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Nordic Aliens (Original)

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Author Topic: Nordic Aliens (Original)  (Read 6373 times)
Jennie McGrath
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Jennie McGrath

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   posted 11-26-2006 08:43 PM                       
My 700th post and look what it's about:

Nordic aliens, or Nords, are one of several types of extraterrestrial featured in the UFO mythos.

Nords are described as resembling beautiful, taller than average humans with Nordic or Scandinavian features: pale skin, blue or green eyes and blonde hair. Nordic contacts, often from Venus, were frequently reported in the 1950s and 1960s, but declined after that. Contactees said they are known to beam down from gold or silver colored cresent-shapes UFOs as well as a gigantic bright cigar-shaped UFOs. Many people believe the cigar-shape UFOs serve as a mother ship because there have been reports of smaller ships flying around it. Their space crafts are often very fast-moving and can come in large numbers. Several reports claim that these UFOs were encountered near mountains or forests and rarely hover thought over places.

Contactees' reports of Nordic aliens describe them as benevolent observers who are not allowed to interfere with Earth culture. They are rarely described as abducting humans or performing experiments on them. Many people theorise they are humans' long lost relatives that have travelled to other planets. Most Nordics aliens who are encountered on earth are males. They communicate telepathically.

Some versions of the UFO mythoi allege that in 1953, Nordic aliens landed at Homestead Air Force Base to warn humans of the Greys and Reptoids. Incorporating the claims of Billy Meier into the lore surrounding them, many believers of the mythoi say that the Nordics originate in the Pleiades, despite the extreme youth of the stars contained in this cluster and therefore, the great improbablity of life as we know it having evolved there. People claim the Nordics aliens live on the planet Telosia. Another group of Nordics aliens are said to be living on another star-system called Hyades. They are sometimes known as Telosians, Hydeans and Pleiadeans.They are also referred to as Venusians and Wingmakers.

Some speculate that many UFOs are secret aircraft made by humans in the USA and being tested. If so, the "Nordic aliens" are the aircraft's human white American crew.
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