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ATLANTIS & the Atlantic Ocean 1 (ORIGINAL)

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Author Topic: ATLANTIS & the Atlantic Ocean 1 (ORIGINAL)  (Read 15960 times)
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   posted 04-24-2006 07:21 PM                       

Fantastic... but, from the fantasy and the deficiency of data, nothing is demonstrated. It is like believing in Papa NoŽl or the centaurs...

The serious work is to contribute data to demonstrate that it was not a fantasy of Plato... I do not doubts that the text has errors and fissure. I share what said with wisdom and great common sense, Lewis Spence, a great student and deep investigator of the subject: "It is obvious that we were before a great memory of the world, of which the story of Plato is not more than one of broken and distorted fragments".

Sorry to you, but it is necessary to put the story into the real history, remove it from the world of the fantasy and the ridiculous argumentation in which have put it the persons that are incapable to contribute with real data and serious that ratifies this story.

But once again you're deceiving yourself into believing you've uncovered something that bears some resemblance to Plato's Atlantis, Jamie. As I, and others have pointed out to you, it does not. Chariots do not make Atlantis. They are a minor detail that, for all we know, Plato could have added simply to enhance the story, likewise, probably triremes. The way you dwell on these minor details and ignore all the major ones really speaks volumes about your methodology. Where is the circular city? Where are the concentric circles of water and land? How about the flat plain? Not to mention you totally ignore Plato's Atlantic ocean setting, the fact that it's an island, the references to the Pillars of Hercules as well as the time period it is set in. You ignore both the Greeks and the Egyptians knowledge of even their own local geography what you don't have an answer for, you simply ignore. You've thrown out so much of Plato's account to make it fit your theory so as to be unrecognizable, it makes me wonder why you even want to link it to Atlantis at all.

But getting back to the idea that most people believe Atlantis to have been in the Atlantic Ocean, in one fashion or other, that's not like belief in Santa Claus. It's simply what the account says. It makes no sense that Plato would set something the Atlantic that was really in the Middle East. What reason would he have to do that? He was certainly familiar with both places. You want to deride people for believing you, Jamie, it simply makes no sense to believe you. And as for no island like Plato describes ever existing in the Atlantic, I don't make any apologies for that. People have been looking for Atlantis for 2400 years. If the answer was so easy to find chances are it would have been found by now.
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