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ATLANTIS & the Atlantic Ocean 1 (ORIGINAL)

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Author Topic: ATLANTIS & the Atlantic Ocean 1 (ORIGINAL)  (Read 13417 times)
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Jaime Manuschevich

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Originally posted by nekozuki:
Don't forget that some Native American tribes talk about their home that sunk in the Sunrise Sea (the Atlantic Ocean) This story is only found among the Mid-west and Eastern tribes. Not too mention the Haplogroup X DNA that is found only on both sides of the Atlantic, and the first traces of it where in 20,000 BC.

The sun sunset always for the east from any Earth point. It indicates only one direction, and that direction is the correct one: the east. It does not indicate that they came form an island in middle of Atlantic. I suppose that you know that Mu is only an invention of badly translator a Mayan text ...

In relation to the presence of Haplogroup X DNA to both sides of the Atlantic, the hunters of great prey, I do not deny that they had passed groups of occasional way from Europe to America. But they were not sailors mainly, were hunters. They represent in America the second cultural horizon previous for the presence and later colonization of Semitic peoples.

As far as the stories of guanches, the sunk Earth myths are repeated in many Earth places, by where of first civilization extended it, that includes from India to America... The Island Canary is in the way, thus does not have anything of special that also has conserved the story there. In the Bible, the Popul Vu and Manú Myth, is called the deluge…

 1) An indirect evidence of Olmec and Mayan relatedness is suggested, further supporting the notion that Olmecs may have been the precursors of Mayans; 2) Language and genetics do not completely correlate in microenvironmental studies; and 3) Peopling of the Americas was probably more complex than postulated by Greenberg and others (three peopling waves).

Many hypothetical words in this study ("indirect evidence" or "may have been" or "was probably more complex"). I will wait that the studies are finished before speculating... The study already is In two or three years, we will know far better as the world filled and as point of origin and arrival of the migrations were them. I read in the publication of March of National Geographic an article on the subject, with a preadvance of this great genetic map. There was nothing contradicted what I indicate. To the inverse one, there were several points that ratify it what I am indicating with my theory. You can read the magazine...

As far as mandingas o mandle between Olmecs, so that no?. For that way passed the Atlantean... Surprise… in the same region of western Africa (Mali. Benin, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Ghana, Niger, Nigeria, Togo) is spoken until today the Hausa language, that is a Afro-Asiatic or Semitic language. (page 270-271 of my book) Also there is evidence of iron smelting (1000 BC).
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