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ATLANTIS & the Atlantic Ocean 1 (ORIGINAL)

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Author Topic: ATLANTIS & the Atlantic Ocean 1 (ORIGINAL)  (Read 9650 times)
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Jaime Manuschevich

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Originally posted by Desiree:
Sorry, like I keep telling you, that's a little weak, erroneous and unscientific.

That peculiar. I think equal of the theory that Atlantis were in the Atlantic Ocean, since does not exist any test that thus it is. 

And unlike You, I discarded it after studied everything what it has been written in retail about this theory, without assuming from the beginning that was mistaken. Modestly, I believe that to make the thing thus it has more scientific value.

Uff...  with respect to the notes that you have put, two texts are part of well-known history, part of official history... But the interesting one it is the last one, being in agreement that:

“Traditionally history had been taught from a Eurocentric point of view. The reason is the content of education, textbooks, religious teachings and The Bible itself had been controlled for 500 years by Europeans. Sometimes this point of view obscures reality. There were some recent finds which might indicate an error in our translation of history.

Also it seems to me interesting because it reiterates what I indicated to him before on Columbus, as far as which already looked for a well-known route, that allowed him to use current and winds. That is in my book, (page 281), "weak and non scientist"  according to You, with map of winds and current including, in case You it imagines that I know it now.

 In the Atlantic Ocean there are currents and winds that move in the same direction all year round with little variation. These currents and winds are strong enough to pull a ship off course and move it from one side of the ocean to the other. Once in this current, it would be next to impossible for a ship without a motor to break free. There are two currents that originate off the coast of Africa and flow west to the Americas. The two currents are the Guinea Current and the Canary Current. The Guinea Current starts about mid-Africa just below the equator and flows to South America just around Brazil. The Canary current originates at the Canary Islands and flows along North Africa to Cape Verde where it runs into the North Equatorial Current. This current along with the N.E. Trade Winds would deliver a vessel at North America around the Bahamas Islands, which was right in the heart of the Olmec civilization.

Between parentheses, it had forgotten that Thor Heyerdahl and its adventures were very well known and analyzed in my home... and that I had the opportunity to visit his museum about 20 years before in Norway...

Also I share the subject of the old boats, subject also treated in my book... (Pages 266 to 270) I am not surprised either that she emphasizes the presence of African in America. It is more, I say that the Olmec was a civilization that was developed with the presence of Semitic and African peoples (Nubian in specific), plus the Indoamerican peoples. There they are demonstrates in its work in stone. (Page 255-257)

Also, these authors agree with me in which the civilization developed in America by the Olmec came from the Middle East, using an African route (pages 270-276). That is to say, of "my" Atlantis, not of "your" Atlantis, in the centre of the Atlantic. In my book I explain this process and this connection in detail (pages 257-270). Also there are important coincidences with the writing by Donnelly, whose work You do not value much either.

 Other indications of their presence were remnants they left behind from the items they brought to the Americas with them from Africa. From civilizations like Mali, Song hay, and Egypt, came the principal American food plants, the Mayan Calendar, linguistic evidence, and the art of pyramid building. The first indications were the plants that were transplanted from Africa to the Americas. The cotton seeds, banana plants, bottle gourd, jack bean and the West African yam all have African origin, and they suddenly appeared in the Americas without and explanation. They do not appear to have followed any natural course of migration. It is believed that these plants were transferred, which would require effective contact between the two civilizations. The next indication was the calendar the Mayan people used based on the lunar and solar calendar. This calendar was quite accurate and very similar to the egyptian calendar. Professor Wiener believe Mayan mathematics corresponded with the number system of the Bambaras of Guinea. Another indication was a writing system used in the Americas called Micmac Hieroglyphs. When comparing this style of writing to the simpler cursive form of Egyptian hieroglyphic, called heiratic, over half were found to be similar. Closer examination revealed the meanings assigned to these signs matched. It is evident that the West African languages and South American languages are similar. These similarities can be traced to common root words. These differences are too close and occur too frequently to be a coincidence.

The only error of this thesis is to indicate that Olmec is the first American civilization, because it is not. The first colonization was made in South America, having used the currents to arrive until here, to penetrate the rivers Amazon and Orinoco and to colonize The Andes, millennia before the Olmec civilization was based. There it is today Caral (2,627 BC) to demonstrate it, that it is at least 1000 years older than Olmec and parallel the Egyptian. And this is what I indicate in my book. Also it is interesting to read what George Erikson has written, who has worked on the old routes and establishments that made the "atlantean" in America, several millennia before cities were created.
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