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Nordic Aliens (Original)

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Author Topic: Nordic Aliens (Original)  (Read 6213 times)
Jennie McGrath
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Jennie McGrath

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   posted 11-16-2004 11:09 PM                       
I found this really interesting article on U.F.O. abductions. It only mentions the Nordic aliens in passing, but I still thought it was worth a read:
UFO Abductions Through The Ages
part 1 of 2
by Dr. Gregory L. Little - 1994


The abduction stories form a continuum with old legends and beliefs ...They do contain a message ...given to us by the hidden parts of our being.
-- John Rimmer - (The Evidence for Alien Abductions - 1984)

Once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered, weak and weary, Over many a quaint and curious volume of forgotten lore - While I nodded, nearly napping, suddenly there came a tapping, As of someone gently rapping, rapping at my chamber door.
-- Edgar Allan Poe - (The Raven)

"We stepped into the fringe of reality," Karla Turner replied to a questioner -- after relating her incredible story to an immense group at the 1992 Ozark UFO Conference. "Our book comes from my journal that I kept (about these events)."

Karla [now deceased; a victim of the insidious cancer many "abductees" mysteriously succumb to -B:.B:.], who holds a Ph.D. in English, hypnotized her husband Casey in the mid-1980s to attempt to find the source of Casey's anxiety and tension. Casey, a computer software consultant, had been seeing a therapist at the time and was suffering with a variety of nervous problems. What they found in the hypnosis was not what they expected.

Casey had numerous memories of alien contact -- sexual contact. One of his earliest memories was a white-haired, old woman appearing in his bedroom when he was 13 years old. She had a deeply wrinkled face and deep, piercing eyes. Unable to resist, he had sexual intercourse with her. Casey also recalled other times that creatures entered his bedroom and forced him to have sex. One such experience left him with claw marks on his back, while another incident in 1987 resulted in a painful scar on the back of his leg.

Interaction with the abductors wasn't limited to Casey. Karla told of walking into her home at night when a being grabbed hold of her arm. The creature told her it was her mother, but Karla stated that it looked like a giant grasshopper. Another time, Karla was coming home through her back yard when she felt like she "had hit an electric fence. I wasn't feeling right... wasn't moving right ...there was a glow everywhere ...I stopped... and saw four gray beings standing side by side in my backyard."

"I assumed I was having a hallucination (but) I'm awake -- why? I felt I could see through them and they talked to me telepathically."

"Greetings, we are your ancestors," they said. "We are a part of you, but we are real."

"I couldn't move as I normally do," Karla continued. "Then two females behind me came up close -- they started buzzing."

"They are giving you some instructions," they told me.

Karla and Casey have become involved with a variety of MUFON investigators since the uncovering of their memories as well as conducting a variety of their own investigations. They have somewhat specialized in sexual abductions and been influenced by the popular books Intruders, Missing Time, and others. Karla told a story about a grandmother with her young grandson. The grandmother had been a widow for several years when she was forced to drink a liquid handed to her by an alien who appeared in her bedroom late one night.

After she drank the thick fluid, she became young again. A reptilian-like alien then attempted to have intercourse with her but she resisted. Then the alien brought in her dead husband who began making sexual advances to her. The grandmother had intercourse with the creature that appeared as her husband, but eventually saw that it was a reptilian. After finishing with the grandmother, the reptilians had anal and oral intercourse with her young grandson.

At the 1992 Ozark UFO Convention, cattle mutilation expert Linda Moulton Howe also focused on sexual abduction stories. She told a story about one man who had become so plagued by a particular female alien coming to him each night that he repeatedly masturbated before sleeping so that he would have trouble getting an **** when the aliens appeared. This so disturbed the female alien and her mantis-like "keepers" that they made an agreement with the man. Howe stated that the aliens are probably collecting genetic material from cattle and humans.

In discussing how the beings appear, Howe said that "the air itself is like a curtain they can go behind." They come out of "tears in the air."

The "modern" aliens associated with sexual abductions now appear to fall into three broad categories. The traditional grays are nearly always present. Male grays seldom engage in intercourse, but some female grays do. The grays often connect bizarre devices to the sex organs of abductees and insert needles in an apparent attempt to collect sperm and ovum samples. Then there are the more sinister creatures described as reptilian, grasshopper-like, or mantis-like. These creatures, whose sexual organs are described as ice cold, often have intercourse with humans. Finally, there are creatures that, except for their dress, would be indistinguishable from humans. They are sometimes described as Nordic in appearance -- tall blondes with blue eyes. These abductors have, at times, had intercourse with abductees. All of the appearances taken on by abductors appear to be fluid and plastic; that is, they can easily change their shape to whatever they wish.

Aileen Garoutte, director of the abductee support organization UFOCCI, has interviewed and used regression hypnosis on numerous abductees who have claimed sexual contact with the aliens. One couple was abducted during a drive between Princeton and Penticton in British Columbia, Canada. Two hours of missing time occurred during their trip that was later "remembered" as a "classic" abduction. Both were given a special drink, medical exams, and had sexual encounters with the aliens. The woman became pregnant as a result of the abduction though she had been using two different types of birth control. After their abduction she had spots on her body over her ovaries and her husband had a ring of spots across his groin. Literally dozens of similar stories have been uncovered by UFOCCI.

Sexual Abduction Experiences Aren't New

Space Alien Sex Maniacs in Training

Baby Space Aliens hone their Tantric Skills from young infancy by isolating a nubile young earth woman and looking up her dress. As teenagers they perform house-calls in order to take turns nailing their brainwashed and subservient squeeze. "Earth women are easy," they remark.

Given the current intense interest in alien sexual encounters, many people seem to feel that such reports are relatively recent. They aren't. Sexual encounters with alien abductors are not new to ufology. On October 15, 1957, 23-year old farmer Antonio Boas was plowing a field at his farm near Minas Gerais in Brazil. It was night as Boas was trying to catch up on the plowing. Looking up into the sky, Boas saw a brightly lit red object descending from the sky. It was his third UFO sighting that week. This time, however, the object landed in his field. Out of the egg-shaped object came four aliens fitted in metallic space suits with helmets.

As the creatures glided toward him, Boas tried to escape on the tractor, but it stalled. Boas jumped off and started running. A few moments later he was captured and dragged into the spaceship. There he was taken into a circular room where he was restrained while one of the creatures took a blood and skin sample from his chin. Then he was stripped and moved to another room where only a white, plastic couch sat in the center of the room. His body was sponged with a clear, oily liquid and then the four creatures left.

A few moments later clouds of gray smoke filled the room causing Boas to vomit. Then a hidden slit opened in the wall through which a beautiful, naked, alien woman walked. She had blond- white hair parted in the middle, large blue eyes, thin lips, high, prominent cheekbones, and a pointed chin. She was under five feet tall. Boas clearly remembered her blood-red pubic hair and her well-separated, pointy breasts.

The female began rubbing her body against Boas and he quickly embraced her. According to Boas they had intercourse two times during which the alien barked and growled like an animal. After the second time she got off the couch and walked to the hidden door. She pointed to her stomach and then to the sky. Then she walked out.

Moments later two of the space suited aliens returned with his clothes. He dressed and was given a tour of the ship after which he was released.

In the month that followed his encounter, Boas became ill with symptoms similar to radiation sickness. In addition, small purplish wounds developed on his hands.

In his book The Ufonauts, Hans Holzer related the May 2,1968 abduction of teenager Shane Kurz. Under regression hypnosis Ms. Kurz told of being abducted while walking through a field and being levitated into a saucer. Inside the saucer several gray aliens placed her on a table, stripped her, and rubbed a thick liquid on her. She was told that the liquid was a stimulant and that she was being tested for pregnancy with a device that was lowered on her. Then the leader told her that they wanted to make a "half" with her. One of the beings quickly sexually penetrated her. He made animal sounds and a humming noise during the act. Kurz was then released. Shortly after this incident (which she did not remember at the time) her menstrual period stopped for a year. She had a sudden, unexplained weight loss exactly 9 months after her abduction. It was the weight loss that led her to a doctor and eventually uncover the memory of the abduction.

Budd Hopkins' Intruders (1987) and Missing Time (1981) are filled with distinctively sexual abductions. And if you don't look at the long-term perspective of the phenomenon, it is easy to be misled into thinking the sexual abductions are a recent happening:

"Intruders makes what appears to be happening in UFO abductions more clear. Genetic experimentation is being conducted on unwilling human subjects by an extraterrestrial civilization far different from our own....Through the process of interbreeding, the technology involved in producing test tube babies, and cloning, they are producing a hybrid race." (Little, 1990)

But appearances can be deceiving

Abductions Through The Ages

Mothman-like Appearances and Witches

A renaissance woodcut depicting a woman beating off the advances of a demon (left) and an interesting illustration (right) from Glanvill's Saducismus Triumphatus (1863). UFO-like abductions and alien sexual encounters are nothing new. Witches supposedly were taken into the air for meetings with the devil. People who had been abducted by fairies were left with distinctive body scars similar to those in UFO abductees. And the incubus and succubus of medieval times did the exact same things to their abductees as today's sexually-inclined aliens do to their abductees.

According to fairy lore, fairies create a circular cluster of small bruises as their mark. The phenomenon is known as "fairy bruising" and is a sign of either favor or disfavor. The ring of bruises is often found around the genitals. They did this, according to various 17th century accounts, by pinching their victims:

If lustie Doll, maide of the Dairie, Chance to be blew-nipt by the fairie. Marston's Mountebanks Masque

An Encyclopedia of Fairies (Briggs, 1976) gives numerous ancient examples of fairy abductions. Almost always a special drink was given to the abductee. This drink, usually described as a thick liquid, was an essential part of the fairy abduction. Women are abducted much more often than men and some fairies take special delight, in repeatedly capturing women for amorous motives. In short, some fairies simply liked having sexual relations with mortals.

Fairies abduct their victims through paralysis; then they simply carry (levitate and fly) the abductee away into "fairyland." Fairyland is always nearby; under normal conditions we can't see or perceive it. The paralysis induced on the victim is how fairies get their abductee to enter fairyland. The modem word "stroke" (meaning paralysis) is derived from the ancient terms "elf-stroke" and "fairy-stroke." Fairies travel in circular globes of light, sometimes called "will-o-the-wisp."

There are so many different types of fairies that going through them would be tedious. Some of them, however, are virtually indistinguishable from what have been described as demons. One particular type, the "bogie," looks a lot like the traditional bigfoot. Virtually every society has some lore of these "little people" and myths of them forcing their sexual attentions on human victims.

Fairy lore has a tradition of thousands of years. Fairies have been said to be abducting humans, human babies, flying in lighted globes, striking paralysis and amnesia on their victims, forcing strange drink on their victims, and having sexual relations with humans for all time. If we could remove the mythological aspect from fairy abductions and dress them a little differently, the folklore reports of a thousand years ago would be virtually indistinguishable from present UFO abduction reports. The same thing could be said for the reports of demons.

An Relatively Holy Correspondence Table: Old vs. New

On the left are artist renderings of the creatures associated with the famous 1955 Kelley-Hopkinsville, Kentucky UFO goblin case (reprinted from People of the Web). The two figures on the right are from Collin de Plancy's Dictionnaire infernal (1863). The figure on the left is Ronwe, a demon with language knowledge. The figure on the right is Urobach, a demon from the lower order.

As my eyes fell on the demon drawings in Plancy's Dictionaire infernal (1863), I was struck by their similarity to the famous 1955 Kelly-Hopkinsville UFO case. Imagine the demons as gray in color, and they would also fit the description of the ubiquitous grays in recent abductions.

There are many in the UFO field (as well as various religious leaders) who believe that the creatures associated with UFOs are demons. The similarity of some demons to the grays of UFO reports are probably no coincidence.

"UFO" Abductee?

One of the first known illustrations of a demon appearing in physical form to "make love" to a witch. Note the feet and hands of the demon. It was said that the demons could assume any shape to make themselves more pleasing to their victims. From Ulrich Molitor's De Laniis et phitonicis mulieribus (1489). Note that the book contains numerous illustrations of demons taking different shapes and forms for sexual purposes.

(end of part 1) Continue to Part 2

Excerpt from
Grand Illusions :
The Spectral Reality Underlying Sexual UFO Abductions, Crashed Saucers, Afterlife Experiences, Sacred Ancient Ritual Sites, & Other
by Dr. Gregory L. Little

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I've got one more quicky in passing.
I'm rushing at the moment,Sorry So Short..

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Jennie McGrath
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   posted 11-16-2004 11:21 PM                       
Here is another really cool article, well worth a read:
Sex, State, and Technology in the Extraterrestrial Narrative Experience

Since the end of World War II the UFO and its extraterrestrial inhabitants have been recurring characters in narratives of popular culture from science fiction films and magazines to advertising. To many individuals however, these entities have crossed the boundaries of popular culture to become very real players in their lives. To individuals who believe they’ve been abducted by aliens, construct elaborate theories of complex extraterrestrial conspiracies, or join UFO cults, the Alien plays a concrete roll in their lives. In the accounts of these groups technology, sex, and the government play extremely different roles. In the stories told by many abductees and conspiracy theorists, aliens embody the dark side of technology and act as sexual invaders who act in league with a corrupt government towards the ends of a technological apocalypse. In contrast to this ominous view, is that of alien “experiencers” and UFO cults such as the Raeliens who present technology in a messianic light, encourage sexual freedom, and view the actions of contemporary nation-states as endangering to a technological utopia. By looking into these drastically different accounts it is possible to see several of the hopes and concerns that occupy First World culture at the turn of the Millennium.

Mysterious flying objects and trips with alien beings to other planets have had a long history in the Twentieth Century but the marriage between the two is a fairly recent occurrence. In the late 1890s and early 1900s, for example, mysterious “flying ships” were said to be spotted over American cities, these ships were perceived to be purely mechanical, were said to come from the center of the center of the Earth, and be piloted by a highly industrialized subterranean civilization (Dean pp. 32-34). At the same time at this subterrestrial invasion from above Madam Balavatsky and her Theosophy movement were claiming to travel to other worlds (usually Mars, Venus, and the Moon) and communicate with highly advanced alien civilizations on the Astral Plane, where they were psychically given mystic truths by the spiritually wise civilizations on our neighboring worlds (Melton p. 2). In the early to mid- 1930s, alien “Contactees,” such as Guy Ballard and Willard M. Mangoon claimed to be taken aboard spaceships and taken to nearby planets to meet our “space brothers,” or beautiful culturally refined Venusians who lived in peaceful (and slightly kitschy) cosmic utopias (ibid. pp. 2-3). Reports of communications or encounters with extraterrestrials took a pause during World War II until shortly after the atomic blasts at Hiroshima and Nagasaki plunged the United States simultaneously into the Nuclear Age and the Cold War. In June of 1947, Kenneth Arnold, an amateur pilot, reported seeing nine silver craft hovering above Mount Rainier in Washington State that he described as moving “like silver disks skipping across a pond,” from which the media gleaned the term “Flying Saucer,” which has come to stand as the icon of most modern descriptions of UFOs (Dean p. 33). Though the Arnold sighting marked the beginning of a popular wave of sightings of disk shaped UFOs the American public didn’t encounter the pilots of these UFOs until September 19, 1961 when Barney and Betty Hill claimed to have been taken onto an alien spaceship in which they reported being the subjects of strange experiments, thus marking the emergence of alien abduction into the public consciousness (though it should be mentioned that in 1957 a Brazilian farmer reported being taken by aliens and forced to have sex with an alien woman thus making him the first abductee, though his story never really reached North American popular culture) (Bullard pp. 148-149).

Alien as Demonic Rapist or Divine Lover

Since the initial abduction of the Hill couple, the accounts given by alien abductees have managed to become fairly uniform in their course of events and subject-matters. In the abduction narrative, the alien and his spaceship become central to anxieties and hopes about sex, technology, and modernity. For alien abductees, their captors act as demons, angels, doctors, rapists, lovers, kidnappers, and/or prophets. This is evident in the common scenarios reported by abductees in which they are either taken by sinister uncaring aliens who restrain them and make them objects of distressing sexual experiments, or taken by benevolent aliens who carefully subject them to strange but non-sinister sexualized operations occasionally leaving the abductee with cured ailments or warnings about the course of human development.

Alien abduction statistics show that eighty percent of reported alien abductees are women thus it is not surprising that most abductions appear to reflect feminine experiences and concerns. This is exemplified in the events that occur in the accounts of women who report undergoing negative experiences of abduction. In a typical account, a woman awakes to find herself surrounded by light and unable to move, she feels herself becoming weightless and by some means passes through the walls of her room to find herself in a circular space, small often (but not always) thin beings with smooth gray skin place her on a Y shaped table, she is naked, her legs are spread and a larger more commanding (either scaly reptilian or gray) being approaches her, the smaller creatures seem to follow its orders, the aliens then proceed to prod her. They pay a lot of attention to her ****, and eventually they penetrate her with a metallic apparatus, the larger creature puts its face very close to her and telepathically sexually stimulates her, she reaches orgasm and feels “violated.” She is then told (usually telepathically) that she has been impregnated (Bryan 16-19). During the operations many abductees assign genders and occupations to their captors, the smaller aliens they claim are female nurses who they describe as gentler and more elegant than their apathetic male counter parts, who are distinguished as bigger, rougher, and are always classified as doctors (ibid. p. 28).
At this point the abduction either ends or the abductee is given a tour of the ship and her ordeal is explained. She is removed from the table by the larger alien and is then taken to see various parts of the experiment in which she is involved, first she sees “external wombs” in which float fetuses in different stages of development, she is taken down a hallway and sees increasingly more developed fetuses until she sees babies in incubators, and eventually older children by themselves in empty enclosures. She is told that the children are hybrids, half human and half alien, and that she is carrying one of the hybrids in her womb (ibid. p. 21). Later the fetus is taken from her and raised on “a cold UFO,” often leaving the abductee sad for the loss of her extraterrestrial child (Lepsalter pp. 201-202).

In this typical abduction story, several features appear to reflect concerns, fears, and stresses that seem more or less specific to the lives of (born) women. To begin with, many features, such as the emotionless prodding and probing of the **** and the insertion of long needles into the abductee’s belly, seem to mirror specifically female experiences such as gynecological examinations and amniocentesis. Also the forced orgasm and impregnation at the hands of a demonic reptilian other (Bryan pp. 30-32), seem to suggest an anxiety of **** possibly by an ethnic other. The reports of the reptilian rapist seems to evoke the idea of the animalistic and his scaly dark skin stands in stark contrast to the relatively smooth (presumably white) skin of the abductee. This suggests that the reptilian rapist may be a valed manifestation of racial anxieties revolving around the idea of the bestial dark-skinned Diasporaic man come seeking to satisfy his desires on the helpless white woman. Lastly, the artificial wombs and stolen fetuses seem to suggest that after undergoing technological **** at the hands of an alien being, her ability to give birth and raise the child with which she is impregnated taken from her, thus rendering her unnecessary to the gestation and rearing of her stolen child, seeming to reflect both a technophobic angst that futuristic alien men can develop technology that replaces the biological functions of women and a more general motherly fear of being powerless to prevent the kidnapping of her young. Thus it can be seen that themes of medical examination, racial angst, technophobia, and sexual/matriarchal inadequacy emanate through the demonic experience of abduction.

Similar themes are apparent in the less common male abduction narrative. In the North American male narrative, the abductee finds himself similarly powerless in the operation room of a sinister or indifferent alien other, while he lays powerless on the table an electronic device is placed over his ****, he ejaculates against his will, and is then anally penetrated by a phallic apparatus (ibid. pp. 52-53). In this narrative the alien can again be read as a doctor whose operations seem to mirror gender specific medical ordeals such as prostate exams and again racial angst can be read into the experience, but there also seems to be an added dimension of homophobia to this model abduction. The event of the anal penetration of the male abductee seems to suggest his anal **** and thus renders the extraterrestrial Queer. The theme of anal **** and examination, it should be noted, appears to occur most often in abduction experiences from the USA. It can be contrasted with the very first abduction experience, that of Antonio Villas in 1957, a Brazilian farmer, whose tale involved being taken aboard a ship and being forced to have sex with an Alien woman (Bullard pp. 148-149). Though the aliens still appear to be equally sinister, the Brazilian aliens appear to be less technical, less medical, and less homosexual than the aliens invading the United States in that they prefer to use traditional biological means of achieving their ends of hybridization and don’t seem at all interested in the examination and penetration of the abductee’s anus. This suggests that the frequency of anal probing in the mythos of Alien abduction in the USA is perhaps due to a preoccupation of strait men in North-America with the protection of their anuses from invasion from alien beings who can be easily read as representing Queers and other alienated groups.

Issues of racial and sexual anxiety in these negative abduction stories can be further emphasized by the accounts of abduction as a positive experience in which the alien is coded as a divine lover. In these encounters the abductee first finds herself surrounded by a vibrant white light which according to the theories of Carl Jung immediately associates the experience of the divine and angelic (Whitmore pp. 68-69). The abductee is confronted by the alien Other who inhabits the realm of the light, this encounter with the Other carries with it implications of sex and sexuality (ibid. p. 72), but unlike the previously mentioned encounters with reptilian rapists, the aliens are viewed in a substantially different light. These aliens are described as being tall men, apparently human, with fit musculature, long blond hair, and “nordic” features (Bryan pp. 30-32) thus giving them an appearance strikingly similar to male sex symbols such as Fabio. These aliens, though they perform similar experiments, penetrations, and inseminations on their female abductees, are described as being gentle courteous doctors who take time after the operation to comfort and talk to the abductees. In one case even going as far as asking to wear the abductees high-heeled shoes (Ibid. pp. 30-32). I feel that the divine alien’s similarities to Fabio provide a useful contrast to the bestial racialized features of the demonic aliens. Like the demonic aliens, Fabio is a foreigner but unlike them he is a man (instead of a half-animal), a European, and primarily the resident of white female fantasies. The divine alien can thus be seen as embodying the opposite side of the racial angst apparent in the reptilian narratives, manifesting a white romancer of white women while the demonic alien can be read as their black rapists.

Despite the extreme differences in these models of abduction similar concerns find themselves dwelling in the subtexts of these experiences. In both the narratives of demonic and divine aliens, there exists an extreme uneasiness about the implications of modernity (Rojcewicz p. 155) and the implications and shortcomings of its technologies. As Jodi Dean has pointed out in Aliens in America the negative abduction experience appears to coincide with the failure of the US space program to control outer space, that the inability of NASA to reach the promises offered by science-fiction and futurist imaginings of winning outer-space for the American nuclear family as well as the deterioration of the astronaut from frontiersman and national hero into just another worker has manifested itself into an experience of space colonizing its attempted colonizers (Dean pp. 110-111). The demystifying of space and the loss of hope in space age technology occurs alongside an angst caused by living in an age of disasters such as plane crashes, Chernobyl, AIDS, and many other events caused by technological failure or inadequacy creates the setting for nightmares of being invaded and overwhelmed by technology (Ibid. pp. 108-109). This arguably provides the cause for why many abductions seem to begin and end in the failure of technology. For example many abductees claim that their abduction experiences are always preceded by everyday electrical appliances severely malfunctioning, objects such as televisions, radios, and lamps are reported to turn themselves on and off, even when unplugged warning them of the arrival of their extraterrestrial examinations (ibid. pp. 113-115). Also most alien abductees claim that part of their experiences involve being exposed to machines intended to erase the events that take place in the spaceships from their memories, suggesting that the fact that they are able to remember their experiences at all speaks to the failure of even advanced technology (Bullard p. 160). These recurring themes seem to suggest that the narratives of menacing aliens seem to reflect certain technophobic anxieties.

It is perhaps expected that negative experiences of aliens would reflect concerns about technology, but a certain fear of technology is also evident in the positive abductions. In many abductions, after abductees undergo their operations they are given prophecies or warnings regarding the development of human technology. Usually they are told that activities such as the proliferation of nuclear weapons and depletion of Earth’s natural resources will eventually lead to the destruction of human life (ibid. p. 156). However the aliens in these accounts are also occasionally the bearers of hope occasionally being reported to perform miraculous acts such as curing people with ailments ranging from AIDS (Bryan p. 20) to color blindness (ibid. p. 26). In this account of the angelic alien as healer and prophet, there can be read the dark implications that modern technology has the ability to destroy human civilization and that it is not sufficiently advanced to provide solutions to any of their problems.

Alongside the hostility and inadequacy of technology implied by narratives of abduction, there also appears to be some aspects in which modernity and modernism are implicated in the subtext of abduction. It is somewhat unimaginable that the explosive advances of technology, increase of population, and globalization that stand as features of recent modernity would not create new other worldly belief systems (Gillette p. 462) and the experiences related to us by alien abductees appear to present such a belief system. Where as in the past, reports of the human interaction with the unknown were pinned on the actions of divine or demonic entities (Whitmore p. 77), the experiencers of abduction and UFO phenomena rarely credit their aliens with magical powers, suggesting instead that the extraterrestrial holds control over technology advanced enough to allow him to do impossible feats as if by magic. Also many abduction stories appear to contain a reaction to globalization in that the abductee occasionally is taken to other distant places during the course of their experience, for example one abductee reports being taken from her Texas home and brought to Paris and Israel over the course of her night long abduction (Lepsalter p. 200). Such an experience would seem to suggest a reaction to the increasingly shrinking nature of time and space brought about by technologies such as airplanes and more recently the internet which have permitted globalization to reach the level of intensity that it has today. These features of many abduction narratives show that the experiences may be a reaction to aspects of contemporary modernity.
Experiences of alien abduction also seem to suggests concerns about the lines drawn between nature and civilization, human and animal. The discoveries of Copernicus and Darwin revealed that the human species lived neither at the center of the universe or was biologically anything more than a “hairless ape,” but despite the popular acceptance of these claims and the ascent of scientific institutions as the central knowledge making apparatus of modern cultures, humanity has remained central to its cultural discourse (Zimmerman p. 238). This dynamic can be credited as contributing themes that are apparent in stories of human encounters with the extraterrestrial. For example, many of the negative abductions contain instances when abductees report being painfully tagged “like when human scientists tag animals,” which seem to emphasize an anxiety over the fact that humans are merely animals and that there is no logical reason why a more advanced species would treat them like humans treat animals (Lepsalter pp. 201-203 emphasis in original). This concern is also central to many of the more positive accounts of alien abduction, in which the abductee is told that they are one of the chosen ones, that they’ve been abducted because they are special, that they are of universal importance for the survival of the visiting alien race, and that the Earth is of central importance to a grand cosmic ecology (Bryan p. 20, Salba pp. 48-50, and Lepsalter p. 201). In both these scenarios the abductee appears to be reacting to an anxiety about scientific knowledge that displaces them from the center of the universal narrative, either by experiencing nightmarish traumas in which their worries about the uniqueness of humanity is confirmed by their being treated as animals or by having a more optimistic interpretation of the extraterrestrial experience in which the cosmic significance of humanity is confirmed, thus placing them back in the center of a universal story.

The abduction experience seems to not only be a reaction to features of modernity, but also has some features that make it appear to possibly be a reaction to the projects of modernism. The goals of many organized modernist movements such as the Dadaists, Surrealists, and Futurists (to name a few) held to goal of shocking the public and defamiliarizing the mundane to provoke extreme social change (Holsten pp. 41-44). Similarly it is argued that the experiencers of abduction, UFO sightings, and other extraterrestrial phenomena exemplify a mindset in which the “familiar is strange,” (Dean pp. 11-15) and the “paranormal is normal,” (Kravitz p. 23). This is evident in the previously mentioned facts that many abductions begin with inexplicable behavior of household electronics and the resemblance of alien operations to standard human medical examinations, which suggest that in the alien abduction there is a severe defamiliarization with everyday events and objects in the abductees life. This may suggest that abductees are suffering from the unintentional side-effects of projects intended to reorient the interactions of the individual with her world.

Aliens, Conspiracy, Agency and the Loss of Utopia

The standard alien abduction narrative usually ends after the abductee is returned to their home where they are left to make sense of the unusual happenings that have befallen them, but for some the nightmare goes on long after the abduction itself has ended. Some abductees report being visited by mysterious men in black suits who harass them and give them orders to keep silent about their experiences. Where these bureaucratic agents come from change from story to story, sometimes they are from the CIA, sometimes the Air Force, occasionally even the United Nations, but in all of their encounters with abductees their message is clear: keep quite (Bullard p. 153). When the Men in Black (whoever they happen to be) enter the abduction narrative, tensions between the individual and the state apparatus become apparent. A general theme of lost agency is already apparent in most abduction experiences (Dean p. 122) in that they involve a loss of the individual’s control of their life at the hands of beings who exist outside of their lives, but when mysterious bureaucrats appear to harass abductees, the state and its apparatus become implicated in the individual’s feelings of powerlessness.

Abductees and their supporters in the fields of ufology (the study of UFOs) and conspiracy theory have created several intricate narratives to attempt to find the culprits responsible for the abductees’ torment. The common narrative usually claims that the US government made first contact with extraterrestrials in the late forties, in the meeting the government forged a deal with the aliens to allow them to perform experiments on American citizens without hindrance in exchange for technological advances, the government then formed an agency called “Majestic-12” to cover up evidence of alien contact which several prominent politicians including George Bush (the Elder) is alleged to have belonged. The aliens it is often alleged have gotten out of hand thus prompting projects such as the Star Wars Defense Program to attempt to defend Earth from the impending alien menace (Bullard p. 158). A few individuals have even suggested that popular media has acted as a propaganda device used to influence popular opinion on aliens causing films such as E.T., Close Encounters of Third Kind and other cultural objects that depict friendly aliens as relics of the alien-government alliance and films like Independence Day and other contemporary films about U.S. soldiers heroically fighting against alien invasion to stand as evidence of the sudden rift (Dean p. 117-118). In these narratives their exists the accusation that the American elite has betrayed individual liberty to an anonymous alien oppressor that uses the state as a means of performing its will upon the hapless victims of the powerless masses.

Some even argue that this freedom has always been an illusion. That the U.S. has never really been free from the control of the British Monarchy. That British Royalty aided by Freemasons and Nazis have really been behind the scenes of American (and indeed world) history. That they have sold-out the U.S. to reptilian aliens who live in elaborate underground bases beneath Denver International Airport, Atlanta, and New York City. Social problems are the result of the underground alien menace: over 200,000 children disappear every year it is claimed and there can’t possibly that many kidnappers in the USA, conspiracy theorists like Alex Christopher argue, so clearly they’re being stolen by “Draconian” invaders and being used as slave labor until they collapse and are eaten on the spot (Christopher 4/26/96). In this interpretation of current events, all agency is lost within a power structure ruled by a small cabal of child eating aliens and power hungry humans, free will is oppressed by the reptilian hand of history.

These conspiracy myths, though they are probably paranoid fantasies, can be viewed as the result of contemporary realities. As one critic attempts to explain, the conspiracy theory is “ultimately postmodern because conspiracy both causes and relieves the postmodern headaches caused by the attempt to view the totality of everything.” (Kravitz p. 24) This is to say that conspiracy thought attempts to create a definitive model for why the current world situation exists by looking at the context of a situation as its cause which allows coincidences, rumors, and possibilities of what could have happened to be taken as central to the progression of things as they exist. Another explanation for the conspiracy mindset is that it creates an excuse for the nonexistence of utopia (Cubitt p. 16). The conspiracy myth is thus seen as a way of making sense of why none of histories revolutions or social movements have succeeded at creating a perfect world. The best explanation, I feel, is that conspiracies have come to implicate the government and the elite for betraying the masses because they’ve been involved in real conspiracies and cover-ups in the memorable past. Though the government is probably not consenting to have aliens perform experiments on its subjects, the government has blatantly lied in the recent past: Cold War nuclear testing poisoned several unknowing communities, the Tuskeegee Airmen were intentionally given severe cases of syphilis, and political scandals like the Iran-Contra affair and Watergate (Stewart & Harding pp. 293-295) definitely show that the U.S. elite have conspired in the past to conduct experiments that violate the health and safety of hapless victims, therefore it doesn’t seem too far fetched to implicate them as at least partially responsible for the current state of the world. The alien conspiracy myth can thus perhaps be read as providing a caricature of an actual state of affairs, though it is doubtful that a vast alliance of aliens and Nazis are responsible for the present’s inability to live up to utopian expectations, there is little doubt that small groups of CEOs and politicians make hushed deals that result in the ratification of trade agreements and other initiatives that don’t act in the interest of the average American all the time. Thus the creation of otherworldly conspiracy theories can be seen as being a folk reaction to a much more worldly set of situations.

Rael: Sex, Tech, and the Aliens Redeemed

In the above mentioned narratives, we have seen that the alien and the UFO is most often situated in such a way that technology and the state are viewed with great suspicion, ambivalence, and/or hostility, but there is another view of the extraterrestrial in which they are viewed in an entirely positive technophilic light. For UFO centered cults the alien and his technology are perceived as central to the assent of the human species into cosmic citizens. A good example of this is the Raelien Movement who, since their conception in the early 1970s, have been enthusiastic about the potentials of technology to save the world. The Raelien Movement counts its founding date as December 13, 1973, when Claude Vorilhon, a semiprofessional French race car driver and publisher of a small magazine for automobile enthusiasts, claimed to have been invited into a flying saucer in which he was told to change his name to Rael and disperse alien truths to humankind (Rael pp. 13-18). Since then, the Raelien Movement has claimed to have sold over one million copies of Rael’s book The Message Given to Me by the Extraterrestrials and to have gained 60,000 members in ninety countries (Raelien 2003).

The Raelien’s beliefs place extraterrestrials and an extreme love of technological advancement at the center of the human historical narrative. Rael proclaims to his followers that life on earth is the result of experiments in genetic engineering performed by an alien race called the “Elohim” (which literally means gods in Hebrew) (Rael pp. 19-25). After creating the new species, the Elohim left humanity on Earth to develop at their own accord, only intervening occasionally to give an exemplary human religious texts (such as the Old Testament, New Testament, and Koran) in which the aliens sought to slowly inform Earthlings of their otherworldly origins and shape their moral development (Ibid. pp 19-75). Along with this revelation of humanity’s alien past, Rael also preaches that humans should strive to achieve the extraterrestrials’ level of technology and to eventually enter into a cultural exchange with the Elohim.

The future advocated by the Raeliens involves a complete shift into a scientifically perfected society. They argue that humanity has a cosmic mission to meet their alien creators in the heavens. This mission entails as one of its first goals to solve global problems such as the existence of nuclear weapons and the dangers of overpopulation (Ibid. pp. 94-97). After these obstacles to human preservation are solved the Rael proclaims that the global political system should be shifted into a “Geniocracy” in which a small number of the most intelligent geniuses on Earth are given ultimate control, thus, he argues, allowing the rational to control everything instead of the flawed states that exist today (ibid. pp. 85-87). It is also necessary, the Raeliens claim, to build a futuristic embassy in either Israel, Palestine, or Egypt which would be used to house Elohim representatives to Earth, thus allowing the initiation of an epoch of peace and property (ibid. pp. 207-208). In these goals, we can see that the Raeliens see a link between scientific advancement and moral righteousness, therefore they can be seen as suggesting that a genius can’t possibly be a selfish or cruel leader, and the conception of the extraterrestrial being with godlike omniscience is thus concieved as being even less capable of immorality.

This conception of knowledge has lead to a fanatical technophilia on the part of Rael and his followers. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the obsessive Raelien love-affair with often controversial technologies of reproduction and the body such as cloning, abortion, plastic surgery, and gender-reassignment surgery. In his writings Rael insists that cloning is the key to human immortality and thus he lists it as one of his movement’s top priorities (ibid. pp. 97-25). This motivated Rael to form Clonaid in 1997, the first company to specialize in the creation of human clones, which has claimed to have produced five healthy cloned babies between December 2002 to February 2003 alone, but they refuse to publish evidence of their “accomplishments” until attempts to declare cloning illegal are abandoned (Clonaid 2003). Though Rael promotes cloning by evoking it as an option to subvert the inevitability of death, a look at the Raelien views on other technologies suggests that the embrace of cloning is just as much about promoting individual control over their bodies as it is about immortality. A study of Raeliens in Quebec, for instance, revealed that all members supported the use of contraception and abortions to prevent the births of unwanted children (Palmer p. 112), a disproportionate quantity of members had undergone some form of plastic surgery (ibid. p. 123), and that they all held a pronounced admiration for a transsexual woman who had risen to a high rank within the movement’s hierarchy (ibid. pp. 123-124). In this relationship to technology we can observe a substantially different perception of the interaction of technology and the body than that which appears in the experiences of abductees. In the abduction experience technology is seen as imposing itself on the body while the Raelien experience of technology proposes it as a liberator of the body from the constraints of nature.
There are several factors in the make-up of the Raeliens that contribute to this extremely different experience of technology and the extraterrestrial. One reason is cultural, Rael is French and thus it can be claimed comes from a substantially different background from most abductees. Abduction is overwhelmingly (though not exclusively) a phenomenon of American culture with an overwhelming majority of alien abduction reports coming from the United States (Bullard p. 150). Perhaps it is telling the answer given to Rael about why he was chosen to be the aliens’ representative on Earth is that he is French and was born shortly after the first atomic blast (Rael p. 17). Perhaps the American psyche is tormented by the fact that the USA was the first and only country to use atomic weapons against another country, possibly producing a cultural anxiety about the nation facing karmic retribution for its past actions, thus causing imaginings of technologically advanced extraterrestrial visitors to be assumed to be apocalyptic in their intention. Thus Rael, coming from a different cultural context might be more predisposed to interpreting aliens and their futuristic technologies as carrying the ability to bring positive change to human life.
Another prominent factor that might explain the different conception of extraterrestrials is in the strikingly different sexual make-up of the Raeliens when compared to Alien abductees. As stated before alien abduction is an overwhelmingly female experience thus it is perhaps important to note that men outnumber women two to one in the Raelien movement (Palmer p. 105-106), and that many of these men are Queer (ibid. p. 118). Though it is important to stress that members of the Raelien Movement choose to join it while abductees are never given the choice to be abducted (Bryan p. 13), Rael’s encounter with the Elohim appears to be an explicitly masculine narrative (Palmer pp. 125-126). There are no women in Rael’s cosmic adventure accept for a few robot “women” created by the Elohim to pleasure him during his stay on their nameless alien home-world (Rael pp. 156-161). This perhaps explains why Rael’s aliens encourage him to preach the values of “Sensual Education,” in which his followers are encouraged to try new sexual acts in order to become more spiritually fulfilled individuals, providing notable contrast to the sexually menacing presence that Aliens provide in America. Thus it can be seen that while the American abduction (female and male) usually associates the aliens with invasion and ****, the conception of the Elohim by the Raelien movement situates them as sexual liberators thus perhaps showing a diminished sexual anxiety on behalf of its members. Perhaps the members of the Raelien movement, being culturally alienated for either their sexuality or other socially unacceptable trait have come to identify with the idea of Rael’s sexually sympathetic aliens. Thus we can see that the alien(ated) is both redeemed and set up as redeemer by Rael’s conception of the Elohim as the hope for technological and spiritual transcendence of the worldly and the preachers of sexual liberation (it is perhaps no mistake that Rael claimed to meet his aliens in 1973 while the sexual revolution was still in full swing).


It has been argued that radically different conceptions of the alien exist in the lives of individuals who believe the extraterrestrial being is central to there lives. For most alien abductees it’s been observed that anxieties and fantasies about sex, race, medicine, technology, nature and agency help to create an image of the alien as a demonic rapist or malevolent doctor who strips the abductee of his or her humanity, or more positively as a divine lover who serves to affirm the abductees cosmic uniqueness and desirability. It has also been shown that concerns about agency and modernity in America are placed onto the figure of the alien invader in the revised historical narratives told in conspiracy myths. And lastly by considering new religious movements that place the figure of the extraterrestrial as central to human creation and salvation, such as the Raeliens, that differences in culture, sex, and sexuality can produce a conception of the world and the universe in which the alien, the scientist, and technological advance is conceived as important to humanity’s assent into becoming cosmic angents rather than as signs of the apocalypse. In all three of these cases it has been seen that the alien is conceived as being of grand importance to the history of humankind, either as the harbingers of doom or the bringers of salvation, and that the experiencer’s concerns or hopes about sex, race, technology and agency help to define the role they percieve the futuristic and otherworldly playing in the past, present, and future of Humans on the planet Earth.

The Message Given By Extra-Terrestrials
Canada: Raelian Foundation 2001

Raelien 2003
The Raelien Revolution

Clonaid 2003
Clonaid:News [URL=]

Susan Jean Palmer
Women in the Raelian Movement
IN:The Gods Have Landed: New Religions from Other Worlds pp. 105-136
JR Lewis ed.
Albany: State Univ. NY Press 1995

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Jennie McGrath

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   posted 11-16-2004 11:29 PM                       
Great information, Herefornow, your links are really starting to help me a lot, not just in here, but the other threads I see you've been posting in.
Maximus, thanks for your encouragement, you seem like a pretty nice guy, too.

Martin & Trevor, I think that even though Mt. Shasta is supposed to have some link with Lemuria, it actually has more to do with the Nordic aliens, too. The descriptions sound just like them, and what would a group of thousands of year old Lemurians still be doin' on that mountain anyway?

No, I don't have any racial bias in starting this thread, just to say that the grays don't do it for me, I've always been interested in them, and I think it may have some link to Atlantis. I'll still keep searching...

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Stacy Dohm

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   posted 11-18-2004 05:50 AM                       
I like all the work you've put into this thread and am glad that other people are using this part of the forum now, too. I'm sort of an odd mix, part Irish (with blonde hair, too), but I also have some Native American blood in me, too. My dad tells me that's why I have such a bad temper.
All I heard about these Nordic aliens is that they used to be really active during the 1950's, but haven't been around since the 1980's. I have a book on different alien species someplace, I'll look for it and when I find it, I'll let you know what the title is.

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Rate Member   posted 11-19-2004 07:37 PM                       
Hello ladies and gentalmen...
I have been going nuts fixing this computer.
Please exuse the down time.
I have an off the question to ask all of you.
It what I'm best at,lol..... J/K
Have you ever been awakened by a voice saying your name?

Have you ever tried to open your eyes,yell and move and was unable to do so?

Hav you been in this state and smelled fresh air,or even perfume?

These are reported thing that occur when a supernatural contact happens.
Now when you hear supernatural,the first thing one would think spirits. Now what if I were to tell you that these spiritual encounters are not with earthly spirits?....

I know at this point you might be saying,"OK,then!"

I know thats what I said until I looked it up.Now I'm not sure what to beleive.
I will say this, if I was from somewhere else and wanted to contact an individual entity from another world I would definitly attempt this through remote veiwing.

At this point,I will leave the rest of this point for later.
As for The Nordic type beings,I have been doing abit more research on this and it is a very interesting peice of study.
Telepathic communication was entered again and it seems to connect to the way we know things and can't explain how. It was even documented that this is how they are attempting to help us.

Now might be a bad time to throw up the links on this but I will try to do it this week-end.....
For now we'll call this" Food for thought"...

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   posted 11-20-2004 12:00 AM                       
Thank you for your help, Stacy, I look forward to any books you can point me to at all on this subject. I've been reading your Lemuria thread, nice work gathering all the research.
Herefornow, funny you should mention hearing a voice and smelling perfume in the middle of the night, then waking up. The same thing has happened to me! (Well, not the perfume part of it). I have had very vivid dreams about abduction since I started investigating the phenomenom. I did a little research on some of the things related to abduction and ran across the terms of "Incubus" and "Succubus." These werre spirits in the Middle Ages that descended upon sleeping people and would make love with them, the Succubus the female spirit who attacks the sleeping human male, the Incubus, the male spirit who attacks the human female.

I'm convinced that this folklore, like all ancient folklore, has some basis in reality. In fact, it sounds like it is also related to the topic of alien abduction. Maybe we should also add that to our investigation of aliens as these seductive demons sound a lot like aliens, only the connection hasn't really been made until now. Just a thought.

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   posted 11-20-2004 12:35 AM                       
Nice work on getting this thread together, Jennie. Personally, if you're asking what genetic type the Atlanteans were, though, I would go with a Mediterranean based people (unless Atlantis was in the north, which I have to say, I sort of doubt). As for the Incubus/Succubus idea, well, I suppose its possible. There are numerous references in the Bible to things that scholars are now calling U.F.O.'s. In fact, there's one theory that angels are actually extraterrestials, which, again, would seem to be along the lines of what's going on here.
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via mars 2
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   posted 11-20-2004 07:05 AM                       
as a self deputized nordic representative, i would first like to address hfn's comment regarding "middle of the night incursions".
please research dreams, types of dreams, and ways to understand them. awaken to the possibilities of reality and how our brain can distort it in the dream state.
earth bound analysis must first be understood before the leap to the heavans ...
i have a neat experiment for those of you who really want some answers.
videotape yourself while severely deprived of sleep. while doing this, make notes to yourself, perhaps even talking to the camera for reference at a later time.
delve into the subjects that hold your imaginative awe, such as alien contact and ramifications, etc.
next, get a good night's sleep and review the tape the next day.

an even better experiment would be to videotape yourself with a few trusted friends while under the influence of certain hallucinogens, all the while concentrating on aliens.
once again, after a good night's sleep, check out the tape.

... the click on the line was them hanging up.

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LOL Mars once again the science is there,however I'm not sure that "tripping" is a fair way to measure the reality of an experiment in dream scapes.....
Then again, 15 years ago or so, something like this would have appealed to alot of people.

I would like a chance to measure magnetic waves and/or anomalies that occur while a person sleeps. A man by the name John Hutchison discovered the H-effect. This effect was created by what is now called the "polter-giest machine"...
The H-effect can cause objects to levitate and these objects then begin to come apart at the sub-atomic level.I bring this to mind because of the forces that are at work. A tesla coil or two,and a pacific kind of generator was responsible for the discovery.
This means that magnetic forces were at work.

I beleive that when a person is in the right sleep state that chemical-electrical reactions begin to react to gravity,and other magnetic energies to create a sence of alternate reality. This sence is what we may think is an awakening of the spirit because of the kinds of experiences we have when this happens. This could very well be the case in a common spiritual outlook.
Edger Cayce in a great example for this theory. (The sleeping prophet)

The reason that I beleive this could be another way that communication with other beings is possible during these times is because of an electromagnetic effect associated with temporal-displacment.

Now this might be better explained after I have more coffee.....
For now here is more on John Hutchison and other related things.

Now here is something that was sent to me by a person that I discussed this very same thing with.
This person then told me about what they predict
for the near future and beyond. This may be difficult for younger people to stomach so I did edit some of the more harmful material.
I will not hold back what I feel could be the truth..........

Predictions for Planet Earth and Its Inhabitants

(1.) Physical Earth Changes.

1. Due to the combination of galactic forces and the criminal pollution of the Earth by humans, which is intensifying and speeding up the process, massive worldwide Earth changes will take place. The galactic cosmic forces, which are connected to the arrival of the Aquarian Age, are causing the natural recycling of the Earth's four major surface types, which are desert, ocean floor, fertile land, and ice covered land.

This is a natural cycle created into the physical destiny of planet Earth to insure that no area of its surface is permanently destroyed. For example, if what is now desert was to remain desert for an extremely long time, then that area of the Earth's surface would become forever infertile, therefore it must be covered with water which replenishes it.

Since planet Earth was created as a home for humans, it must have sufficient amounts of fertile land to grow food. You cannot easily grow food, if at all, on deserts, frozen tundra or ocean floors.

The recycling proceeds like this; the deserts become ocean floors, the ocean floors rise up above the water to dry and become fertile land, the ice melts off the ice covered land and that land dries and becomes fertile, some of present day fertile lands becomes deserts and some are covered by ice to preserve them for future use.

This recycling has occurred many times in the Earth's history. This is the process; due to stellar, solar, solar systemic, lunar spiritual energy forces and electromagnetic forces, the Earth's magnetic poles will shift position and simultaneously the magma around the core of the Earth will be drawn and forced to the surface. This is similar to the magnetic powers of a magnet and is observed in the movement of the ocean tides by the Moon. As the magma is forced to the surface it causes the tectonic plates which float on this liquid to move in very quick movements. This causes the melting of the North and South Pole ice caps, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes and tidal waves of gigantic proportions.

Scientists do not understand any of this because these types of Earth changes have not occurred in recent history. Though they do have some evidence of similar activity in the past when they find seashells in the high deserts hundreds of miles from any ocean and animal and plant fossils in the frozen tundra.

2. The eruption of Mt. St. Helen in the state of Washington, USA, on May 18, 1980 was the sign that many heavy earthquakes will occur in the San Francisco area until that city is totally destroyed by a very large quake. The eruption of the St. Helen volcano was and is connected to the fracturing of the San Andreas Fault that runs through San Francisco. The destruction of that city is the beginning of the end of the West Coast of the USA, which will be destroyed by heavy earthquakes and flooding. After this, earthquakes will be both more numerous and of larger magnitudes around the world.

3. California and the rest of the West Coast of the United States will be hit with two gigantic quakes. After the eruptions of the volcanoes Etna in Sicily, Vesuvius in Italy and Pelee in Martinique, West Indies, within four months, earthquakes with a magnitude of approximately 14.0 - 15.0 will inundate the West Coast area from Baja, California to Denver, Colorado and from Denver to Anchorage, Alaska. Every city, town and village will be destroyed and very little land will remain dry. Mountain ranges will be leveled, deserts will become ocean floors.

4. Great earthquakes caused by tectonic plate movements will occur around the world after the West Coast, U.S.A. quakes. With these huge quakes will come gigantic tsunamis that will destroy by flood many cities, towns and villages along the coastlines of many countries in the world.

5. Huge devastating wild fires, tremendous floods, catastrophic volcanic eruptions, destructive earthquakes, and hurricanes and tornadoes with wind speeds of 150-200 mph will be seen all over the world causing great destruction each year for many years. Some years will have less, some more, but generally speaking these natural disasters will continue to increase. The increasing unusual number of these natural disasters is caused by the criminally insane pollution of our planet. Governments, corporations, evil scientists and to a great extent the apathetic public are responsible for this horrible destruction of our beautiful planet.

6. Besides Etna, Vesuvius and Pelee, volcanoes will erupt in many countries. So much volcanic ash will be shot into the air in those areas that the daytime skies will be darkened and the Sun will not be seen for weeks. The lava and ash from these eruptions will create great problems for the nearby regions.

7. Many areas in the world will be flooded due to huge amounts of rainfall. This great increase in rainfall will be due to the heating of the oceans by the combination of global warming caused by air pollution and the heat of the molten magma connected to volcanoes rising beneath the ocean floors.

8. The Mississippi River in the U.S.A. will flood and become in some spots 50 miles wide and at its mouth 100 miles wide, only in its northern sections will it be easily crossed.

(2.) The Economy of the World & the U.S.A.

1. Due to the major Earth changes and a world war there will be a worldwide economic collapse that will result in a so-called New World Order that will be worldwide feudalism with the few rich and powerful ruling over the many millions of poor and homeless.

2. Governments will close Banks all over the world.

3. The stock markets will crash and close mainly due to war and the fear of war.

4. Oil prices and therefore gasoline prices will sky rocket and the value of money will be reduced to 10 cents on the dollar and then quickly it will become worthless .

5. All over the world people will be starving and lining up for food and good drinking water will be hard to find.

(3.) USA and World Politics.

1. A United States president will be driven out of office by a political and military coup that will stun the world.

2. A new country will be established in areas near what is today Jordan. Its government will be composed of Palestinians and Jordanians. This however, will not ease the tensions between the Arab nations and Israel.

3. Israel will become more isolated from the rest of the world because of its desire to hold on to Jerusalem.

4. Israel, along with its allies the U.S. and England, will prepare for war against many countries including most of the Arab countries, Russia and China.

5. The Israeli Prime Minister will be killed and within months a major war will break out in the Middle East.

6. This war will be fought primarily over the control and ownership of Jerusalem.

7. Russia will continue to get worse in every way. The Russian people will lose faith in their government, and the government will lose control over much of the Russian society. People will be starving to death in Russian cities and there will be riots to obtain food. Organized crime will grow as powerful as the government and operate freely in Russian cities.

8. China will secretly grow angry towards Russia because of conflicting communist ideologies. There will be border disputes and fighting between the Russian and Chinese military, but these will be minor conflicts and will not lead to a major war between the two countries. Yet this is very important because through this major disagreement these two super powers will go their separate ways towards world domination.

9. There will be two nuclear reactor incidents, one in Russia and one in France similar to the Chernobyl accident of 1986, which happened near the city of Kiev in Russia. These catastrophes will be so horrible that people all over the world will start to demand a cleaner environment, but this will not happen.

(4.) World War III.

1. Four heads of state will die within a week of each other, within two years of these deaths WWIII will start.

2. Also, the upper atmosphere of the Earth will be set on fire and everyone in the world will see this. It will be set on fire by the U.S. military using their H.A.A.R.P. (High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program), a top-secret computerized climate control weapon. This fire will be a bright red and last for one week. This will be claimed to have been an accident, but it will have been an intentional testing of the weapon. Within one year of this event WWIII will begin.

3. The situation in the Middle East, the war over the control of Jerusalem, will lead directly to WWIII.

4. Islamic fundamentalists will be responsible for civil wars, revolutions, wars between nations, and many major military conflicts within their own countries and around the world, culminating in an invasion of Europe and an attack upon the Israelis in Jerusalem using a small nuclear weapon.

5. Saddam Hussein, one of the Anti-Christs, will order a chemical and biological weapon attack in the United States. He will also secretly convince the Russians and the Red Chinese to enter WWIII against the United States and its Allies.

6. China will attack North Vietnam and this will put the Chinese on an inalterable course towards WWIII.

7. Pakistan will enter into an alliance with China and through this the Chinese will make their way through Pakistan, the Arabian Sea and the Middle East.

8. India will form an alliance with Russia opening the way to the Indian Ocean to the Russians, which will alarm the U.S. and complicate that region of the world immensely.

9. Iran will form an alliance with Russia, who will later betray it, allowing the Russians to eventually dominate the Middle East.

10. Europe will continue to be very complicated and disunited adding to the problems of the world.

11. Many know-it-all, intellectually arrogant, closed-minded, fearful and pompous people will claim that there is no danger of WWIII, but they do not know that this war will not start suddenly. It will start gradually, with one nation going to war with an other nation. One small war added to another small war until the sum is a world war.

12. The U.S.A., who will instigate many of them, NATO, and the United Nations will not be able to do anything to contain these wars. The United Nations especially is too weak. It was not organized with enough strength to stop these types of conflicts.

13. World War III will start in the month of November, approximately one year after the upper atmosphere is set on fire using the U.S. secret military weapon H.A.A.R.P., and will last 3 years and 11 months.

14. Conventional weapons will be used first, then chemical, biological and nuclear.

15. The Northern Hemisphere of the Earth will be mostly destroyed by nuclear fires and radiation. Most of the Southern Hemisphere will not be destroyed by nuclear weapons, but all of the cities, towns, and villages will be leveled and burned to the ground through conventional war.

16. Anyone caught within 50 miles of a hydrogen bomb detonation will suffer damage to their soul, even to the point of the total destruction of it, which would release their spirit in energy form back to God, and they would cease to exist as individual spirits. This is because the explosion of a hydrogen bomb causes a chain reaction explosion of all hydrogen atoms within range, which includes the hydrogen atoms that souls are partially composed of. Even though souls exist within the fourth dimension, the strength, power and velocity of the detonation will bridge the gap between third and fourth dimensions.

The spirit without its soul cannot exist as an individual entity. If this separation were to occur, the spiritual energy that composed the spirit would return to God. A spirit cannot exist in a spiritual being without a soul; there is no such thing as a spiritual being without shape and form. Think of the spirit as a spark of pure God energy and the soul as a type of physical body similar to the physical bodies on Earth, but with a higher vibration.

I'm sure this has cleared up any misunderstanding concerning this matter. Many of you have been taught that the soul is indestructible. This is incorrect. A hydrogen bomb is the one thing on Earth that can totally destroy the soul.

17. Human extraterrestrials, who have been monitoring the Earth for millions of years, will prevent the entire destruction of the planet and help save a small portion of humanity, but will not otherwise interfere with WWIII because of Universal Non-Interference Laws.

18. Some people, very few, perhaps in the thousands, will survive WWIII and its aftermath in elaborate bomb shelters, remote mountainous areas and in a few areas of the Southern Hemisphere of the planet.

19. After WWIII begins there will be 11 years of radiation contamination in the Northern Hemisphere and lawlessness, starvation, and cannibalism throughout the world, and finally very few people will survive.

20. WWIII will not be the end of the human race on Earth, nor the destruction of Planet Earth, but it will be the end of this present day civilization, with every city, town and village in the world completely burnt to the ground.

21. The extremely difficult and deadly times of WWIII come to the Earth starting when the Pope no longer lives in Rome.

22. Europe as the home of the false Christian religions is destroyed to a great extent and conquered by Muslim military forces whose weapons will be supplied by both Russia and China.

23. Great wars will be fought worldwide between fanatical Arab/Muslim forces and so-called Western/Christian civilization. This Western/Christian civilization, which is not truly civilized because for the most part it disregards all true love, true wisdom, true freedom, true peace, and true equality between men and women, will continue to do evil worldwide in its attempt to control the world religiously, politically, and especially economically. It is obedient to the same evil spiritual powers who controlled Hitler and Saddam. The Arab/Muslim so-called civilization, also controlled by evil spiritual powers and religious cult members, who are also extremely determined to control the world, will decide that the Westerners must be totally destroyed leaving nothing of their evil culture remaining.

24. The USA will lead a group of Western countries down the road of self-destruction by invading and conquering many small countries and taking away their true independence, thereby creating great hatred and anger towards themselves worldwide.

25. Many Asian, African and European states will join forces against the USA once it is fully realized that they are to be conquered and exploited because of greed and America’s desire to dominate the world economically.

26. Many small wars composing WWIII will rage worldwide as the four evil powers, America, Russia, China and Arabia, clash with great deadly violence in an attempt of each to control the world.

27. Europe will be mostly destroyed, and every church and monastery of the Roman Catholic Church will be utterly destroyed with many thousands of priests and nuns and many bishops and cardinals murdered until this church is almost entirely wiped out. Divine Judgment will administer this powerful punishment upon the most wicked organization that was ever on Earth. All Protestant so-called Christian Churches and communities in Europe will be wiped out as well.

28. There will be only two more Popes after Pope John Paul II. The last Pope will be named “Petrus Romanus”, or Peter (of Rome). During his rule the final days of the Roman Catholic Church will be seen.

29. During WWIII all liberty and freedom will be lost and no one will be able to produce, buy or sell anything. Great areas of starvation and disease will be found throughout the world.

30. Finally the military powers of the world will be completely out of control and nuclear weapons will be launched, East against West, and West against East. Russia and the USA will launch the most destructive of all weapons upon each other, including the most destructive chemical, biological and nuclear ones.

31. Many countries will use new weapons of mass destruction in WWIII, including cloned human soldiers which were secretly developed for that time.

32. China will invade India and kill millions of people. Russia will betray, invade and conquer Iran and Turkey in their drive to control the oil deposits of the Middle East.

33. Natural catastrophes, including the eruption of Vesuvius, as well as WWIII, will devastate Italy and its population.

34. France will fall to Arab/Muslim military powers and become the base for their worldwide military operations. The Muslims will use French troops and weapons against their enemies.

(5.) Future Earth Civilization.

1. A highly advanced, both spiritually and technologically, group of human extraterrestrials will land and assist the survivors of WWIII in the establishment and construction of a new civilization based on God's Commandments and Spiritual Principles.

2. People on Earth will live in harmony with God and Creation, and peace and cooperation will be found throughout the world. Spiritual cities will be built on the principles of the oneness with God and Creation, with the intention of linking elements from human settlement with elements from nature in a spiritual coexistence. The goals will be to eliminate the common evils of society, such as greed, anger, war, pollution, disease, poverty, injustice, waste, and harmful technologies. The premise will be that a change in society's way of thinking about living together in true peace and cooperation is a logical starting point for a truly sustainable healthy and spiritual worldwide community.

3. This new civilization will have a classless society, a spiritual foundation, and the technology to clean and purify the air, land and water throughout the world.

4. There will be a world government called Earth Government, or E.G., that will truly serve and protect the people, it will distribute abundantly the necessities and luxuries of life equally without cost to everyone, provide career opportunities for everyone, and provide courts of justice worldwide. Spiritual teachers and leaders will hold the highest positions in the government.

5. Women will have equal rights and responsibilities in the new society. All areas of life will have equal opportunities for men and women without exception, of course, always taken into consideration will be the differences of the male and female physique. In all tasks, duties, and careers men and women will work together as equals. In family life women with children will nurse, educate and care for the children in every way, putting aside their careers and men will help in all family matters as well as have careers. Children will be raised with a spiritual education first and foremost and allowed to freely choose their own careers. In this regard, the divine science of Astrology will be used.

6. As mentioned, in this new civilization all of the necessities of life will be provided in abundance free of charge, including: a home with acres of land, food, clothing, education to one or more Ph.D. levels, recreation and exercise facilities, unlimited medical care, and career opportunities without limit within the Laws of God and His Creation.

7. Money will be abolished, but bartering will be allowed in the new civilization.

8. The breeding of animals for food will be abolished, and plant foods will increase in variety and numbers.

9. Though the new ways of life will soon be well established, some people will continue to hang on to the old evil ways, and this will cause trouble from time to time, because of this there will be a need for a standing military that will protect the righteous people worldwide.

10. Judgment Day will come - Immanuel will return to Earth with an army of God's angels to judge all those who have ever lived on Earth according to their individual Book of Life, and to establish God's Holy Kingdom.

11. Peace and prosperity will reign throughout the world for thousands of years because of the True Christianity.

(6.) Extraterrestrials.

1. A new human race of extraterrestrials will start to visit Earth after WWIII and its aftermath. These people from deep in the cosmos will be peaceful, of a very advanced technological civilization and of a high spiritual state of existence, serving God and Immanuel to their fullest capabilities. They will land in egg shaped ships of great size, beauty and capable of speed many times faster than the speed of light. They will land in what remains of America and use this area as the base for their peaceful and spiritual worldwide mission, including the reconstruction of cities.

2. It will be discovered that the ancient ancestors of humans on Earth were genetically manipulated billions of years ago by evil human extraterrestrial groups with very negative results, including a doubling of the gene which controls the desire to be angry, selfish, greedy, vicious, addictive, competitive, barbaric, inhumane, warlike and many other negative traits. This will trigger a great, successful effort to reverse this genetic manipulation, which will change the thoughts, words, feelings and actions of humans on Earth towards the spiritual and peaceful.

3. Human extraterrestrials from Sirius will play a very important role in the genetic manipulation reversals that are vital in the effort to make planet Earth a peaceful and spiritual place to live.

4. In the near future extraterrestrials will assist Earth humans to progress very rapidly in every field of mathematics and science, including the creation of spaceships and androids.

5. A group of extraterrestrials who have been living on the ocean floors will make contact with Earth human beings, and more positive results will occur because of this meeting.

6. It will be discovered that since the 1940's extraterrestrial groups have been telepathically "inspiring" movie makers and television show writers to produce some truthful films and programs to be viewed by humans on Earth in an effort to educate the subconscious and conscious minds of the viewers to minimize the future panic caused by the public appearance of ETs.

(7.) Astronomical Discoveries.

1. Three new planets will be discovered in the near future that belong to our solar system. One will be inside Mercury's orbit and will be called Vulcan, and two will be outside of Pluto's orbit, the nearest one will be called Transpluto and the furthest one will be named Nubiru, which has an orbit around the sun of 3,600 years.

(8.) Ancient Human Civilizations on Mars.

1. Artifacts from an ancient civilization on Mars will be found in the near future. Entire cities with pyramids, gigantic monuments, stations connected with space travel and many other structures containing ancient records will be found. All this will be discovered in the very near future regardless of the events on Earth, and Earth humans will use many of the structures when they visit Mars. In the future Earth humans will establish a colony on Mars and use this as a base for extensive space travel that will reach eventually into other galaxies.

2. These discoveries on Mars will be the evidence that will, with an incredible surge of fear for many religious people, collapse the false history of Earth humans, and the incredibly absurd and idiotic notion that Earth humans are the only human life form in the Universe. Many uninformed and closed-minded deniers of truth will finally realize that our galaxy and Universe are filled with human kind. This will eventually unite Earth's entire mankind into one global community.

(9.) History of Earth Humans.

1. Humans of Earth will find proof both here on Earth, in and under ancient buildings like the Sphinx, and on Mars, that some of their ancestors came to this solar system from other solar systems in the galaxy, first settled on Mars and Malona, a planet which was destroyed by war and is now the asteroid belt, and millions of years later came to Earth. These scientifically factual discoveries will put an end once and for all to the absurd "historical facts" of the origin of humans on Earth held by religions and narrow minded scientists, and bring much doubt upon religions and scientists in general. For many, the discoveries on Mars will completely collapse the foundations of all religions and open a new era of truth, inventions and discoveries.

(10.) World Religions.

1. After the true chronology of the Earth is made known, a new spiritual religion will be established which will revoke the so-called Christian Sunday, Islamic Friday and Jewish Sabbath and install Thursday as the new day of worship as well as a new schedule of holidays.

2. False religions and cults that presently have billions under their spell will remain alive, barely, decreasing slowly for centuries until they finally disappear.

(11.) Future Spiritual Teachings.

1. A man will lead a movement to present the true Spiritual Teachings to the entire world. The true teachings of Immanuel will again be taught in their pure and pristine form. Included in these spiritual teachings will be the truth about reincarnation, which will be accepted worldwide by the year 2040. Once again communication with God's spirit world will be an accepted fact and considered a necessity for spiritual progress. For an increasing number of people a spiritual education will become the most important part of life. Astrology will regain its proper position as the most important of all sciences. The false religions, as has been the case throughout history, will of course fight these new teachings, because their very existence is at stake, but this time the truth will prevail.

(12.) Scientific Discoveries and Inventions.

1. There will be the discovery and rectification of an error in the number Pi that will make possible great energy sources for the people of Earth.

2. There will be a discovery and an invention that will enable mankind to time travel both into the past and into the future, a time machine.

3. There will be a discovery of other dimensions and an invention to travel from one dimension to another that will result in communications and inter-reactions with intelligent life in many dimensions.

4. A very inexpensive energy source derived from water will be developed in the future. This will increase the production of food worldwide to such a degree that it will be distributed to everyone without cost.

5. Another form of usable energy that is based on sound vibrations will also be discovered.

6. Earth scientists will learn that at the center of our galaxy is a "Black Hole" that has an almost unlimited amount of energy that can be tapped.

7. New vehicles for space travel will be possible due to the understanding of the composition of light.

8. Genetic engineering will advance to the point were many things will become possible including cross breeding between plants and animals, diseases eliminated and plants producing animal-like protein, which will eliminate the mass breeding and tortures of animals because of a meat substitute, which is accepted by everyone.

9. Earth scientists will learn the secret of gravity and with this discovery begin to master space and the material Creation.

10. Einstein's Theory of Relativity will see several additional modifications and scientists will discover the truth of the fourth dimensional matter.

11. In the future a huge artificial sun will be placed in orbit around the Earth, which will eliminate the night time by illuminating the dark side of the planet, but it will last only fifty years at which time it will descend to the Earth and affect the planet's own rotation and orbit.

12. A very large space station will be built and placed in its own orbit around the Sun.

(13.) Medical Inventions.

1. In the near future human organs will be "grown" for the purpose of transplants. These organs will be genetically adapted to the specific body in need of the organ, eliminating organ rejection.

2. Also, in the near future a third DNA code in the human body will be discovered.

3. It will be discovered that most diseases and illnesses come from physical contact with animals as well as the intake of animal food. One of the results of this knowledge will be that in the future animals will not be allowed to live in the homes of humans, or even kept inside them for brief periods.

4. Because of many discoveries and new knowledge the life span of Earth humans will increase to 450 years in the very near future and eventually to 2000 years. One of the greatest discoveries in this regard will be the genetic reverse engineering of the ancient extraterrestrial genetic manipulation that causes premature aging.

5. Discoveries of the fact that the Earth's natural atmosphere is not the best for human longevity, and the development of portable "air bottles" with the best type of breathable air will be important factors in the possibility of increasing life spans into thousands of years.

6. Aids, Cancers and other viral diseases will never be permanently cured by drugs, vaccines, or radiation, these at best only put the diseases into remission while causing great damage to the body, but they can never completely eradicate them. The permanent and complete cures will come in the future when medical scientists finally understand the science of light frequency treatments.

(14.) Space Travel.

1. Space exploration will never cease in the future and many new worlds will be discovered including a planet perfectly suitable for human life, another Earth, of which there are hundreds of thousands in our galaxy alone. This will be increasingly more important as scientists finally discover that our Sun is a dying star and that the time that humans can live on planet Earth is much shorter than previously believed.

2. Spaceships with speed capabilities of millions of time the speed of light, making time and space non-issues, will in the future be common place, but this will take another thousand years to develop. With these vehicles travel between galaxies and even Universes will be possible.

3. Space travel will bring about many positive and many negative results. Included in the negative will be encounters with dangerous law breaking extraterrestrials and deadly epidemics that come from other planets.

4. The original home planets of the ancestors of Earth humans in the Sirius constellation will be reached, but not without a great confrontation with an evil extraterrestrial race during the journey.

5. Robots and androids will be of a very high independent and biological intelligence in the future and will be used for many purposes including flying spaceships almost without error.

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The above post is about pretty much everything that is now being covered by our post and topics within this forum.
As I said, I'm very sorry if these things seem abit disturbing to some of you.
I want to contribute this point of veiw because it already is showing some accuracy in present world events like certain volcanos
mentioned in the above post.
One more thing that I would like to mention is how it connects to the subject.
Human influence and it's effect on all things.
Why would a superior race even bother with us unless we in some way had value to them?
Another good question this subject raises is:
If alien races can see a value to human life,why can't we?

The world must change!
This change starts with ourselves.....

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Jennie McGrath

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   posted 11-20-2004 09:32 PM                       
It might shock you to know that I believe in most of those predictions, Herefornow. I see the world headed into the crap heap, I've seen it that way while growing up and see it even more now. The recent elections have only served to convince me all the more of that fact. We are all riding the big, black train to Armageddon.
As for the doubt cast on alien abduction, sure, some of those people are probably loonies. There's probably many more that are real.

People get a lot of crap around here for believing in the metaphysical and other things. You ask me, it's worse for people to constantly try and denounce them. If it's all just fantasy, why are skeptics constantly trying to work so hard to try and disprove them? I don't need my government ot the evening news to play mommy and daddy.

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Rate Member   posted 11-20-2004 10:34 PM                       
That is so true...
Yet media and goverment seem to play the same game that main-stream thinkers do.
They coat everything in a way that they feel the world would rather see.

As for me,I feel I am capable of seeing things the way my heart tells me it is.
In these days,it's wise to atleast prepair ourselves for a change of any kind.

As history has reveiled to us over and over,
change is something that can happen in the blink of an eye......

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   posted 11-20-2004 10:36 PM                       
Jennie, here is another really cool article I found to add to our mix here. Enjoy!

Burlington UFO Center Home Page

Contact Us with Further Information or Questions on this Site

The Beautiful Blondes and their Incredible Flying Machines
by Don Worley

Source: UFO Universe
Winter 1997 issue

Cover Page Wording: Angelic ETs predict Earthly Doom

[Though the Grays seem to get all the attention these days, there are still plenty of other alien-types flying around the galaxy, including ETs who could pass as humans.]

When one thinks of aliens, in all likelihood the mind conjures up images of strange creatures that show up regularly on the SciFi Channel or at least on the movie lot of a Steven Spellberg shoot.

In the last half century or so Hollywood has thrown all kinds of bug-eyed boogie monsters from space at us, but only in a handful of motion pictures (such as the classic The Day The Earth Stood Still) have our "visitors" been depicted as resembling human life as we recognize it, here on Earth. We've been exposed to, a multitude of giant insects, meandering bloobs, things with tentacles and a host of other mix-shaped aliens, but outside of a shapely female cyborg here and there, directors and script writers would lead us to believe that almost all aliens are just plain ugly as sin ... or at least down right weird looking.

With this background in mind, when one enters the UFO arena as a serious researcher, it would seem obvious that common sense would dictate to us the appearance of alien crews based upon "past performance," Thus, you can imagine my surprise when I discovered that human-looking UFOnauts not only exist, but that they play an extremely important role in the riddle of the flying saucers.

When I embarked upon my research of the Nordic-types as they are generally referred to, I certainly was not prepared for what I was to learn. My preconceived ideas were quickly shattered when it came to this particular aspect of the UFO enigma. In my role as an investigator I found that many of those claiming encounters and abductions were describing the same types of beings and events without knowing each other.

For the most part, those whom I spoke with for the purposes of this article are lifelong experiencers. Most frequently their contacts have occurred during the night time hours and in what science might refer to as as altered state of consciousness. In rare instances a small number of individuals have said that their encounters have transpired in broad daylight under like circumstances.

In a total of approximately 100 cases, 36 of the reported episodes involved Nordic-type aliens, Utilizing the testimony of these contactees, I was able to place their experiences in the following categories:

A - The nature and appearance of the Nordics.

B - Special revealing cases that have occurred involving this particular type of being.

C - The Nordics affinity for discussing forthcoming cataclysmic Earth changes.

Appearance and Nature of the Nordics

# We hear first from Donna, a Canadian who hold a BA degree whose experiences started in childhood while residing in Scotland. 'I observed the occurred involving this particular Nordics along with the worker Grays and a group of child-like beings who were very pale. They were all in one place and the Nordics - who were blonde - wear silk ysmooth, light blue suits. The only symbol of their victims I recall is a dragon-like snake with wings. The males were handsome with bottomless blue eyes, set in angular faces. The only emotion they displayed was serene amusement until they began to mentally talk to me. The place had a beautiful glow and atmosphere of serenity. Most of the beings looked young, but there were some there who looked older with beards and flowing robes. I had an intense longing for these beings after I left them, and an intense love, respect, and awe when I was with them."

# Julia, a rural Mississippi housewife. "They do have underground bases, even an under-river base. I have seen the little Grays, the Nordics and their friends the red-eyed apes. They also had a military pilot with them who was being held against his will. The big blondes might weigh 275 lbs., had striking blue eyes, dark skin, and white teeth. Some of the good kind don't like what the bad kind are doing and there is warfare in space."

# Judy, an extensive Texas experiencer recently emotionally declared that if the extraterrestrials who manipulated her into the mess she is in don't help her soon her life is doomed. "Yes, around the age of 11 or 12, I had the first experience with the Blondes as you call them, the Elohim as I call them, when I was sitting in our yard near the plum tree. Suddenly my flesh began to itch and I heard a buzzing sound. Directly in front of me, I saw them through a window in the air. They were very, tall, exceedingly handsome, and dressed in White hermits and suits. The one sitting down had on a long white robe and their eyes were weird for they had light coming from them. I felt they were talking to me, but now I don't remember what was said. After the image vanished the itching stopped and I sat there for a very long time. I knew something truly remarkable had happened to me in this chilling experience."

# Andy Anderson, an Indiana man, has been abducted far too many times for his liking. According to Andy, there also exists a shorter, adolescent appearing Nordic. This kind of entity approached Andy in a normal daylight setting as he worked in a supermarket. The two who approached him spoke a strange language making him think they must be retarded. So began years of frequent abductions in which a Sanskrit-like language was used to communicate. Andy was informed of this and when he spoke the language in public he ended up in a mental hospital under observation. Sanskrit was the language of the ancient Gods of India who flew in aerial craft. Who knows why it has surfaced in modern America in this case of an abductee.

The Giants

There also exists a giant type of Nordie. On a Mediterrean island the titan sized entities were called Genitori. In South America a Costa Rican contactee was taken to a base in the Andes mountains run by giant Nordics. There were also Grays, and humans there too.

Nordic contact has also been reported in such diverse places as England, Spain, Mexico, and Canada. In northern Mexico, in a zone of silence near Cebal los, Durango, Nordies have wandered into town from the desert, accepted refreshments, and then vanished back into the desert. In Canada, one large religious group still has contact with Nordies they call "Overseers." This intirnacy, they say, extends back into ancient days in Europe.

Initially, I was surprised to learn that the Nordics are the controllers of some of the android-like Grays, there are several examples of such cases.

# Near Red Fork Falls, Uanaka Mountain, Tennessee: One August evening in 1990, five persons watched a curious event. Near a large fire was an unusually tall naked man with long blonde hair. Dancing around him were some 30 midgets with large heads.

# A farmhouse bedroom near Floyd's Knob, Indiana: During one abduction a blue eyed Jesus-like figure in resplendent robe appeared in a shaft of sparkling light that came through the ceiling. He took the abductee's hand and said, "Don't be afraid my child! These are mine," gesturing to the little humanoids who were standing around the room.

Now let us turn to our next category. In it we will learn some even more startling things from the very lips of Nordic experiencers. There are a number of close contact cases in which the persons insist that their Nordic friends are physical in every sense of the word.

Special Revealing: Episodes

# Janice, residing in New Hampshire. Since a child she has considered the Nordics as her "other family" and perceives them as true physical beings. She insists, "They are not gods or angels. They are another race who are here because they are responsible for us. I have seen them breathe in a physical state, but not in the non-physical state.

"I have seen them sit, lie down, have sex, but not go to the toilet. However I have used their standup toilet. She also said, "It is the fear a person is living through that changes his or her perception of the experience. Just because I am not afraid doesn't mean I never was. It's the same for the nine other persons I know about. I can't tell you how many times we are referred to as "aliens lovers or delusion-driven breeding stock, because we are no longer afraid."

# Amy, who lives in Michigan, is a very kind experiencer who has tried to help others. My last communication from her had her feeling caught in the middle due to the arrival of new players who gather to find out what the other ETs are doing. The situation has caused her to be hospitalized. She has not seen the Nordics eat, but has seen them resting on what looked like a chaise lounge. Amy told me, "As you know, I believe there are different groups of tall beings making contact. When I stated I had not seen any Nordies with the Zeta's (Grays) .. or maybe what I should have said is that I don't have any recollection of seeing them. I know that Janice and I have the same Zeta contact.

"We have seen each other on board their craft several times. Needless to say, we find this exciting and call each other up in the morning. We have never met in person on Earth. Anyway Janice does see the tall beings the Pleiadians, on board with our group of Zeta's, I would say that not all Nordic types are from the same community and perhaps their goal/agenda is not the same. The Zeta's I am in contact with do have humans living among them. They are from genetic material that they have collected from us earthbound experiencers. I have met several of their people, both human and halflings. I have been shown different living areas for these humans on board.

"One seemed to be for recreation in a park-like atmosphere, I have had several conversations with both males and females about their life there. They seemed genuinely happy people. I do not think they are being treated like slaves."

# A highly respected pastor from Canada says that as a child he was held on the lap of his lifetime mentor "Gold" (Entity has a golden sheen to its eyes which can change color according to its mood), and watched what was done to his loved ones. Over 300 lost time periods and many abductions, details have been recalled over 45 years. Some of these memories involved groups of persons in his religious group.

In his intimate relations with those he calls the "Overseers or non-Terrans," the cleric has seen them breathe, eat, drink, lift some abductees out of a lake with their arms, and glide over the surface of the water,

Here in the Pastor's own stunning words is his description of the Nordics most astonishing appearance. If memory serves me right, it was in late August 1987. Just about all our brethren who would be participating in the almost fall ritual were out on the landscape. That would make about 400 men, women, and children, and several hundred animals. They appeared just as we were commencing our march to our most holy place. One second they were not there, and the next second they were. Of the few brethren who'd been facing in the direction in which they appeared the word was that there was a rippling in the air not unlike that of heat just prior to the arrival of the non-Terrans. A most abrupt silence descended on the group when they realized. Just who had joined our party, It was five Nordics led by my "buddy." Only he was observably masculine. The others were of the non-gender variety as far as we could, determine. As chief functionary I approached Gold. He said they wished to witness the ritual in person.

They hung around for the entirety of the ritual, then went back to the spot where they had arrived before departing in the same manner."

This man who holds a number of PhD's, further explained... "Yes, Don, the ones I have been around do respirate. I have touched and been touched by them on plenty of occasions. You don't think that what I felt was real? Thanks to the number of events wherein I've been in the presence of ephemerals, I assume that I've come to know the difference."

In a later conversation, the Pastor who is also a physician-described some medical instruments and techniques used by his erstwhile benefactor. As the cylinder is passed slowly from the apex of my cranium to the soles of my feet, probes descend and pass through my exterior derma and into my various interiorties. Yes, I do believe that I can sense something, that can be construed as feeling or sensation. Feeling not good or bad but both. It's not unlike being able to laugh and cry at the same time. There is a separate wand which wields the needle which they stick in your nostril. Having thought about it, I'd venture to express that I have seen a little ball-thing that they install, remove or re-install. It's creamic-like only more toward slivery-white. It's quite slender, and some inches in length.

The crunching sound is constant whether they are sticking it into you or taking it out. Sometimes the placement seems to affect the sight of the eye that they've placed the little ball behind."

Some of the things that we have learned about the Nordics are pretty startling. Perhaps what astonished me the most was when I learned due to the series of lifetime experiencers-that our enigmatic Nordics seem to exist in both the space/time dimensional world of the spirit and the physical world of sensory substance. Now let us move on to the fascinating Nordic habit of giving out cataclysmic Earth destruction warnings.

Nordies Warn of Cataclysmic Earth Changes

The dire warnings of a supposed future axis tilt and Earthly chaos repeat themselves like a broken record in the UFOlore of the English and Spanish speaking parts of the world, and probably elsewhere that we don't know about. The warnings date back in Biblical antiquity and other ancient sources and continue to the present day. One amazing source is the Hopi Indian religious mythologies, legends, pictographs, and petroglyps. These - thus far -incredibly accurate predictions seem to come mainly from seven foot, blonde-haired, blue-eyed, Nordics by way of the Hopi ancestors who called them the Hisatsinom. Not Anasazi as is sometimes mistakenly stated. Anasazi is the Navajo word that means enemy ancestor.

Now, let me describe four of my best cases. When it comes to the United States, the southwestern and mid-America/Great Lakes regions seem to be the focal points of the greatest upheaval although plenty of changes are due to happen in other places. Are the Nordics telling it to us straight or are they really colossal deceivers? Or, can they just be off timewise? I have noticed a few important misses I'll give later. Maybe reliability is contingent upon the relative hieratical status of the being imparting the warnings.

# Dannion Brinkley, the man who was struck by lightening and died, spent time with a series of magnificent beings in a fabulous crystal city of light. Thus far many of the 117 predictions that were given to him about future events have come true.

# Sarah, a prolific message receiver wonders if those who identify themselves to her as "The Lifeforce" may not be the well known Ashtar group through her prediction about Ashtar's arrival on Earth in 1994 proved inaccurate. "The place known as California will disappeang. The ocean will relocate during the shift and the deserts of Nevada and Arizona will be a wastrel of waters. The Great Lakes will be destroyed in the latter part of the shift, distributed into waterways that now, are oceans. All animals know what is to come and some are even glad to end their mistreatment at the hands of humans. They prefer to embrace the leaving of this planet. There will be many liftoffs in the days before and right after the shift. All persons have chosen their paths and know within their souls the choice that they have made in advance."

# Donna, of Canada, among my foremost Nordic experiencers, predicted a big quake in California, in 1995 which did happen. Regarding the urging of the Nordics for her to move further north in Ontario, I suggested she stay put, which proved right. Donna said, "California will undergo terrible destruction and most of it will be covered by water. Water will cover some parts of the central USA, including Mississippi, and they specifically mentioned New York. Certain people, myself included, are being trained to be helpers during this crisis.

"Massive numbers of people are going to die, and at death, the Nordics usually assist people in making the transition helping to minimize the fear, disorientation, and trauma. However, there will not be enough Nordics to go around and human helpers will be necessary. The Nordics have always oriented us to the new dimension when we die, moreover, it takes some time, because the shock of "dying" and yet, finding one's self alive and not in heaven or hell in the traditional sense is more than some souls can't olerate. Also, there is normally a 'review' and `evaluation' period where we are required to look over events and choices of our Earthly life and determine which experiences contributed to our evolution of consciousness and which retarded progress."

# Brenda of Kansas has experienced many abductions and on one occasion the Grecian-featured platinum blonde figure with stunning blue eyes, appeared in broad daylight. Brenda has received messages of Earth's destruction as well as other predictions. One of these given in 1989 was that Bob Dole would become president of the U.S. This of course was a clear miss.

# El John, a lifetime New Mexico contactee, also made a prediction of a great California quake in 1994, which never happened, "Most of this I receive from direct physical contacts with Nordic beings like the Orion group, who almost always appear wearing blue tights or jumpsuits. Among those encountered are both light-skin and dark skin beings whose life span is 1,000 to 3,500 Earth years. As far as I know the two mile high tidal wave will, happen soon, striking from the far east.

Due to my own personal involvement, I have come to understand from those involved that each contact with the Nordics can prove to be a gripping drama. To the majority of those who have been selected for contact these beings can be wondrous-almost angelic. But in studying these cases I have come to understand that there are many unanswered questions which these encounters pose to the serious investigator.

For example:

# Exactly who are these beings?

# Where do they reside' and furthermore are they physical or paranormal in form?

# Are their intentions good, bad or indifferent, and are they guided by a supreme, wise, master somewhere whom we might call God?

We know at least some of the Nordics can be classified as "deceivers," as many of their predictions and dire warnings have not proven accurate. As a good case in point, is the recent demise of the followers of the Heavens Gate group. Their leader, Bo or Do, had in the past detailed out of body experiences, mentioned hearing voices, and told of a higher level of consciousness which could be reached with the help of beings from space. Many of his followers were contactees who seem to have been easily swayed by these beautiful entities with awesome powers.

In not one of my 40 articles published over the years have I ever advocated trusting totally in the aliens. I'm convinced 'that all of these aliens should be judged by their actions and riot by what they show or tell anyone they have contacted. We must keep an open mind but always remember never to put our life on the line.

Author's Note: In order to safeguard the reputation of those involved so as they will not be the brunt of ridicule or harassment, no actual names have been used in this article, though the files are here at my home for reference. Those with experiences to relate may contact me at:

1051 Beech Street, Connersville, IN 47331.[/QUOTE]

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