction. He keeps an open mind on the nature of these experiences, but he calls for serious and ethical research and support of abductees. Over the course of the past six years Peter and I have become friends.

Given the nature of Peterís 1992 experience, it is best if we learn of it from his own words, from my recent interview.

BC: Peter, we have talked a few times in the past about this experience from June or July of 1992. [The actual date was July 23, 1992, as confirmed by his diary.] Can you tell me, in your own words, what happened then?

PK: Well, basically it was at a time I had had head injuries and I was on medication, and I was pretty sick.

BC: What were the head injuries about?

PK: I got attacked at a job site by three guys. I was hit with shovels on the head; trowels were thrown at me. So I had pretty bad injuries. I suffered a lot of pain. I was on a lot of medication. Because of that I would vomit constantly, particularly in the morning. I know there was one time I vomited about 10 times, and that was just while driving Vivian from home to the station, which is about three minutes away by car.

I had to pull up about 10 times. I would just get sick. But I remember one morning, I had driven Vivian to the station. I did pull up a few times and get sick. I drove back home and got back into bed, at about 7 [in the morning], It took a couple of minutes . . . and I was asleep. All of a sudden, it was about 7:30, I just sat bolt upright in bed for some reason. I was totally asleep and all of a sudden I sat straight up. I noticed that there were two females on the bed. At the time I was still sort of waking up.

In that state of trying to wake up, put my senses together, I noticed there were two females on the bed. The way I was looking at it, it smeed like I was looking through the back of my head, through my eyes, , watching myself, I could see myself in front. I could see the back view of me. It is really hard to explain, but I was virtually looking through my image in front of me. I was watching this and I could see myself as well as the other two women.

BC: How were these two women seated on the bed?

PK: Well one was opposite me, directly opposite me. It was on a double bed, so there was a lot of room. The one opposite me was a blonde-looking woman and she was sitting with her legs tucked under her back side. She was virtually sitting on her calves. . . . The one on the other side was kneeling halfway, she wasnít actually sitting down .
As far as the description of these women, one of them was blonde and the other was dark-haired and oriental-looking. Iíll describe the blonde one first. She was . . . in her mid-thirties; she had good skin; the hair was pretty weird, for the morning, anyway. You donít see a woman get up with makeup and her hair all done up. Hher hair was done up like the wind was hitting it, like it was blown back. It was different. I had never seen a hair style like that; it was something like Farrah Fawcett, but to an extreme . . . It just looked really exotic in a way . . . Her facial features . . . she had protruding cheeks, very high cheeks. The nose was long; I wouldnít say too long, such as a big nose; but long as in stretched in proportion with the face, because it was a long face;Her eyes were two to three times bigger than our eyes. I looked at the eyes and I knew I wasnít looking at a human female. . . . Not forgetting that I had previous experiences . . . I connected it straight away, to something of that kind. She looked humanoid, and human in features. Her mouth and her lips were normal in size.

BC: What about the shape of the face?

PK: The shape of the face was longer than usual. It was as if it was somehow stretched . . . just longer, longer than ours, pointier than ours. . . .The head just didnít look right. It was longer and narrower than a human being for example. Her body . . . she had normal female breasts. She was naked . . . I didnít notice anything different about her body. . . .She had average-sized breasts, well proportioned. The only thing that looked different to me was the face, in that it was longer than ours, the eyes were two to three times bigger than ours. . . . The chin was pointier . . . . The hair covered the ears .
Her hair came down to about halfway down her back . The hair looked really exotic . . . it looked wispy in a way; although it looked nicely done, it looked to me like it was frail . . . it was flimsy . . . it wasnít very strong hair. She reached out and grabbed onto me and grabbed me with both of her hands, from the back of my head.
The blonde one was directly opposite me and when I sat upright she was probably two feet away from me. The other one was to the right and sitting on the side of the bed . . . . When I looked at her I got the impression that she was watching the blonde one and learning how to interact. She was just there with this concentrated-like look . . . she was watching my reactions to the blonde.

BC: What about the musculature? Were they thin-boned or were they muscular?

PK: Well the impression I got from the blonde one was that she was very tall. I would say she was a foot and a half higher than me. [Peter is 182 cm tall, 71.7 inches or approximately six feet.] . . . she was a lot taller than me, thatís for sure.

The dark-haired woman looked Asian. . . she would be average height, 5 feet 8 or so.
Her features also werenít completely humanóthe cheekbones reminded me of an Asian woman, but too extreme, it was as if she had been punched in the cheeks by Mike Tyson or something. . . . The cheeks were too puffy; the eyes were too big once again, about the same size as the other one; her eyes were dark, almost black; I donít remember seeing white in the eyes. . . . The blonde had light-colored eyes, maybe bluish. . . . She had normal, human-looking eyes except for the size. But the other one, it was like looking at a TV screen, that tone of dark.

BC: What about skin tone?

PK: One was light (the blonde). She was like a normal westerner, the tone of the skin was very light. The other one had darker skin, darker than an Asian woman, maybe like . . . from India, that darker tone of color.
Her skin tone was very dark. . . . Looking at both females, and noticeing these differences . . . I knew that I was not looking at a human female. . . . The Asian womanís face . . . looked more human than the other one . . . except for the eyes and cheekbones . She had straight black hair down to her shoulders, I didnít see her hair move, It looked like a vale, like a head set, it looked like it didnít fit there.
I have never seen a human looking like that. The blonde one was showing the dark-haired one how itís supposed to be done or how to interact or . . . whether it was a sexual interaction. . . . I donít know.

PK: I had come back from dropping my wife off at the station. I got back into bed at about 7:05 a.m. I was clothed. Iíd had a shower the night before and Went to bed. Fell asleep. Got up in the morning, drove my wife to the station, came back home, I felt really ill, so I went straight back to bed. At about 7:30 I sat bolt upright in bed.
I donít know why. There was no reason for it . . . my eyes open and there were those two women there. . . . I was like . . . What is going on? Whatís happening here?
Although I had been involved in the UFO field and I had come across a lot of cases . . . I donít think I had come across a case where an abduction experience had occurred during the day or morning hoursóItís always been night-time or early hours such as threeó never during daylight. I knew I was looking at something that didnít belong in my room or in my house, but there they were. If I didnít have the hair sample as proof for myself, I would say that I was on enough drugs, pain killers, etc., to maybe hallucinate .

BC: What sort of things were you on?

PK: Panadeine Forte [a pain medication].

BC: Not generally known for their hallucinogenic properties.

PK: I was put on Prozac, but I only took one tablet. I read up on it ( Prozac )and I was not confident in what I found.

BC: Were you suffering from fevers?

PK: No just a lot of headaches, pain, severe migraines, a lot of vomiting, a lot of dizziness. But no I wasnít hallucinating. I got injured in March and I had been on medication all along up until the experience and even after. Around that time I felt I was being given too many different medications, so I approached the doctors and narrowed it down and just basically started taking Panadeine Forte and Voltarin . . . for six to seven months after that. When I had extreme headaches I would take up to three Panadeine Forte and thatís really it.

BC: Getting back to the two women on the bed, you said the dark-haired one was looking as if she was being shown what to do, what was the right thing to do. What happened then?

PK: Well, I looked at the blonde one. When I noticed there were two there I was like trying to analyze how they got there first. Like, someoneís broken into the house. It was just such a shock to me to wake up to see that.

BC: Had the front door been locked?

PK: Oh yes, the front door would have been locked. It would be very hard for me to find two women who looked like these ones, especially the blonde one. You get Asians, and they would say the same about us, but they all seem to look alike. If I had a lineup of 10 Asian women and she was in the line up, I would pick her out, because she had distinctive features.

The expression on her face was blank. you know when you look at someone and you see a sparkle in their eye, you know theyíre alive, I didnít see that in their eyes. It was just like looking at someone with a glass eye . . . there was something missing. . . . The Asian one in particularóher stare was just straight at us, just watching, analyzing whatís going on.
The blonde's actions as far as I was concerned were clinical . . . no emotion whatsoever. She just basically reached out and grabbed me from the back of the head with both her hands. She cupped the back of my head and forced me towards her breast, towards her left breast. I resisted and she forced me to her breast again, I resisted, she forced me a third time, pulling me towards her. She was pretty strong . . . when Iíd resist she would pull me straight back with ease . . . She pulled me over and my mouth was basically on her nipple, I could not breath so I bit a small piece off.

BC: Why did you do that?

PK: I donít know. Iíve asked myself many times. I know how much it would hurt a woman if you did bite her nipple. I swallowed it and it was stuck in my throat for three days. I donít know why I did it. I donít know whether it was like a defense thing for me to get away from her. I know there might be a lot of people who will say this is a sexual fantasy or whatever. Iíve been around. Iíve been with two women. It wasnít a cosmic experience for me, it was normal. I havenít done it again. I didnít think it was that great. Itís just normal, nothing to write home about. . . . I think that my biting her nipple was the only way I could say that I didnít want to do this. When I did bite her nipple Iíve pushed back and the expression on her face was like ďthis isnít the way.Ē

In a way it was shock or confusion. Like this isnít the way itís supposed to be. She looked at the Asian one, I remember, her looking over. They looked straight at each otherís face and looked at me like this isnít the way itís suppose to happen. Youíve done this wrong. Iím swallowing and there is this thing stuck in my throat and I started coughing, and as soon as I started having this coughing fit thatís when everything stopped, they werenít there anymore. I got out of bed.

BC: How do you mean?

PK: They just vanished. One second they were there, then they were gone. The thing is that when I bit her nipple she didnít scream, she didnít bleed or cry, she didnít react at all to the pain. No way at all was there any pain associated with what I did. That really put a big question mark on what was going on. Like, what the hell was going on?
There was no blood, there was nothing, no trace whatsoever. It was if I took a bite out of a plastic dummy or mannequin that was made of rubber or something. When I bit the nipple it felt to me as if I had bitten a little bit of elastic band for example, rubbery substance. I started to cough, got this coughing fit and I might have taken my eyes of them for a split second I think, then Iíve looked up and they werenít there any more. I got out of bed coughing, really bad coughing. I had some-thing stuck in the back of my throat that I was trying to cough out. I remember getting a glass of water, having a drink, didnít do anything, walked straight to the bathroom to use the toilet.

BC: Before you got to that point and you had the glass of water, were you aware between the time of coughing and being aware that they werenít there was there any sense of continuity of time?

PK: Oh yes, I donít believe I blacked out. I donít think so.
BC: What about this sense you described earlier of having viewed most of this through the sense of being behind yourself and seeing through you?
PK: Well thatís what I mean. Soon as I had this coughing fit Iíve looked up and they were gone and I was looking through my own eyes. There was nothing there. It was just me on the bed. But the whole time when this was happening I had the feeling as if I was . . . looking through the back of my own head and through my own eyes . . . as a second person looking through. It was really weird. It was like looking through binoculars, but through the back of my own head.
I was watching myself having this experience . . . I donít know how to understand it myself, itís pretty weird, you know, being involved in the field you would think you would have some answers. Itís ridiculous.

BC: Why did you go and drink some water?

PK: Well, to wash this thing down. . . . There was definitely something stuck in my throat. I had a coughing fit that went for hours, for three days. I tried bread. My mum called a couple of times during the day and heard me coughing over the phone. She told me just eat some bread and wash it down. Not that I told her what it was.
I spoke to Vivian on the phone.

BC: When did you speak to her?

PK: It would have been half an hour after it happened.

BC: What did you say to her?

PK: She would have just got into work. about 8:30 I spoke to her. she heard me coughing and asked what was wrong, I said Iíve got this thing stuck in my throat. Iíve been trying to wash it down. It wonít go. Itís annoying. I said to her, ďWhen you come home I just want to talk to you about something,Ē and left it at that. I waited until she came home. While I was home on my own I was coughing. I was trying to drink. But after the first glass of water I went into the bathroom to use the toilet.

BC: Why was that? Did you feel . . .

PK: I had to go to the toilet.

BC: Would that have been normal at that time?

PK: Not really, I had a strong urge to go to the toilet. I had a glass of water and that even made it more so that I needed to go. I went to the toilet. As I said before I had a shower the night before. Then I went straight to bed. Vivian and I just fell asleep. Nothing happened. Basically I was in that much pain when I tried to use the toilet I thought my **** was slashed. It felt like it was cut up and it was just burning. It was just too painful. I pulled the foreskin back, wrapped around the head and part of my **** was this hair, really tightly wrapped, and there was an-other little hair that was also intertwined. . . . It really, really hurt. it was so painful. It was like a nylon string, and it was going to cut me off. . . . I untangled it. It was really painful to untangle to . . . not that it cut me, though. But it felt really, really painful to take it off.

When I eventually took it off, I went into my office and grabbed a plastic sachet bag, I put the hair in and sealed it. The reason I did that was because I knew that there was no way, no way at all, that a hair that size and wrapped around the way it was should have been there, and thinking of these women, the thing in my throat, the hair, something bizarre had just happened. Iím glad now I actually kept the sample, because as you know Iíve kept it for quite a few years.

BC: Given the set of circumstances that you actually recollect how do you connect this with the women, because you have described the sense that there was no sort of break in continuity, they were there . . . then youíve looked up and they were gone, then there was this sense of this hair there.

PK: I donít know if something happened before I drove Vivian to the station and it continued when I got back. I donít know if it started as soon as I went back to sleep.

BC: Well, lets get back to your sense of awareness of lying on the bed, and then suddenly upright. I think you mentioned to me before there was this sense of either something going onto the bed like a cat jumping on the bed.

PK: Yes. Maybe, thatís what woke me up. It was a feeling like something. light stepped. on the bed . . . [It is] a normal, conventional bed, base ensemble, with a mattress and bed head . . . a very firm bed. If someone sat on it, you would notice. maybe thatís what made me sit bolt uprightóthe movement, feeling something on the bed, but for two women to be on the bed, the movement was too light.

BC: Can you just describe what sort of clothing you were in at the time?

PK: Track suit pants and a sloppy joe [sweatshirt] . . . and just normal jocks .

BC: When you had this awareness, this encounter with two ladies after it ended and you were coughing, were you aware of your clothing being messed about or was it just as if you were dressed the same way as you went to bed?

PK: No, I was dressed the same way I went to bed, the only thing is the coughing didnít stop. . . . I recall when Vivian came home, I said to her some-thing happened, but I was not ready to talk about it yet, I explained to her that when I was able to talk to her about my experience she should connect it to the coughing fits. If I tell you in a week, a month, whenever I tell you, connect the two.
she said, Yes no problem, it took me over two weeks to talk about it.

BC: Why?

PK: I donít know, in a way I felt guilty. Then I realised that I had no control over what happened, at the same time I thought how was Vivian going to deal with this. I mean . . . we were married, we didnít have kids at the time. . . . Like, how am I going to explain it to her. How is she going to feel, how is she going to deal with it. Is she going to feel threatened? . . . She surprised me actually. Two weeks down the track [on August 14] I said to her, ďLook, remember when I had the coughing fit?Ē She said, ďYes.Ē I said, this is what happened and there were these females on the bed, etc., I asked her, what do you think about it.
She said, ďItís not like something you can control, itís not like youíre inviting a woman over while Iím not here. What can we do about it?Ē I was shocked. . . . She accepted it better than I did.

BC: What did you do about it at the
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Ran across this really long list of movies, YV shows and video games that feature aliens that I would like to share with everyone:



Updated 26 May 2003 (added 66 titles 2000-2003) (33 kilobytes)

courtesy of The Internet Movie Database:

20 Million Miles to Earth (1957)
...aka Beast from Space, The (1957)
...aka Giant Ymir, The (1957)
2001: A Space Odyssey (1968)
"3rd Rock from the Sun" (1996) TV Series
...aka "Life As We Know It" (1996)
Abyss, The (1989)
Ace of Space, The (1953)
...aka Popeye, the Ace of Space (1953)
"ALF" (1986) TV Series
Alien (1979)
Alien Abduction: Incident in Lake County (1998) (TV)
...aka Incident in Lake County (1998) (TV)
Alien Agenda: Out of the Darkness (1996)
Alien Autopsy, The (1997) (TV)
Alien Contamination (1981)
...aka Contamination (1981)
...aka Contamination: Alien on Earth (1981)
...aka Toxic Spawn (1981) (video title) (cut version)
Alien Factor, The (1977)
Alien Fury: Countdown to Invasion (2000) (TV)
...aka Alien Fury (2000) (TV) (USA)
...aka Countdown to Invasion (TV) (English title: International release)
Alien Gods (2003) (TV)
Alien Holocaust (1998) (V)
"Alien Hunter" (2001) TV Series
Alien Love Triangle (2001)
Alien Nation (1989) (TV)
Alien Nation: Dark Horizon (1994) (TV)
Alien Nation: Body and Soul (1995) (TV)
Alien Nation: Millennium (1996) (TV)
Alien Nation: The Enemy Within (1996) (TV)
Alien Nation: The Udara Legacy (1997) (TV)
Alien Predator (1987)
...aka Alien Predators (1987)
...aka Cosmos mortal (1987) (Spain: dubbed version)
...aka Falling, The (1987)
Alien Prey (1984)
...aka Prey (1984)
Alien Terminator (1995)
Alien: Resurrection (1997)
...aka Alien 4 (1997)
"Alienators: Evolution Continues" (2001) TV Series
... aka "Evolution: the Animated Series" (2001) (UK)
Aliens (1986)
Aliens Among Us (2002) (TV)
Aliens Are Coming, The (1980) (TV)
Alien3 (1992)
"Aliens in the Family" (1996) TV Series
"Aliens Next Door" (1989) TV Series
Amagaedun uzu (1986)
...aka Space Armageddon (1986) (Asia: English title)
American Beauty (1999)
Andromeda Strain, The (1971)
Apple Jack (2001)
Are We Alone in the Universe? (1978)
Arena (1991)
"Argento Soma" (2000) TV Series
Arrival, The (1996)
...aka Shockwave (1996)
Astronomy of Errors (2000)
Atomic Submarine, The (1959)
Avaruuden teurastajat (1996) (V)
"Babylon 5" (1994) TV Series
Babylon 5: A Call to Arms (1999) (TV)
...aka Call to Arms, A (1999) (TV)
Babylon 5: In the Beginning (1998) (TV)
...aka In the Beginning (1998) (TV)
Babylon 5: The Gathering (1993) (TV)
...aka B5 (1993) (TV) (USA: promotional abbreviation)
...aka Babylon 5 (1993) (TV) (USA)
Babylon 5: The Legend of the Rangers: To Live and Die in Starlight (2002) (TV)
...aka Legend of the Rangers: Babylon 5 (2002) (TV) (USA promotional title)
Babylon 5: Thirdspace (1998) (TV)
...aka Thirdspace (1998) (TV) (USA)
...aka Thirdspace: A Babylon 5 Adventure (1998) (TV) (USA: promotional title)
Bad Taste (1987)
*batteries not included (1987)
Battlefield Earth: A Saga of the Year 3000 (2000)
...aka Battlefield Earth (2000) (USA: short title)
Beast with a Million Eyes, The (1955)
...aka Beast with 1,000,000 Eyes, The (1955)
Bio-Tech Warrior (1996)
Bladesphere (1993)
Blob, The (1958)
Blood Suckers from Outer Space (1984)
...aka Bloodsuckers from Outer Space (1984)
Body Snatchers (1993)
Brain from Planet Arous, The (1957)
Breach of the Peace (1994) (V)
...aka Stranger: Breach of the Peace, The (1994) (V) (UK: complete title)
Breeders (1986)
The Brother from Another Planet (1984)
"Bureau of Alien Detectors" (1996) TV Series
Caballero del dragón, El (1985)
...aka Knight of the Dragon, The (1985)
...aka Star Knight (1993) (USA: video title)
Can of Worms (1999) (TV)
Cape Canaveral Monsters, The (1960)
Caught In the Spray (1998)
Cherez ternii k zvyozdam (1981)
...aka Humanoid Woman (1981)
...aka Per Aspera Ad Astra (1981)
...aka To the Stars by Hard Ways (1982) (USA)
...aka ŖĀŮĀÚ ÔĀŮŽÉÉ Ť Úx£ÚÄÁÍ (1981) (Soviet Union: Russian title: original
Cyrillic KOI8-R title)
Chikyu Boeigun (1957)
...aka Defence Force of the Earth (1957)
...aka Earth Defense Force (1957)
...aka Mysterians, The (1957)
Children of the Damned (1963)
"Chôjikě kidan Southern Cross" (1984) TV Series
...aka "Super Dimensional Cavalry Southern Cross" (1984)
"Chronicle, The" (2001) TV Series
... aka "News from the Edge" (2001) (USA)
Chubbchubbs!, The (2002)
Close Encounters of the Third Kind (1977)
Cocoon (1985)
Cocoon: The Return (1988)
Communion (1989)
Coneheads (1993)
Coneheads, The (1983) (TV)
Conker's Bad Fur Day (2001) (Videogame)
Contact (1997)
Cosmic Christmas, A (1977) (TV)
Creature (1985)
...aka Titan Find (1985) (USA)
...aka Titan Find, The (1985) (UK: video title)
Creature Wasn't Nice, The (1981)
...aka Naked Space (1981)
...aka Spaceship (1981)
Creeping Terror, The (1964)
...aka Crawling Monster, The (1964)
...aka Dangerous Charter (1964)
Critters (1986)
Critters 2: The Main Course (1988)
Critters 3 (1991)
Critters 4 (1991) (V)
"Crusade" (1999) TV Series
Cumulus 9 (1992)
...aka C-9 (1992) (USA)
...aka Cloud 9 (1992)
...aka Cumulus 9 (1992) (USA)
Dark Breed (1996)
Dark City (1998)
Dark Seed (1992) (VG)
...aka Darkseed (1992) (VG)
Dark Seed II (1995) (VG)
...aka Darkseed II (1995) (VG)
"Dark Skies" (1996) TV Series
Dark Star (1973)
Dark, The (1979)
...aka Mutilator, The (1979)
Day Mars Invaded Earth, The (1962)
The Day the Earth Stood Still (1951)
Day the World Ended, The (2001) (TV)
Deep Space (1987)
"Deepwater Black" (1997) TV Series ...aka "Mission Genesis" (1997)
Destination Inner Space (1966)
...aka Terror of the Deep (1966)
Dig, The (1995) (VG)
Dirty Pair: Project Eden (1987)
Drachenland (1999)
...aka Dragonland (1999) (Europe: English title)
Dragon Fighter (2003) (V)
Dreamcatcher (2003) under-rated Stephen King adaptation
Duck Dodgers in the 24 1/2th Century (1953)
Dude, Where's My Car? (2000)
ET: The Extraterrestrial (1982)
...aka E.T. (1982) (USA: short title)
Earth 2 (1994) (TV)
Earth Girls Are Easy (1989)
Earth vs. the Flying Saucers (1956)
...aka Invasion of the Flying Saucers
"Earth: Final Conflict" (1997) TV Series
...aka "Gene Roddenberry's Battleground Earth" (1997) (USA)
...aka "Gene Roddenberry's Earth: Final Conflict" (1997)
Eclisse, L' (1962)
...aka Eclipse, The (1962) (USA)
"Emberi kaland, Az" (2001) TV Series
... aka "Human Adventure, The" (2001) (USA)
Empire Strikes Back, The (1980)
...aka Star Wars: Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back (1980) (USA: complete title)
Enraged New World, An (2002)
"Enterprise" (2001) TV Series (Star Trek prequel)
Enterprise: Broken Bow (2001) (TV)
...aka Star Trek Enterprise: Broken Bow (2001) (TV)
Eta vesyolaya planeta (1973) (TV)
...aka This Merry Planet (1973) (TV)
...aka üÔÁ xĀÓ£ŪÁĄ ‹ŪÁŽĀÔÁ (1973) (TV) (Soviet Union: Russian title: original
Cyrillic KOI8-R title)
Explorers (1985)
Eye Creatures, The (1965)
...aka Attack of the the Eye Creatures (1965) (USA: changed title)
Faculty, The (1998)
Far on Foot (2001)
Femalien II (1998)
Fifth Element, The (1997)
...aka CinquiŹme élément, Le (1997) (France)
Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within (2001) (digitally generated feature)
...aka Fainaru fantaji (2001) (Japan)
Final Fantasy VII (1997) (VG)
Fire in the Sky (1993)
Fire Maidens from Outer Space (1954)
...aka Thirteenth Moon of Jupiter, The
Flesh Gordon (1972) x-rated
Flying Saucer Mystery, The (1950)
Foiled (2000)
Forbidden Planet (1956)
From Beyond (1986)
...aka H.P. Lovecraft's From Beyond (1986)
"Future Fantastic" (1996) TV Series
Galaxy Invader, The (1985) (V)
Galaxy of Terror (1981)
...aka Mindwarp: An Infinity of Terror (1981)
...aka Planet of Horrors (1981)
...aka Quest (1981)
Galaxy Quest (1999) Hugo Award
Gendarme et les extra-terrestres, Le (1978)
"Gigantor" (1965) TV Series
Gojira: Kaiji dai-rantou (2002) (Videogame)
...aka Godzilla: Destroy All Monsters (Videogame) (European title)
"Good Vibrations" (1992) (mini) TV Series
Grays, The (1991)
...aka Brain-Sucking Aliens in Your Backyard (1991)
Green Legend Ran (1992) (V)
Groom Lake (2002)
Halo: Combat Evolved (2001) (Videogame)
... aka Halo (2001) (Videogame) (USA short title)
"Head, The" (1994) TV Series ...aka "MTV's Oddities Presents The Head" (1994)
Heavy Metal (1981)
Hermano del espacio (1986)
...aka Brother from Space (1986)
...aka Eyes Behind the Stars (1986)
...aka Fratello dello spazio (1986) (Italy)
Hidan of Maukbeiangjow, The (1973)
...aka Invasion of the Girl Snatchers (1985) (USA: reissue title)
Hidden II, The (1994)
The Hidden (1987)
High Crusade, The (1994)
...aka High Crusade - Frikassee im Weltraum (1994) (Germany)
High Desert Kill (1989) (TV)
Hobgoblins (1987)
Hombre mirando al sudeste (1986)
...aka Man Facing Southeast (1986)
...aka Man Looking Southeast (1986)
Horror of the Blood Monsters (1970)
...aka Blood Monster (1970)
...aka Creatures of the Prehistoric Planet (1970)
...aka Creatures of the Red Planet (1970)
...aka Flesh Creatures of the Red Planet (1970)
...aka Flesh Creatures, The (1970)
...aka Horror Creatures of the Lost Planet (1970)
...aka Horror Creatures of the Prehistoric Planet (1970)
...aka Horror Creatures of the Red Planet (1970)
...aka Space Mission of the Lost Planet (1970)
...aka Space Mission of the Prehistoric Planet (1970)
...aka Space Mission to the Lost Planet (1977) (USA: reissue title)
...aka Vampire Men of the Lost Planet (1970)
Human Duplicators, The (1965)
...aka Agente spaziale K1 (1965)
...aka Jaws of the Alien (1965)
...aka Space Agent K1 (1965)
Hyper Sapien: People from Another Star (1986)
...aka Hyper Sapien (1986)
I Come in Peace (1990)
...aka Dark Angel (1990)
I Married a Monster from Outer Space (1958)
Ice Planet (2001)
Impostor (2002)
Incontri molto ravvicinati del quarto tipo (1978)
...aka Very Close Encounters of the 4th Kind (1978)
Independence Day (1996)
...aka ID4 (1996) (USA: promotional abbreviation)
Interceptor Force 2 (2002) (TV)
Intruder Within, The (1981) (TV)
...aka Lucifer Rig, The (1981) (TV)
Intruders (1992) (TV)
"Invader ZIM" (2001) TV Series (animated)
"Invaders, The" (1967) TV Series
Invaders (1992) (TV)
Invaders from Mars (1953)
"Invasion America" (1998) TV Series
"Invasion: Earth" (1998) (mini)TV Series
Invasion Earth: The Aliens Are Here (1987)
Invasion for Flesh and Blood (1996)
Invasion of the Saucer Men (1957)
...aka Hell Creatures (1957)
...aka Invasion of the Hell Creatures (1957)
...aka Invasion of the Saucer-Men (1957) (USA: poster title)
...aka Spacemen Saturday Night (1957)
Invasion: Stanford 1991 A.D. (1990)
Invisible Invaders (1959)
It Came from Outer Space II (1996)
It Conquered the World (1956)
It's Now... or NEVER! (1995)
Jason X (2001)
"Jeopardy" (2002) TV Series
Jungle Hell (1956)
...aka Jungle Boy (1956) (USA: video title)
K-PAX (2001)
"Kacho Oji" (2000) TV Series
... aka "Black Heaven" (2000) (USA)
... aka "Legend of Black Heaven, The" (2000) (USA: video title)
Kaijě daisenso (1965)
...aka Battle of the Astros (1965)
...aka Godzilla vs. Monster Zero (1970) (USA: video title)
...aka Great Monster War, The (1965)
...aka Invasion of Astro-Monster (1965)
...aka Invasion of Planet X (1965)
...aka Invasion of the Astro-Monsters (1965)
...aka Invasion of the Astros (1970) (USA: armed forces circuit title)
...aka Kaijě daisenso Kingughidorah tai Gojira (1965) (Japan: reissue title)
...aka Monster Zero (1970) (USA)
...aka War of the Monsters (1965) (literal English title)
Kaijě sôshingeki (1968)
...aka All Monsters Attack (1968)
...aka Attack of the Marching Monsters (1968)
...aka Destroy All Monsters (1971) (USA)
...aka Gojira dengeki taisakusen (1972) (Japan: reissue title)
...aka March of the Monsters, The (1968)
...aka Monster Attack March (1968)
...aka Operation Monsterland (1968) (UK)
"Kikô sôseiki Mospeada" (1984)TV Series
...aka "Genesis Climber Mospeada" (1984)
Killdozer (1974) (TV)
Killer Klowns from Outer Space (1988)
"Klasskrig" (1998) (mini) TV Series
Lagaan: Once Upon a Time in India (2001)
...aka Lagaan (2001) (India: Hindi short title)
...aka Land Tax (2001) (International English title)
Laserblast (1978)
Law, The (1992)
"Lensman: Kozěmosu no daisensô" (1987)TV Series
...aka "Lensman: Great War of the Cosmos" (1987) (Asia: English title)
"Lexx: The Dark Zone" (1997) (mini)TV Series
...aka "Lexx: I Worship His Shadow" (1997) (mini)
...aka "Lexx: The Dark Zone Stories" (1997) (mini) (UK)
...aka "Tales From a Parallel Universe: I Worship His Shadow" (1997) (mini) (USA)
Lifeforce (1985)
Lilo & Stitch (2002) (Animated feature)
Liquid Sky (1983)
Mackenheim (2002)
The Man from Planet X (1951)
Man Who Fell to Earth, The (1976)
Mark of the Astro-Zombies (2002) (V)
Mars Attacks! (1996)
Martien de NoĎl, Le (1971)
...aka Christmas Martian, The (1971)
Marvin the Martian in the Third Dimension (1996)
...aka Duck Dodgers in the Third Dimension (1996)
Mato Grosso (1999)
Meatballs Part II (1984)
...aka Space Kid (1984)
Mekagojira no gyakushu (1975)
...aka Escape of Mechagodzilla, The (1975)
...aka Escape of Megagodzilla, The (1975)
...aka Mechagodzilla vs. Godzilla (1975)
...aka Monsters from an Unknown Planet (1975)
...aka Monsters from the Unknown Planet (1975)
...aka Revenge of Mechagodzilla (1975)
...aka Terror of Mechagodzilla (1977) (USA: US version)
Men in Black (1997)
...aka MIB (1997) (USA: promotional abbreviation)
Men in Black Alien Attack (2002)
...aka Men in Black: The Ride (2000) (Unofficial title)
Men in Black II (2002)
...aka MIB 2 (2002) (USA: promotional abbreviation)
...aka MIIB (2002) (USA: promotional abbreviation)
"Men in Black: The Series" (1997) TV Series
Men In White (1998) (TV)
...aka National Lampoon's Men in White (1998) (TV) (USA)
Metroid (1989) (VG)
Monster High (1989)
Monster Man, The (2001) (V)
Mothman Prophecies, The (2002) misunderstood ingenious meta-horror
Mountains On the Moon (1998)
Music of the Spheres (1977)
Mysterious Two (1982) (TV)
Night of the Big Heat (1967)
...aka Island of the Burning Damned (1971) (USA)
...aka Island of the Burning Doomed (1971) (USA: TV title)
Night of the Blood Beast (1958)
...aka Creature from Galaxy 27, The (1958)
...aka Monster from Galaxy 27, The (1958)
Nightbeast (1983)
Night of the Creeps (1986)
Night Slaves (1970) (TV)
Night Visitors (1996) (TV)
Nightbeast (1983)
Not of This Earth (1988)
Nowhere (1997)
Nuevos extraterrestres, Los (1981)
...aka Extra Terrestrial Visitors (1981)
...aka Pod People (1983) (USA)
...aka Return of E.T., The (1981)
...aka Tales of Trumpy (1981)
...aka Unearthling, The (1981)
Odyssey 5 (2002) (TV)
Orion's Key (1996)
...aka Alien Chaser (1996)
...aka Project Shadowchaser 4 (1996)
Pale Blue Moon (2001)
Perfect Dark (2000) (Videogame)
...aka PD (2000) (Videogame: UK promotional title)
...aka Red and Black (Videogame: Japan: English title)
Phantasm (1979)
...aka Never Dead, The (1979)
Phantasm II (1988)
Phantasm III: Lord of the Dead (1994)
...aka Phantasm: Lord of the Dead (1994)
Phantom from Space (1953)
Phantom Planet, The (1961)
Pianeti contro di noi, I (1961)
...aka Hands of a Killer (1961)
...aka Man with the Yellow Eyes, The (1961)
...aka Monster with Green Eyes, The (1961)
...aka Planets Against Us, The (1961)
Pitch Black (2000)
Planeta Bur (1962)
...aka Cosmonauts on Venus (1962)
...aka Planet of Storms (1962)
...aka Planet of Tempests (1962)
...aka Storm Planet (1962)
Plant, The (1994)
Pleasurecraft (1999)
Polymorph (1996)
"Powers of Matthew Star, The" (1982) TV Series
Predator (1987)
Predator 2 (1990)
Project: ALF (1996) (TV)
Pussbucket (1991)
Quatermass (1978) (TV)
...aka Quatermass Conclusion, The (1978) (TV)
Quatermass and the Pit (1967)
...aka Five Million Years to Earth (1967)
...aka Mind Benders, The (1967)
Rachel, Nevada (1997)
Raising Dead (2002)
Ran salu (1967)
"Read All About It!" (1981)TV Series
Red Planet (2000) not to be confused with the better Robert Heinlein
novel of same name
Remote Control (1987/I)
Resident Alien (1991) (TV)
Repo Man
Return of the Aliens: The Deadly Spawn (1984)
Return of the Jedi (1983)
...aka Star Wars: Episode VI: Return of the Jedi (1983) (USA: complete title)
Return, The (1980)
...aka Alien's Return, The (1980)
...aka Earthright (1980)
Riverworld (2002) (TV) adapted from Philip Jose Farmer novels
Robotech II: The Sentinels (1986)
"Robotech" (1985) TV Series
Rocket Man, The (1954)
Roswell (1994) (TV)
...aka Roswell: The U.F.O. Cover-Up (1994) (TV) (USA: video title)
Roswell - The Roswell Report: Case Closed (1997) (V)
"Roughnecks: The Starship Troopers Chronicles" (1999) TV Series
Salsa (2000)
Santa Claus Conquers the Martians (2000)
"Scare Tactics" (2003) TV Series
Sceriffo extraterrestre - poco extra e molto terrestre, Uno (1979)
...aka Sheriff and the Satellite Kid, The (1979)
Second Arrival, The (1998)
...aka Arrival II (1998) (USA: video title)
...aka Second Arrival, The (1998) (USA: cable TV title)
Seicross (1986) (VG)
Sex Files: Alien Erotica II (2000)
... aka Alien Species II: The Sex Files (2000) (USA: cable TV title)
SF Shinseiki Lensman (1984)
...aka Lensman (1984)
...aka Lensman: Secret of the Lens (1984)
Shadow Men, The (1997)
"Shin seiki evangelion" (1995) TV Series
...aka "Neon Genesis Evangelion" (1995)
Sims Livin' Large, The (2000) (Videogame)
...aka Sims Livin' It Up, The (2000) (Videogame) (UK title)
Slaughterhouse-Five (1972)
Something Is Out There (1988) (TV)
Soupe aux choux, La (1981)
Space Children, The (1958)
Space Jam (1996)
"Space: Above and Beyond" (1995)TV Series
...aka "Space: 2063" (1995)
"Space Rangers" (1993) TV Series
"Spadla z oblakov" (1978) TV Series
...aka "She Came Out of the Blue Sky" (1978)
Species (1995)
Species II (1998)
Specimen (1996)
Spider-Man (2000) (Videogame)
Star Trek: First Contact (1996)
Star Trek: The Experience (1998)
Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force (2000) (Videogame)
Star Wars (1977)
...aka Star Wars: Episode IV: A New Hope (1980) (USA: new title)
Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace (1999)
Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire (1996) (VG)
Starcrossed (1985) (TV)
Stargate (1994)
"Stargate: Infinity" (2002) TV Series
Starship Invasions (1977)
...aka Alien Encounter (1977)
...aka War of the Aliens (1977)
"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine" (1993) TV Series
...aka "DS9" (1993) (USA: promotional abbreviation)
"Star Trek: The Next Generation" (1987)TV Series
...aka "Star Trek: TNG" (1987) (USA: promotional abbreviation)
"Stargate SG-1" (1997) TV Series
Starship Troopers (1997)
Strange Invaders (1983)
"Strangerers, The" (2000) TV Series
"Super Adventure Team" (1998) TV Series
Super Godzilla (1993) (VG)
Supernova (2000)
Supersonic Man (1979)
Supa Metoroido (1994) (VG)
...aka Super Metroid (1994) (VG) (USA: literal English title)
"Swat Kats: The Radical Squadron" (1994) TV Series
"Taken" (2002) TV Miniseries
... aka "Steven Spielberg Presents Taken"
Tatort - Tod im All (1997) (TV)
"Ted and Alice" (2002) TV Series
Teen Alien (1978)
...aka Varrow Mission, The (1978) (Australia: video title)
Teenagers from Outer Space (1959)
...aka Gargon Terror, The (1959) (UK)
Tejing xinrenlei 2 (2000)
...aka Gen-X Cops (2002) (Hong Kong)
...aka Jackie Chan Presents: Metal Mayhem (2002) (USA title)
Tempting Fate (1998) (TV)
"Tenchi Muyo" (1995) TV Series
...aka "Tenchi Universe" (1995)
"Terrahawks" (1983) TV Series
TerrorVision (1986)
They Came From Beyond Space (1967)
They Live (1988)
...aka John Carpenter's They Live (1988) (USA: complete title)
Thin Air (1969)
...aka Body Stealers, The (1969)
...aka Invasion of the Body Stealers (1969)
Thing From Another World, The (1951)
...aka Thing, The (1951)
Thing, The (1982)
...aka John Carpenter's The Thing (1982) (USA: complete title)
Things Are Tough All Over (1982)
Threshold (2003) (TV)
Time Runner (1993)
...aka In Exile (1993)
"Time Tunnel, The" (1966) TV Series
To Dance With Death (2000) (V)
Tommyknockers, The (1993) (TV)
...aka Stephen King's The Tommyknockers (1993) (TV)
"Tomorrow People, The" (1992) TV Series
Total Recall (1990)
"Tracker" (2001) TV Series
Transformers: The Movie, The (1986)
...aka Transformers, The (1986)
Treasure Planet (2002) (animated feature)
Tribe of Joseph (2002)
Trollenberg Terror, The (1958)
...aka Crawling Eye, The (1958) (USA)
...aka Creature from Another World (1958)
...aka Creeping Eye, The (1958)
...aka Flying Eye, The (1958)
Turist Omer Uzay Yolunda (1973)
...aka Omer the Tourist in Star Trek (1973) (USA: literal English title)
Twelve to the Moon (1960)
...aka 12 to the Moon (1960) (USA)
Uchu kaiju Gamera (1980)
...aka Gamera, Super Monster (1980)
...aka Space Monster Gamera (1980) (literal English title)
...aka Super Monster (1980) (USA: TV title)
...aka Super Monster Gamera (1980)
.Uchu Kaisoku-sen (1961)
...aka Invasion From a Planet (1961)
...aka Invasion of the Neptune Men (1961)
...aka Space Greyhound (1961)
Uchujin Tokyo arawaru (1956)
...aka Cosmic Man Appears in Tokyo, The (1956)
...aka Mysterious Satellite, The (1956)
...aka Space Men Appear in Tokyo (1956)
...aka Unknown Satellite Over Tokyo (1956)
...aka Warning from Space (1956) (USA)
UFO Journals (1978)
"Ultraman: Towards the Future" (1990) (mini)TV Series
...aka "Ultraman Great" (1990) (mini)
...aka "Urutoraman G" (1990) (mini) (Japan)
"Uninvited, The" (1997) TV Series
"Urusei yatsura" (1981) TV Series
...aka "Those Obnoxious Aliens" (1981)
Urusei Yatsura 1: Onri yu (1983)
...aka Urusei Yatsura 1: Only You (1983)
Urusei Yatsura 2: Byutifuru dorima (1984)
...aka Urusei Yatsura 2: Beautiful Dreamer (1984)
Urusei Yatsura 3: Rimenba mai rabu (1985)
...aka Urusei Yatsura 3: Remember My Love (1985)
Urusei Yatsura 4: Ram za foeba (1986)
...aka Urusei Yatsura 4: Lum the Forever (1986)
Urusei Yatsura 5: Kanketsuhen (1988)
...aka Urusei Yatsura 5: Final Chapter (1988)
Urusei Yatsura 6: Itsudatte My Darling (1991)
...aka Urusei Yatsura 6: Always My Darling (1991)
...aka Urusei Yatsura 6: Forever My Darling (1991)
Urusei Yatsura: Denki shikake no goniwaban (1989) (V)
...aka Urusei Yatsura: The Electric Household Guard (1989) (V)
Urusei Yatsura: Nagisa no Fianse (1988) (V)
...aka Urusei Yatsura: Nagisa's Fiance' (1988) (V)
Urusei Yatsura: Otome hashika no kyofu (1991) (V)
...aka Urusei Yatsura: Terror of Girly-Eyes Measles (1991) (V)
Urusei Yatsura: Reikon to deito (1991) (V)
...aka Urusei Yatsura: Date with a Spirit (1991) (V)
Urusei Yatsura: Ryoko no Kugatsu no Ochakai (1986) (V)
...aka Urusei Yatsura: Ryoko's September Tea Party (1986) (V)
Urusei Yatsura: Tsuki ni Hoeru (1989) (V)
...aka Urusei Yatsura: I Howl at the Moon (1989) (V)
Urusei Yatsura: Yagi-san to Chiizu (1989) (V)
...aka Urusei Yatsura: Goat and Cheese (1989) (V)
"V" (1983) (mini) TV Series
"V" (1984) TV Series
"V: The Final Battle" (1984) (mini)TV Series
Village of the Damned (1960)
Village of the Damned (1995)
Virus (1999)
...aka Virus (1999) (France)
Visitants, The (1987)
Voyage to the Prehistoric Planet (1965)
...aka Prehistoric Planet (1965)
...aka Voyage to a Prehistoric Planet (1965)
Waiter, The (1997)
Wakusei daisenso (1977)
...aka Cosmo 2000: Planet Without a Name (1977)
...aka Cosmos (1977)
...aka Great Planet War (1977)
...aka Planet Wars (1977)
...aka War in Space, The (1977/I)
...aka War of the Planets (1977)
War of the Worlds, The (1953)
"War of the Worlds" (1988) TV Series
...aka "War of the Worlds: The Second Invasion" (1988)
"War Planets" (1998) TV Series
...aka "ShadowRaiders" (1998) (Canada: English title)
Warum die UFOs unseren Salat klauen (1979)
What on Earth! (1967)
...aka Terre est habitée, La (1967) (Canada: French title)
What Planet Are You From? (2000) comedy
Wing Commander (1999)
Within the Rock (1996)
Without Warning (1980)
...aka Alien Warning (1980)
...aka It Came Without Warning (1980)
...aka Warning, The (1980/I)
"X Files, The" (1993) TV Series
...aka "X-Files, The" (1993) (USA)
X Files, The (1998)
...aka X-Files, The (1998) (USA: closing credits title)
X Files: Resist or Serve, The (2003) (Videogame)
Xtro (1983)
Xtro II: The Second Encounter (1990)
Yusei oji (1959)
...aka Invaders From Space (1959) (USA: alternative title)
...aka Invaders From the Spaceship (1959) (USA: alternative title)
...aka Prince of Space (1959) (USA)
Zone Troopers (1986)
Zontar the Thing from Venus (1966)
Zool (1993) (VG)
Zoonomia (2000) (VG)
...aka Darwin's Revenge (JP)


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   posted 11-20-2005 07:15 PM                       
Boy! A prodidgious list to be sure, but missing two of my favorites, and probably more...

Where oh where is CLOWNS FROM OUTER SPACE Huh

And even BARBARELLA...?

Also missing is STARMAN....and BUCKAROO BANZAI...

So glad they included BROTHER FROM ANOTHER PLANET.

"Illigitimi non carborundum!"
All knowledge is to be used in the manner that will give help and assistance to others, and the desire is that the laws of the Creator be manifested in the physical world. E.Cayce 254-17

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Jennie McGrath
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« Reply #352 on: February 03, 2008, 12:20:38 am »

Andrew Waters

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  posted 11-21-2005 12:50 AM                       
I recall 'Brother From Another Planet'' from a few years back. Is it a comedy? Is it any good whatever type it is?
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Jennie McGrath
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   posted 11-21-2005 10:01 AM                       
BROTHER FROM ANOTHER PLANET is one of my favorites! I try to see it again every few years. There are some funny bits but it is more ironic than comedic. Sweet sweet story about a "brother" who turns up in somewhere like Harlem, and changes things in peoples lives. Don't miss this one, it's a classic. I think the actor is the one who was the hero in NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD but I could be wrong.

Andrew, did you ever see Killer Klowns from Outer Space (1988) (I see I left off the "Killer" so missed it on the list) Don't miss it, It's the weirdest movie ever!

"Illigitimi non carborundum!"
All knowledge is to be used in the manner that will give help and assistance to others, and the desire is that the laws of the Creator be manifested in the physical world. E.Cayce 254-17

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Jennie McGrath
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   posted 11-21-2005 10:25 AM                       
Barbarella was more a Roger Vadim sex romp as opposed to something about aliens so maybe they were right to leave it off. Good, though.

Anyone ever see Event Horizon? Really weird film, not at all what I expected.

It's not on here either.
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Jennie McGrath
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   posted 11-21-2005 07:24 PM                       
Hi Jason,
Nevertheless, BARBARELLA was full of aliens!


I don't think I saw EVENT HORIZON. Tell about it.

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"Illigitimi non carborundum!"
All knowledge is to be used in the manner that will give help and assistance to others, and the desire is that the laws of the Creator be manifested in the physical world. E.Cayce 254-17

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Jennie McGrath
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Carolyn Silver

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   posted 11-21-2005 11:42 PM                       
I've never seen HALF those movies!
I did see Lifeforce, though! Anyone see that? The poor girl alien walks around for most of the film with her clothes off. You know a guy came up with the script for that!
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Jennie McGrath
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   posted 11-22-2005 11:40 AM                       
Hi Rockessence,

Event Horizon was about this spaceship that went missing and this scientist that is really obsessed to get ot back. Well, years after it goes missing, it pops up again and this scientist convinces this crew to go with him on a mission to figure out where it's been. Turns out it's haunted, the ship has come from another dimension (like hell), and the scientist is so giddy about all this he goes nuts. The ship's captain (Lawrence Fisburne) understandably wants to pop him one.

It was unusual becase you don't usually see movies like that.
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Jennie McGrath
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   posted 11-22-2005 07:37 PM                       
Thanks, love Fishburn.

How about THE ANDROMEDA STRAIN. Does that qualify as alien?

Oops, I guess it does!! It's on the list.

Hey, A BOY AND HIS DOG isn't on the list! Aren't there some aliens in that? That is one of my all time faves.

[ 11-22-2005, 07:43 PM: Message edited by: rockessence ]

"Illigitimi non carborundum!"
All knowledge is to be used in the manner that will give help and assistance to others, and the desire is that the laws of the Creator be manifested in the physical world. E.Cayce 254-17

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Jennie McGrath
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Stacy Dohm

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   posted 11-22-2005 09:48 PM                       
If you could kill one alien in the movies, which one would it be?

(Hey, maybe this should be a poll)

I don't know about the rest of you, but I would vote for the death of Jar Jar Binks!

And the force would be with me on that!

"All that we see or seem
Is but a dream within a dream." - Edgar Allen Poe

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